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Friggin’ update

Its been quite a while now since we has any major changes to the Attack frigate changes, CCP Ytterbium has been on holiday until recently, and CCP Fozzie has been holding the reigns until he returned. It would seem that for the most part the changes have been recived well enough that CCP has not had to make any major changes. The condor is the only frigate on the watchlist for changes, but with the Attack Frigates going live on the 8th of aug, its unlikely we will see any changes between now and then. I have primed some RvB friends with instructions to provide a detailed “Before and After” analysis and will post that shortly after the changes go live.

Mining Barge Changes: The details

It would appear that the ORE Ship changes have come live on SiSi, bellow are the new stats (with changes in brackets), as found in this paste of stats: This is good news for Carebares, good news for gankers, and good news for the economy!
Mining barges
Armor: 1800 (+550)
Hold Capacity: 500 (-3500)
CPU: 255 (+55)
Structure: 2000 (+125)
Shield: 2200 (+1219)
Ore hold: 7000 (New)
Bonuses (per level of mining barge)
4% bonus to strip miner yield per level of mining barge (+17% assuming mining barge lvl5)
3% reduction in ice harvest duration (new)
Total hold space: 7500 (+3500)
Extreme Yield
Effective miners: 3.6
Armor: 5000 (+4687)
Capacitor: 800 (+612.5)
Hold Capacity: 350 (-650)
CPU: 250 (+125)
Structure: 5500 (+5031)
PG:  45 (+10)
Shield: 6000 (+5805)
Shield Recharge: 2,500,000 (+1,875,000)
Signature Radius: 200 (+110)
Ore Hold: 15000 (new)
5% bonus to shield hit points per level of Mining Barge (new)
66.66% reduction to ice harvester duration and capacitor use (new)
200% bonus to strip miner yield (+197%)
Total hold space 15800 (+15187.5)
Extreme Defence
Effective miners: 2
Armor: 3200 (+2575)
Hold Capacity: 350 (-1650)
CPU: 235 (+110)
Structure: 3500 (+2562)
Low slots: 3 (+1)
Shields: 3800 (+3409)
Shield Recharge: 1,500,000 (+875,000)
Signature Radius 250 (+130)
Ore Hold: 20000 (new)
10% bonus to ore hold capacity per level of mining barge (new)
33.33% reduction in Ice Harvester duration and capacitor use (new)
50% bonus to strip miner yield (+35% if you assume mining barge lvl5)
Total hold space 20350 (+18700)
Extreme hold space
Effective miners: 3
The Yield bonuses seem all over the place until you remember that the barges Covetor is the only barge which fits 3 turrets, with the Retriever and procurer having 1 and 2 respectively. To reflect this I have added the Effective Miners stats which is equal to (High slots * bonus@lvl5). Average total hp increase of 8654. The Covetor seems to have gotten a meagre 1894 increase which pales in comparison to the Procurer and Retriever (+15523 and +8546 respectively). Hold space is way up, on all of them, with the retriever getting a whopping 30k space at mining barge level 5, that’s a quarter of a Orcas unfitted hold space.
Armor: 2300 (+1287)
Hold Capacity: 500 (-7500)
Structure: 2500 (-31)
Shields: 2700 (+1181)
Shield Recharge: 1,000,000 (+375,000)
Ore Hold: 7500 (new)
3% to trip miner yield per level of Mining barge (same)
7.5% bonus to all shield resistances per level of mining barge (same)
3% bonus to strip miner yield per level of exhumers (same)
4% reduction in ice harvest duration per level of exhumers (+1%)
Total hold space 8000 (+500)
Super yield
Effective Miners: 3.9
Armor: 3700 (+2912)
Hold Capacity: 350 (-5650)
CPU: 270 (+72)
Structure: 4000 (+2734)
Low Slots: 3 (+1)
Shield: 4300 (+3119)
Shield Recharge Rate: 1,500,000 (+875,000)
Signature Radius: 250 (+130)
Ore Hold: 25000 (new)
10% bonus to ore hold capacity per level of mining barge (new, replaces 3% strip miner yield)
7.5% bonus to all shield resistances per level of mining barge (same)
1% bonus to strip miner yield per level of exhumers (new)
1% reduction in ice harvest duration per level of exhumers (-4%)
50% bonus to strip miner yield (new, replaces 100% bonus to ice harvester yield)
33.33% reduction in ice harvester duration (new, replaces 25% penalty to duration)
Total hold space 25350 (+19700)
Super hold space
Effective miners: 3.1
Armor: 5500 (+5050)
Capacitor: 900 (+525)
Hold Capacity: 350 (-4150)
CPU: 270 (+82)
Structure: 6000 (+5367)
Low Slots: 5 (+1)
PG: 50 (+15)
Shield:  6500 (+5825)
Shield Recharge: 2,500,000 (+1,875,000)
Ore Hold: 17500
5% bonus to shield hit points per level of mining barge (+2%)
7.5% bonus to all shield resistances per level of mining barge (same)
1% bonus to strip miner yield per level of exhumer (new, replaces 60% bonus to mex yield)
1% reduction in ice harvester duration per level of exhumer (new, reduces mex cloud reduction)
200% bonus to strip miner yield (new)
66.66 reduction in ice harvester duration (new, replaces war strength +2)
total hold space 17850 (+13700)
super tank
Effective miners: 2.05
Again yield bonuses seem all over the place, until you factor in high slots. However the skiff seems a little out of sorts in comparison to its mining barge kin. The tanking and hold space mining barges have the same effective turrets, whereas in the exhumers the skill has 2.05 compared to the Mack 3.1, I’m guessing the argument is that T2 is all about specialisation, that or my calculations are out. All of the exhumers are getting a massive HP bonus (+9148 on average) The hulk again getting very little in comparison to the others (in order: 2437, 8765, 16242). There are also a lot of slot changes in the exhumers, an extra mid the for the Mack could make for a even better tank, and the skiff has an additional low, which could be used to either add more tank without compromising yield (DCU), or to add a laser upgrade, and close the gap between it and the Mack in terms of yield.
Final thoughts
I love these changes. They seem to represent a fantastic balance between risk and reward. Once these changes are live, any high sec miner complaining about suicide ganking can just be pointed at the skiff (and even the maka to some extent). Great work CCP.

