Christmas Thanks

Another year coming towards its end. I’m not really a religious man, but I do believe that some things religion gets right; one of those things is the ritual of taking time to give thanks to our friends and families at least once per year (although I do think we should make our thanks apparent all year around, its always nice to make a special effort once in a while). With this in mind Gaming has been a big part of my life for the last 13 years and as such I consider a lot of things and people a part of my (extended) gaming family.

With this I mind, I want to take the time to give out my thanks to some special parties:

CCP Games
gleðileg jól; thanks for slaving over this game for so many years! You guys are nuttier than squirrel shit and I love you for it. As I alluded to in this post no one can make a game quite like you guys do. Sure we have had our up and downs, but at the end of the day, for all the issues, you guys (and gals) still make the best damned game in the world universe. Thank you, and keep doing what you do best: space ships (and being bat shit crazy).

My Gaming Group
Arian, Lore, Shelly(+Dean), Mini and Thunder; what ever game we have been playing together or apart you guys have made the difference between gaming as a pass time and gaming as a hobby. I’ve known some of you for going on 7 years now and we’ve kept talking nearly every night for almost all that time. Thanks to you all, and lets keep it going for another 7 years.

My old Corporation & Alliance
Virtual Warriors and IMP-L; I flew with you guys for a hell of a long time and got to know most of you very well. Despite leaving (again) this year, and now facing you from the other side of the battlefield, I want to extend my thanks for all you have done for me my time with you. VW was the first NullSec corporation I ever joined, and the people there taught me how to live and thrive in 0.0. They also taught me to love the place. I miss a lot of you guys (you all know who you are) and despite having to fight you, I wish you the best and I know that no matter what happens the Legion endures. Thanks (especially to DRD), keep fighting the good fight, and never give up.

My new Corporation & Alliance
I am trying to keep my Alliance/Corp out of what I write in my blog (hard for a NullSec writer) as I am still fairly new in here. That said you gents have made me feel most welcome, and I am thoroughly enjoying the good fights. Perhaps as time goes on (and my writing/spelling/grammar improve enough to represent you) I may elevate my self of writing of some of our escapades. Until then, Thanks for let me join you, and giving me a chance to bring myself to the next level of NullSec.

My Readers
Thanks to you all for reading this blog. Despite writing properly for a year I am still striving to improve my self and be worthy of the time you give to reading this humble blog. I am convinced that my English skills must be bad enough to nearly turn you all away. So thanks to you all, and please keep reading.

Other Bloggers & #Tweetfleet
Thank you to all of the extended eve community; all of your writing and musings have kept me entertained over the last few years. The blogs and tweets have always been my eve when I cant get online, keeping me up to date with the latest news and interest in new eden. Thanks to you all, especially those who run community groups & events, keep writing/tweeting you make the eve community what it is.

The rest of the players of eve online
The amazing and wonderful thing about the sand box in eve; is that we are all connected. Every last player in eve, in some way has affected my online life in the last 4 years in at least some small way. So thanks to you all (even if thanking you here is redundant as you can read this without already being included in “My Readers”… arrrrg paradox loop… brain hurty).

Fly Thankful,


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