Black Box or how I learned to stop worrying and love the loss.

New life has been breathed into this blog. For a fair while now I have been looking for a reason to write in this blog, with little to no success (as you can see by the history).

A little while ago now I made the decision to sell my carrier. The Chimera Azerro II (don’t ask about I) had never seen combat, and was mainly used as a Suitcase Carrier, however as one of my alts was rapidly approaching a Nidhoggur it made sense to swap it out for a suitcase both character could carry. While discussing the swap, and its reasoning with my girlfriend* I began to realize that I was actually pretty attached to the Azerro. Not being overly emotional about internet spaceships I went ahead with the sale, but I had an urge to see if I could keep tabs on the carrier once I had sold it.

Unfortunately with the tools I had it was next to impossible, although I do still keep checking the losses of the purchaser much like one reads the obituaries (if one does). But the seed of an idea was planted; what does happen in the life of a ship? And if I couldn’t track the entire life of a ship, what about tracking its time in my possession? I think all of us occasionally find a ship we had forgot we had, or pondered if a ship had killed more than its cost. So I set out to write a Black Box for each of my current ships. Taking note of the fights they had been in and posting their history on this blog. A few of my Alliance-mates showed an interest in doing the same and so now we also have others posting similar Black Box entries. I do intend to expand this blog into more than just a Ship Obituary (a post is in the oven now) but this has been a great exercise to break me into the blog-o-sphere mindset. It even fits the original name I chose for the blog long before I had this idea; spooky huh?

So in summery Black Boxes from me and my comrades will continue to form the mortar of this blog. But expect more bricks to be laid as well.

*Yes I have one; No she doesn’t play; Yes we do discuss the game; No I’m not making this up; Yes I mean discuss and not argue.

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