[edit] got some of my numbers very wrong with effective miners… corrected now!

Friday Dev Watch 20/07/2012

A weekly post on Developer posts from the eve-o forums & other locations. Its not intended as a complete report on every dev post, but a selection of more interesting or funny posts made. Either way I’m hoping it might help some people cut through the swathes of bad posting on the eve-o forums to find the interesting tip-bits. enjoy!

Entered A beauty contest

CCP Punkturis

Joined in

CCP Explorer

was sure he would win;

CCP Goliath

turned down a proposal to change the way SiSi workes for the AT.

also failed to get a new market search system into the game (for now)

CCP Navigator

started the Predict the winner competitions for ATX

and later apologizes for the dislike of a random factor in the competition

CCP Alice

spoke for Tournament cat

CCP Soundwave

Commented on a post about commentators commentating when the vid feed had gone for ATX

he also expressed his enjoyment of the RvB fight

CCP Loxy

apologized for the loss of feed

CCP Karkur

let us all know that Green Screening is now on SiSi

she took thanks for module tool tips in SiSI, and informed us of a bug fix for that feature

and also let us know some of how the feature works, while accepting a cookie

CCP FoxFour

unfortunately let us know dubstep might be back again (after it was removed) on the ATX feed

she also went on to leak information about a video of CCP sunset dancing

and in yet another thread posting for CCP Sunset (have we seen these two in a room together ever? I’m starting to get suspicious…)

we also now have a definition of her name

and clarified the naming convention for Implants:

along with a nice post about the lore around implants

CCP Greyscale

yet again confirmed that all of CCP takes a holiday about this time of year

also confirmed that Crimewatch changes were already live, with more on the way

and continued the discussion on technicalities

(not so) Friday Dev Watch 10/07/2012

Starting this week I’m going to trial giving a weekly post on Developer posts from the eve-o forums & other locations. Its not intended as a complete report on every dev post, but a selection of more interesting or funny posts made. Either way I’m hoping it might help some people cut through the swathes of bad posting on the eve-o forums to find the interesting tip-bits. enjoy!

An early Dev watch this week, as in a fit of real life I will be helping run Hospitality for Guildfest from tomorrow until Monday. If by any weird co-incidence any readers are going along to watch, you can enjoy thinking of me waiting hand and foot for the acts from 7am -1am everyday. The next Dev watch will cover from the 11/07/12 until 21/07/12 (boy that’s going to be a big one!), after which I will attempt to resume normal service! Here goes:

CCP FoxFour
Let test know that the CCP script running in local was incorrect, and that they were awarded 67.5 points in their match on Saturday.

CCP Sreegs
noted that MBIII’s elbows are too pointy, and went on to note that there was very little political commentary (regarding nullsec) from the commentators in ATX

In another thread Sreegs stated that he had made CCP Loxy play some blue grass [Hark: thank goodness, that dubstep  rubbish nearly drove me insane)

CCP Paradox
stepped in to public acknowledge the issue with killmails no publishing after downtime on the 9th. Despite “bribing the hamsters” he could not rescue the data and kills made during this period have been lost. Investigations are ongoing as some have reported a few podmails from that period being posted.

