Yeah looks like We’ve not been losing enough ships. Black box posts were supposed to take up some of the times when I’ve not got enough time to write Blogs* Just finishing moving house at the moment but there is another blog in the works which should land in the next few days.

However in the mean time I’m just gona push out a few old posts (does a blog this new even have old posts?) which I think are awesome (maybe I’m bias?):

A great piece on Capitals and Arian’s views on how they should be dealt with. Its also the official moment when he announced his non-candidacy for the CSM… women cried, babies screamed, etc…

By far the most popular post on here is the real eve personality test. A few bored hours and a steady hand resulted in my take on  CCP’s Find your calling test.

Self-serving? yes. Lazy Bloggin? Maybe (more coming I promise!).

Back soon!


*Ahem looking at you guys, Arian and Mini…

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