Ask the Jester not the King: Answers

 Answers to the questions sent to Jester. The original posts on the forums can be found here and here.

  • Can you list, in order of importance the key pillars on which you platform stands?
These are listed above, in the first post in this thread.
  • You are pretty outspoken on the lack of movement regarding Super Capitals and clearly this will be a big part of your platform. How will you deal with the possibility of being outnumbered by “Pro-Super Capital” members of the CSM?
Well just to be clear: we don’t know who is going to be on the CSM yet. There’s no telling how many “pro-super” CSM members there are going to be. That said, CCP Fozzie has made it ridiculously clear (in the December CSM Summit minutes, among other places) that he considers this a lower priority item than the other ship-balancing questions in front of the balance team. I personally think that this is a cop-out, but unfortunately for now it’s a hard-to-argue-with cop-out.
One thing I’m definitely going to do, though, is push CCP hard to publish the numbers of supers being built periodically.
Aside from this, I may have to bide my time on this particular issue. Because unfortunately, there are bigger issues facing the game: sovereignty, drawing in new players, and POSes, for three. But yes, super proliferation is going to be one of those issues that will get me speaking up when it comes up. They’re still an I-win button and there still is no counter to them, which are both bad things. It’s ridiculous to me how few supers died in Asakai.
  • As a prominent blogger in the eve community you have always been very outspoken and perhaps even cocksure of your views on certain subjects, often despite popular census. How will you gauge your opinions vs. the opinion of the masses? Further more how will you manage a situation where you realise you opinion does not match that of the majority of players?
My default will be to present the opinion of the players. If that’s not immediately possible, on contentious issues, I’ll pull in player opinion through surveys, EVE-O forum posts, blog posts, and other means. After that though, for a spur-of-the-moment decision where CCP demands an answer immediately, I’ll give the answer that I believe is the correct one based on my own beliefs and the opinions of players that share them with me.
That’s why players should be voting for CSM members that more or less fall in with how they feel about the game. Unlike a lot of other CSM candidates, the things I think are out there in public for anyone to read.
  • Having followed your blog for a long while, I am aware that you have experience in several aspects of eve online. Do you intend to stand as a candidate for the whole community, or is there a sub-section of the community you intend to stand for in particular?
    • If you intend to stand for all, do you worry this might cause conflicts of interest where different groups of electorates desire different outcomes from a discussion?
    • If you have a particular sub group, can you tell me why you feel you represent them more than others?#]
 This one is again answered in the top post in this thread. That said, if I have a bias, it’s going to be toward smaller alliances since those are the groups that have sheltered me my entire EVE career.
 Where there is conflict, I’m going to go with the side that I think is best for the game. See above.
  • If you could, right now, pick a single change which CCP would guarantee to work on during your potential term, what would it be? And can you defend why the change you have chosen is more important than others you base your candidacy on?
Sovereignty by occupation. How it’s implemented, I’d leave to CCP, but if I could push the game’s development in a single direction, that’d be it. Sov and the things that happen in null-sec are what drew the vast majority of us into this game, and has the power to draw tens of thousands more. Quite literally “putting your name on the map” is EVE’s competitive advantage.
  • Previously you have been accused of not communicating very well with the large eve community. Specifically not interacting with twitter or the forums. However recently you have changed this and become much more visible (especially on twitter). Considering that the CSM to player communications should be a two way channel, how can you assure us that this will continue?
It will be my job for it to continue.
  • Without going into specifics, what do you think is the best method to ensure CCP tackles an issue which is important for the community?
Getting the players involved in that issue.
  • A lot of people have discussed the concept of top down or bottom up economy within alliances. What is your opinion on this, and how (if at all) would you like CCP to change this?
I’ve blogged extensively on this issue, most recently in this post. tl;dr version: I think virtually everything in EVE should be built from the bottom up.
  • What do you feel is that most important change made to eve in its recent history? accepting that ‘recent’ is very subjective.
Tough one! After some thought, I decided on CCP’s altering course to get more players more involved in their development direction that led to the Crucible expansion. Up to this point, CCP was developing the game in the direction that they wanted to without listening to players very much at all and instead just saying “trust us, you’ll love it.” Now, they’re actually listening, which is a quite positive and important change.
  • In a single sentence summarise you opinions on the following in terms of your candidacy?
    • Safe high security space
There should be no such animal, but both sides should have near-equal risk.
  • The blue doughnut
 I think this is the biggest danger facing EVE right now, and has the possibility of rendering the entire game boring and irrelevant once EVE has a competitor.
  • Sov wars
What are these? Wait, that’s a question, not a sentence. One sentence: I really miss true sov wars where both sides have an equal chance of winning and wish they would return to this game.
  • Low sec
I think low-sec is in a pretty good place right now, after years of neglect.
  • You have talked before on the subject of CCP’s need to cement its position in the gaming market. Could you as a CSM member advocate a change to our game which did this, but was against the community’s wishes?
DUST 514.
Some very interesting answers, some of which were expected some of which were not. Jester answered these questions almostas I would want them answered. The only exception to this was his reply on the single feature he would want CCP to implement. My worries around this were co-incidentally published on the same day he replied (I wrote them first honest!). I am still searching for more CSM candidates who closely represent me (there is a series of posts one this coming out very very soon), and I hope to have someone else to write to shortly. It would be a sad day that I felt only one runner for the CSM represented me!
Fly with a fedora,

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