The Humble Atron: A before and after

When I first decided that I would attempt to do a before and after post for each of the upcoming CCP changes I expected to be appalled by the horror that was the Atron. You can see my full post on this here, but the summery is: I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed flying the pre-patch Atron. The speed of the ship fitted well with the close range which blasters require you to use. Sure it was lacking some fitting points, and the tank was sub-par, but in my opinion, its low damage was counteracted by the speed at which it approached the target.
Now things have changed, and for the better. The Atron is frankly an amazing ship these days. It still has its speed to bring it to target, but now once it arrives it delivers the same damage as the Incursus, and almost has as much buffer. In all honesty as I correctly predicted the Atron is now my frigate of choice for RvB fleet action, with the Dual Rep Incursus still sitting as my favourite small game/1v1 ship.
Currently my Fleet Atron fit is as follows:
[Low Slots]
Damage Control Unit II
100mm Rolled Tungsten Plates I
Energised Adaptive Nano Membrane
[Medium Slots]
Limited 1mn MicroWarp Drive I
J5B Phased Prototype Warp Scrambler I
X5 Prototype Engine Enervator
[High Slots]
Modal Light Ion Particle Accelerator I
Modal Light Ion Particle Accelerator I
Modal Light Ion Particle Accelerator I
Small Trimark Armor Pump I
Small Trimark Armor Pump I
Small Anti-Explosive Pump I
Effective HP: 4,241 (Eve: 3,926)
Tank Ability: 2.27 DPS
Damage Profile – (EM: 25.00%, Ex: 25.00%, Ki: 25.00%, Th: 25.00%)
Shield Resists – EM: 12.50%, Ex: 56.25%, Ki: 47.50%, Th: 30.00%
Armor Resists – EM: 67.28%, Ex: 57.15%, Ki: 57.46%, Th: 57.46%
Capacitor (Stable at 46.69%)
Volley Damage: 205.75
DPS: 84.71
Speed: 2689.16m/s
Warp Align Time: 4.60s
Inertia: 2.10
You should note:
– Powergrid now allows for 3 guns and MWD
– Low slots allow for a tank!
– DPS is now high enough on paper and even higher in practice
– cap is stable with MWD tackle and guns!
– mmmm tank

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