Friday Dev Watch 06/07/2012

Starting this week I’m going to trial giving a weekly post on Developer posts from the eve-o forums & other locations. Its not intended as a complete report on every dev post, but a selection of more interesting or funny posts made. Either way I’m hoping it might help some people cut through the swathes of bad posting on the eve-o forums to find the interesting tip-bits. enjoy!

CCP Sunset

comments on how much she likes Michael Bolton’s Facial Hair, apparently she likes the villain look.

CCP soundwave also agrees

CCP karkur

Seems to be hinting she hid a subliminal message in the login screen.

she also commented on a Guide to Developer interaction in eve posted


CCP Cmdr Wang 
introduced us to a new member of the DUST 514 community team CCP Fame

CCP Veritas 
commented on the module lag on pre-firing modules, hints that it may be moved from client to server side to reduce lag. This is a big change, and mybe down prioritised.

he also talk about a possible future dev blog on the subject of 1hz ticks

he then went on to discuss the possibility of increasing the server tick rate, and the negative effects it would have on performance

CCP Habakuk

Asked people to test a fix for AA settings on the client causing slowdowns

In another thread Habakuk also confirmed that Supers are now to be seeded on SISI on a trial basis. They can be found 6-CZ49

CCP Snorlax

also commented on the AA fix issue and also acknowledged that CCP needed some better tools for bug collecting.

Both he and Habakuk went on to discuss the fixes success.

CCP Goliath

Weighed in on the new EU laws which has moved to guarantee the right of resale on software licences. Goliath (ONLINE) notes that as a PLEX is not an actual “Licence” merely named as such in game, the law will not apply. He also speaks as an industry insider on other companies the thread as talked about being affected

has also responded to what appears to be a troll on the Vagabond Frill campaign

right before…

CCP Navigator

Locked it

CCP Affinity

Talked about the roll back of the VG changes to Incursions. After an original response discussing the reasons for the change (i.e. CCP were un happy with the outcome) she confirmed that CCP has plans to fix OTAs

CCP Punkturis

requested naked pictures of michael boltonIII

CCP FoxFour

responded in a less than happy tone to CCP Punkturis’s request

as suggests it maybe some kind of “misery loves company” attitude

CCP paradox

lambasted a poster for a inappropriate responses to developer comments in a thread about V3’ing Angle[sic] ships.

CCP Manifest

Confirmed that he currently runs the official eve Facebook page, but later added that the spam issues mentioned in the OP were on a Fan based group, not the official one.

CCP Bayesian

commented on a thread about user content control. First to discuss exactly what CCP meant:

and also confirmed that the discussing was currently beyond the scope of the original idea

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