(not so) Friday Dev Watch 10/07/2012

Starting this week I’m going to trial giving a weekly post on Developer posts from the eve-o forums & other locations. Its not intended as a complete report on every dev post, but a selection of more interesting or funny posts made. Either way I’m hoping it might help some people cut through the swathes of bad posting on the eve-o forums to find the interesting tip-bits. enjoy!

An early Dev watch this week, as in a fit of real life I will be helping run Hospitality for Guildfest from tomorrow until Monday. If by any weird co-incidence any readers are going along to watch, you can enjoy thinking of me waiting hand and foot for the acts from 7am -1am everyday. The next Dev watch will cover from the 11/07/12 until 21/07/12 (boy that’s going to be a big one!), after which I will attempt to resume normal service! Here goes:

CCP FoxFour
Let test know that the CCP script running in local was incorrect, and that they were awarded 67.5 points in their match on Saturday.

CCP Sreegs
noted that MBIII’s elbows are too pointy, and went on to note that there was very little political commentary (regarding nullsec) from the commentators in ATX

In another thread Sreegs stated that he had made CCP Loxy play some blue grass [Hark: thank goodness, that dubstep  rubbish nearly drove me insane)

CCP Paradox
stepped in to public acknowledge the issue with killmails no publishing after downtime on the 9th. Despite “bribing the hamsters” he could not rescue the data and kills made during this period have been lost. Investigations are ongoing as some have reported a few podmails from that period being posted.

CCP Goliath (ONLINE)
Laughed at the following poem:

There are good ships
And wood ships
And ships that sail the sea
But the best ships are
Built by CCP


He also spoke on the subject of the Unified Inventory (and its post deployment progress) stating that as team Game of Drones is currently on holiday (July is holiday season in iceland) progress was very slow. However he has promised that they will be going into planning mode upon their return.

CCP Punkturis
continued her MBIII thread by ousting CCP Foxfire as a man (although a very girly man apparently).

CCP Konflikt
started a thread about his kontakt a Dev programme if you need a dev outside of UTC work hour

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