CCP Goliath (ONLINE)
Laughed at the following poem:

There are good ships
And wood ships
And ships that sail the sea
But the best ships are
Built by CCP

He also spoke on the subject of the Unified Inventory (and its post deployment progress) stating that as team Game of Drones is currently on holiday (July is holiday season in iceland) progress was very slow. However he has promised that they will be going into planning mode upon their return.

CCP Punkturis
continued her MBIII thread by ousting CCP Foxfire as a man (although a very girly man apparently).

CCP Konflikt
started a thread about his kontakt a Dev programme if you need a dev outside of UTC work hour

Friday Dev Watch 06/07/2012

Starting this week I’m going to trial giving a weekly post on Developer posts from the eve-o forums & other locations. Its not intended as a complete report on every dev post, but a selection of more interesting or funny posts made. Either way I’m hoping it might help some people cut through the swathes of bad posting on the eve-o forums to find the interesting tip-bits. enjoy!

CCP Sunset

comments on how much she likes Michael Bolton’s Facial Hair, apparently she likes the villain look.

CCP soundwave also agrees

CCP karkur

Seems to be hinting she hid a subliminal message in the login screen.

she also commented on a Guide to Developer interaction in eve posted


CCP Cmdr Wang 
introduced us to a new member of the DUST 514 community team CCP Fame

CCP Veritas 
commented on the module lag on pre-firing modules, hints that it may be moved from client to server side to reduce lag. This is a big change, and mybe down prioritised.

he also talk about a possible future dev blog on the subject of 1hz ticks

he then went on to discuss the possibility of increasing the server tick rate, and the negative effects it would have on performance

CCP Habakuk

Asked people to test a fix for AA settings on the client causing slowdowns

In another thread Habakuk also confirmed that Supers are now to be seeded on SISI on a trial basis. They can be found 6-CZ49

CCP Snorlax

also commented on the AA fix issue and also acknowledged that CCP needed some better tools for bug collecting.

Both he and Habakuk went on to discuss the fixes success.

CCP Goliath

Weighed in on the new EU laws which has moved to guarantee the right of resale on software licences. Goliath (ONLINE) notes that as a PLEX is not an actual “Licence” merely named as such in game, the law will not apply. He also speaks as an industry insider on other companies the thread as talked about being affected

has also responded to what appears to be a troll on the Vagabond Frill campaign

right before…

CCP Navigator

Locked it

CCP Affinity

Talked about the roll back of the VG changes to Incursions. After an original response discussing the reasons for the change (i.e. CCP were un happy with the outcome) she confirmed that CCP has plans to fix OTAs

CCP Punkturis

requested naked pictures of michael boltonIII

CCP FoxFour

responded in a less than happy tone to CCP Punkturis’s request

as suggests it maybe some kind of “misery loves company” attitude

CCP paradox

lambasted a poster for a inappropriate responses to developer comments in a thread about V3’ing Angle[sic] ships.

CCP Manifest

Confirmed that he currently runs the official eve Facebook page, but later added that the spam issues mentioned in the OP were on a Fan based group, not the official one.

CCP Bayesian

commented on a thread about user content control. First to discuss exactly what CCP meant:

and also confirmed that the discussing was currently beyond the scope of the original idea

New frigate changes

It’s been pretty quiet on here of late! Between some real life turbulence, my duties in the alliance and the base level of exhaustion which life seems to cause  some of the time I previously used to write has been taken away. However I shall do my best to rectify this and stop making excuses! With that in mind… FRIGATE CHANGES have been announced!

Yup as I’m sure you are all aware CCP has, for the second time, announced a batch of Frigate changes. This time it’s the Attack frigates turn. You can see exactly what these are in the original dev blog on the subject, and my summation of exactly what this reflects in my blog here. The TLDR though is that these are fast frigates capable of either closing range fast and brawling/tackling, or kitting at longer range.

Previously I have not really been qualified to comment on the frigate changes (not that this has stopped me!) as I haven’t flow a T1 frigate in PvP… since the war in Etherium Reach. However since the last changes I made it my mission to learn the craft by creating a new alt specifically for RvB. My Alt was created around a month ago, and is only just reaching the 1.5m skill point’s mark, so she really is a bit of a newb. Because this alt is VERY low skilled, for the moment I am unable to comment on races other than the one I have trained. I have however attempted to run with the race which, I feel, is most in need of a Boost; the Gallente. My plan is to keep pace with CCP’s changes, sticking with frigates until they move onto destroyers, sticking with them until cruisers get changed, etc. As a side note, I have been flying with the Incursus and really enjoyed it although I won’t comment further as I really have no basis to compare it to.

