BattleCruisers, what does it all mean Basil?

BattleCruisers, what does it all mean Basil?
Wow in a rush announcement CCP have stated balancing the last of the T1 Ships ready for the winter expansion. One of the big changes is that all BattleCruisers will soon have 17 slots. But what does this actually mean for each? Well here is a breakdown:

Low       Mid High Total         Movement
Amarr 0
Harbinger 6 4 8 18 -1
Oracle 6 3 8 17 0
Prophecy 6 3 7 16 1

Caldari 0
Drake 4 6 8 18 -1
Ferox 4 5 7 16 1
Naga 3 6 8 17 0

Gallente 1
Brutix 5 4 7 16 1
Myrmidon 6 5 6 17 0
Talos 5 4 8 17 0

Minmatar -1
Cyclone 4 5 8 17 0
Hurricane 6 4 8 18 -1
Tornado 4 5 8 17 0

It’s hard to judge who will get hit hardest by this one (it seems like a bit of a nerf all around (with the exception of Gallente). But I expect to see some real tears around this very very soon.
In regards to my last post, on battleships and the changes, CCP may have gotten around the issues by not actually making any changes to the BS roles. I read the changes as follows:

Armageddon, Apocalypse, Raven, Tempest, Abbadon, Rokh, Maelstorm: No change.

Typhoon: Major adjustments to change it to a single weapon system.

Megathron: gets a speed boost and defence nerf.

Dominix, Hyperion: We’d love to make them better, but we can’t yet.

In all honesty it’s a bit of a let-down really. Oh well, roll on tech II! oh all so, I guess I missed that Retribution was due out on December the 4th!

2 thoughts on “BattleCruisers, what does it all mean Basil?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Another whining eve blog post based on no actual data. It is quite a trend lately i know but that was the first and last time i visited this blog, just so u know.

  2. Harkconnan says:

    You seem to be reading whining into my post. I am very pro the changes coming into eve (just look at the fun ive had with the frigates post change). And, as far as I’m concerned anything that moves us away from the Drake/Hurricane dominated BC scene is great news. I admit I am prehaps a bit perturbed by the lack of BS changes (I was looking forwards to some big shakeups!), but I really dont think that classifies as Whining.

    as to the lack of data, I seem to have forgotten to link the source (its edited in now), but as its a dev blog… well, I should think a smart on the ball eve player such as yourself should have found it by now.

    Always sad to lose a reader (or to miss out on gaining one) but I get the feeling you would have scorned me no matter what I wrote.

    I remain in jaded, just so you know.

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