Ring Mining, (short)

Just a quick one today.

There has been a lot of chat about Ring mining, and the mechanics surroding them Poetic noted that CCP Greyscale has talked about Trauling. I have literaly only two things to add to this…

1. Please can we make “Trauling ships” PvP ships. A pilot should be able to take a PvP ship, remove 1 tank/spank mod, and fit the “Net”. If you want us to co-operate, let us be ready for combat while we do!

2. If we are using the Fishing metafore, lets make the mechanic work like this: 2 ships trauling, 1 running ahead dropping depth chages. e.g. use a smart bombing battleship to break down the ore so it can be collected by the net. Lets face it smartbombs need some role, other than killing RvB!

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