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Back in Black

I don’t know if you have ever known a Booster Junky before, but I can tell you, we’re not all that concerned about the little things in life. Big problems, like where your next fix is coming from, or how to get rid of the little green goblins crawling all over your ship are top priority. Small things like tidying up your house-ship are not. Unfortunately most of the side effects of boosters are quite messy. Even simple things like eating noodles can end up all over the place when your befuddled brain is telling you your sitting on the ceiling. Long story short, after a year of this kind of treatment the Rokh was a mess.

Finally I began to work towards my redemption. All power had been cut off to the Rokh shortly after I started vamping the Police, and the only Boosters which would be delivered by the loading arms were those the docking staff stuck handling fees on. As a result of these skyrocketing prices I was semi forced to start kicking my habit. It was about the time I was down to an amount considered acceptable by most Capsulers, I finally found my ticket out. Back when our Corporation disbanded my superior, who had not been seduced by boosters, had begun to make a name for himself in the lawless regions of space. It would seem that when he found a corporation which would take him in, he had also got the corporation to offer me a spot and invited me to join him. In a trance, it would seem, I had replied to the invite. Re-reading my application was slightly painful, as it was typed in luminous fuchsia, and talked a lot about swashbuckling and manning the gun whales. However it was accepted. For the first time in a year I was on a high not caused by boosters. I looked up my old commander, Nevna Oynqr, turned the mail colour to a more respectful white and rattled off a plea for help.

Nevna had been a bit of a rarity in the Caldari navy being by birth a Gallente. Originally Nevna had inherited a partnership in his father’s law firm, specialising in family inheritance management. He had excelled in this role earning the hushed name in the law circle as “The Executor”. However the life had not suited him and his thirst for combat was not satisfied by the metaphorical salvos in the court room. Once he had earned enough money to buy his safety he fled and joined the Caldari Navy. in the Navy despite the prejudice which came with being born to an enemy race, Nevna had risen quickly becoming out units respected leader within a few years, before finally quitting with me. In his time in the Navy we had become fast friends. My job was mainly to support him in an administrative role and we had bonded well. I felt sure he would come to my aid even after all these years.

I was not disappointed. His reply came quickly, hardly knowing what to expect I opened the communiqué, a letter and a receipt for the transfer of 50 million isk. Relapse into old habits wad tempting, but I resisted. His message was simple; I had been re activated as a member of the corporation he’d joined and was welcome to join them in 0.0. He also informed me that he was immediately departing to Umokka to bring me into 0.0 and advised that I invest the money and hold fast till he arrived.
This final advice I soon regretted not taking.

Road to Umokka

I suppose the first step on the path to my redemption, was the very same step which took down to ruination, despair and disownment by my own nation. Although I didn’t know it at the time, that step was leaving the service of the Caldari Navy. A corporal in my outfit got it into his head that there was big money in contracting for the Navy. He recounted high tales of the dare, cunning and valour of these contractual organisations which won over many of our outfit. As a mid ranking officer I was forced to ignore such flagrant rallying within our ranks. However seeds of change were sown in my mind as well as that of my superior officer. The mundane work patrolling systems held secure by the Caldari State, mixed with the stress and paperwork of midlevel command took its toll and before we knew it, our own doubts, and the corporals propaganda had bought out minds. A month after the first idea we exchanged our commission for high ranking places in his private army.

The Caldari State welcomes loyal privateer corporation. An attitude formed in the forge of war when the Caldari attempted to become freedom from the Gallente. However the work was hard, and the monthly fees were harder still. We soon discovered that the second reason the Caldari State was happy to allow trained Navy Capsulers to form there own private armies, was economics, a subject also at the heart of the capitalistic Caldari. Although we were doing more interesting, and dangerous work for the Navy, we were now required to fund our own ships, losses, clones, and armaments. The cost was huge, and even with the navies exorbitant rewards, were barely stayed afloat on a sea of operational costs. Pressure to perform harder and better was so high many Pilot Capsulers, including my self turned to the frowned upon practice of Boosters. Boosters enabled us to perform in our ships in excess of normal humans in reaction times, calculations and general piloting skills. But the side effects were atrocious, and the cravings worse. At the time it felt like we needed the extra push just to keep our selves afloat.

Eventually the Corporation began to divide. Several factions broke away, convinced that they could do better, but floundering in parallel to us. Eventually the Corporal who started it all disappeared one day, some called foul of the loan companies, others talked of mutiny. Most of us hated the scummy bastard who got us in this mess. All in all that was the final spark on the fuse. Most of those who had turned to boosters had become truly addicted now and as a whole we were desperate, with no leadership piece by piece the corporation dispended. As one of the worst addicted to the Boosters I never even made it away from the station in which we once called our head quarters. While others traded their final isks on ships to seek a fortune, I found my self trading all but my last ship on Pills. Unable to run my ship on the funds available I trapped my self in the station living out of the Rokh. It became my last hope, a symbol of my hope to become free of the life I was rapidly falling into.

I spend almost a standard year telling my self I was saving to escape my prison. But I know now I was lying to my self. Every isk I had was spent on Boosters and, when I could not afford them, drink. It seemed like the rock bottom I had reached was insurmountable. This was the final step on my ruination.