Summer 2013 Looking forwards

With Retribution now safely tucked away into the annals of history lets take a look towards the future and the next patch should, and might hold. I’ll split this into two sections; things I think will be in the next patch and things I think should be in the next patch.

So Summer 2013, what would I like to see? and I accept this is a pure wish list, not an expectation!

Modular POS’s – This has been in the works for waaaaay to long now. It is my understanding that the code behind POSs is some of the oldest and messiest code currently check into the CCP code base. And although CCP has publicly acknowledged the need for a serious re-vamp we are yet to see anything hinting at actual work being done on it. Either CCP has been working on this behind the scenes for a while now, or they are avoiding doing it like a lazy school boy. I’ll let you decided which, but either way summer 2012 needs to see these coming to fruition for reasons to obvious and numerous to describe.

Further Ship Balances – pretty standard expectation these days and I’m in two minds as to which way this should go. Either CCP should finish balancing sub capital ships (and giving them a place in Capital warfare) or they should balance Capitals to bring them down to a level where Sub Caps can counter them.

Removal of Structure Bashing – Lots of people have discussed replacement mechanics for sov holding (The best I believe is the “Use the space to hold the space” one). Even the CSM has identified it as a prime example of bad game design. Whatever the method CCP should be encouraging us to shoot each-other rather than static structures.

Bottom up Corp Economy – I believe The Mittani was behind this one, as are many others. I myself have written about it at length in my Blood Money Series and I believe that this needs to happen. ISK fountains need to be removed from the few people in charge of alliances and into the hands of the thousands of members of that alliance. A lot of people have referred to the Ring mining as the solution to this issue.

And in contrast what do I think we will see?

Modular POS’s – I give it a 40% chance of appearing. And I count in that it appearing in a “not quite finished” first iteration way.

Further Ship Balances – Were gona see it without doubt (unless CCP finishes it before the patch), but I doubt it will touch capitals in any way shape or form. The CSM now (at the time when CCP is picking what to hit for the expansion) has made it clear that they like capitals just the way they are, so I doubt any form of counter will come out. I expect instead it will be T2 iterations like the Command ship changes we have already see bandied about in dev blogs.

New battleships – This one I’m going out on a limb with this one. The diagram in the dev blog above clearly shows that there are 4 gaps in the Battleship line up:

I expect CCP to fill this in the summer expansion with a new Caldari Attack ship and new Disruption ships for Minmattar, Amarr and Galentte. I could argue for another two Battleships (support and Exploration) for each race, but I’m not sure that fits with CCPs vision of the BS lineup.

Without any description I think the following are also likely in the next expansion: old code re-factoring and new player experience iteration.

What do you guys think will be in? and what do you want to see?

Fly expectantly


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