But I digress. With the announcement of these changes I immediately went to Jita and bought 50(!) Atrons’ and fittings with the intent of assessing the current state of the frigate and assessing the success of the changes, once they go live. Bearing in mind that my alt has very few fitting skills I found that the following:

The Atron has some serious issues with PG, I was forced to use one of the two(!) low-slots to fit an Aux Power mod for extra PG just so that I could fit the 1mn MWD which a speed frigate requires. With only 2 High-slots my turrets are also only able to deliver a meagre 43 DPS. This said, on the plus side the Atrons mid-slots are only just acceptable, with two slots for MWD and a choice of Scram or web you are able to fulfil the role of speed tackle. I was also quite shocked with my effectiveness in combat using the vessel. Because of the 3k/s speed I was able to get into combat range much faster than the Incursus (I have fitted with an AB); this meant that despite its lower DPS I have still been scoring about the same damage. Cap wise, I have about 40 seconds of full burn, which is mainly the MWD. To eak this out I only tend to use it for getting into range, and shifting it when I’m targeted. For the most part this is a very fragile ship with speed as its only real defence; this means that once those 40 seconds are over, I’m dead.

Below is my full fit & Stats:

[Atron, RvB Cheap]

2x Modal Light Ion Particle Accelerator I

Limited 1MN Microwarpdrive I

J5b Phased Prototype Warp Scrambler I

Damage Control II

Micro Auxiliary Power Core I

[Statistics – Tugali Isayeki]

Effective HP: 1,662 (Eve: 1,417)

Tank Ability: 1.48 DPS

Damage Profile – (EM: 25.00%, Ex: 25.00%, Ki: 25.00%, Th: 25.00%)

Shield Resists – EM: 12.50%, Ex: 56.25%, Ki: 47.50%, Th: 30.00%

Armor Resists – EM: 57.50%, Ex: 23.50%, Ki: 44.75%, Th: 44.75%

Capacitor (Lasts 40s)

Volley Damage: 106.61

DPS: 43.89

The changes look to counter my only real issues with the ship. The full changes can be found below (with the adjustment in brackets credit in part to Callic Veratar):

Frigate skill bonuses: +5% to small hybrid turret damage and +10% to small hybrid turret fall of per level
Role bonus: 80% reduction in Propulsion Jamming systems activation cost (new)
Slot layout: 4 H (+2), 3 M (+1), 3 L (+1), 3 turrets (+1), 0 launchers
Fittings: 37 PWG (+37), 147 CPU (+47)
Defense (shields / armor / hull) : 300 (+65) / 350 (+76) / 400 (+150)
Capacitor (amount / recharge rate / cap per second): 330 (+144) / 165 s (-47.81) / 2 (+0.67)
Mobility (max velocity / agility / mass / align time): 420 (+11) / 2.8 (+0.026) / 1050000 (-114000) / 2.75s
Drones (bandwidth / bay): 0 (-5) / 0 (-5)
Targeting (max targeting range / Scan Resolution / Max Locked targets): 25.5km / 900 (+225) / 4
Sensor strength: 8 Magnetometric (+1)
Signature radius: 35 (-1)
Cargo capacity: 145 (-20)
– Powergrid too low for MWD

PG has now been boosted from 20 to 37. This means you can now fit 3 guns, MWD, tank and some mids (just) or 3 guns MWD mids and a speed lows (with ease). No more Aux Power cores!

– Not enough low slots

One low slots added and the need to waste one on a fitting mod removed.


– Not enough DPS (on paper)

An extra turret slot and two High-slots mean that the damage is now at 150% of the original Atron. This means that theory fitted Atron (below) is only 10 DPS lower than the iIncursus as opposed to the 40 it was before.


– 40’s of cap is only just enough

2m 20s is ample time for a fight (my main registers as stable!)*

– Tank of a wet paper bag

Doubled my buffer off the bat. Mixed with the cap increase, this should make for a very tough nut to crack.      

Looks good doesn’t it? Now for a wonderful Brucie Bonus:

– Speed has been increased

Originally 3k/s now even with a 100mm plate we run at 3.6k/s and with the super speed fit 4k/s

With all these changes I really feel that CCP has hit the mark with the Atron. I think the new Atron will likely surpass the Incursus for my ship of choice in RvB; it’s time to target will simply be ludicrous. All this said however you should, as always, take all this with a pinch of salt. The changes are very much in the first stage of consideration, with CCP only just announcing their intent for change. Last time around we went through 3 or 4 changes before we got the final build (we have already had one change in this round). If changes do come around I will attempt to update this blog to reflect them. Till then, I’ll go back to fighting the good fight…

Onward Red Fed, to victory over all Prime Colours!!!!

Thanks for reading,


* I have to admit I’m not sure about this one. My theory crafting skills are not great, and mixed with the hokey ship creator in EvEHQ I’m just not sure this is really true. Please let me know if you can prove I’m wrong!