Friday Dev Watch 20/07/2012

A weekly post on Developer posts from the eve-o forums & other locations. Its not intended as a complete report on every dev post, but a selection of more interesting or funny posts made. Either way I’m hoping it might help some people cut through the swathes of bad posting on the eve-o forums to find the interesting tip-bits. enjoy!

Entered A beauty contest

CCP Punkturis

Joined in

CCP Explorer

was sure he would win;

CCP Goliath

turned down a proposal to change the way SiSi workes for the AT.

also failed to get a new market search system into the game (for now)

CCP Navigator

started the Predict the winner competitions for ATX

and later apologizes for the dislike of a random factor in the competition

CCP Alice

spoke for Tournament cat

CCP Soundwave

Commented on a post about commentators commentating when the vid feed had gone for ATX

he also expressed his enjoyment of the RvB fight

CCP Loxy

apologized for the loss of feed

CCP Karkur

let us all know that Green Screening is now on SiSi

she took thanks for module tool tips in SiSI, and informed us of a bug fix for that feature

and also let us know some of how the feature works, while accepting a cookie

CCP FoxFour

unfortunately let us know dubstep might be back again (after it was removed) on the ATX feed

she also went on to leak information about a video of CCP sunset dancing

and in yet another thread posting for CCP Sunset (have we seen these two in a room together ever? I’m starting to get suspicious…)

we also now have a definition of her name

and clarified the naming convention for Implants:

along with a nice post about the lore around implants

CCP Greyscale

yet again confirmed that all of CCP takes a holiday about this time of year

also confirmed that Crimewatch changes were already live, with more on the way

and continued the discussion on technicalities

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