Impressionable: CSM 8 Interviews – Part 3

This is a series of posts which contain my opinions on the interviews given to Crossing Zebras podcasts by CSM 8 candidate members. The posts contain only my impressions and thoughts after listening to the interviews given and reading any linked material. As such they should not be used to base your votes upon. The interviews are an excellent listen, and I highly encourage any voters to take the time to form their own thoughts and opinions on who they should vote for. This is simply a public airing of my own personal selection process for a CSM candidate of my heart.

Although I am only interested in candidates of certain sub sections of the game (of which I am a constituent) I have decided that it is only fair to listen to all of the candidates interviews as you never know when their will be some crossovers into sections I am interested in. My end goal of this series is to have a ranked list of my top 14 candidates who I would like to see on the next CSM which will be announced once I have posted all of my notes on the interviews. My aim is to find a candidate who represents me the best. For the record I will be casting all of my votes for candidates in the order of the list this series produces.
Finally I would like to take the time to thank Xander Phoena for doing these interviews. They are without doubt some of the best journalism around the CSM election process I have seen to date. The questions were hard but fair, and I felt that he really dug into what was important for the voter. Considerable time and effort has clearly gone into research and preparation. Well done Xander. Furthermore if you are looking for a more subjective and neutral breakdown of the interviews you should look to Poetic Discourse for Stanziel’s overview of the subject.

The full list of my thoughts can be found labelled: Impressionableand consists of 6 parts:
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Daehan Minhyok
Deahan started on a good footing being a Nullsec candidate without an official backer. However he very much came as another candidate who will attempt to listen to every one rather than have his own opinions. As I said in the last post, I tend to find this a bit of a turn off. No candidate can truly represent every one, and any one who claims they are is only going to disappoint some one further down the line. Daehan does support the concept of helping smaller 0.0 alliances  which I think is good, and further more I get the impression that he has a good solid concept (as he should) of 0.0. He also talked a bit about bottom up economy, although I really felt that he didn’t do this very well, Certainly I didn’t get the impression that he could advise CCP very well on it, at least not from the interview patter. Mind you I should add that my point of view on Bottom up/Top Down is a little different to many (but more on that in a later post). I was a bit on the fence on Daehan, however I am afraid that his concept of a safer highsec kind of tipped the scales against him a little bit in the final stages of the interview. Not a terrible candidate by any means, but I just felt that I wanted some one who could swing opinion like a lightsabre, from the interview I got the feeling Daehan was more at home with a WiffWaff paddle.
Lets be honest here, this isn’t really fair on the rest of the candidates. This series is supposed to be a first impressions set, and for Trebor (and a few others) that just doesn’t work. Who hasn’t heard of Trebor? I certainly have, and I have followed his time in the CSM quite closely. As such I can’t really form an impartial view on this interview. I shall talk about how it went, but let be honest, Trebor is the only person so far with solid evidence of his work and that is going to colour my impressions.
He did show a preference during the interview towards work on the UI and Industrial, as well as a lot of opinion on the New Player Experience (not all of which I agreed with, but more on that in a mo). I loved the concept of finding a way to make Mentoring new players a viable living for experienced players. He also proved (as if he needed to) that he had an excellent understanding of the CSM (I can’t believe I really just wrote that about Trebor). On the NPE Trebor did talk about the idea of cordoning off areas of Highsec for new players, which although not a deal breaker for me, I really don’t agree with. I just feel that cordoning off the NPE from the hard world of eve will only push the problem further down the line. If we bring in new players and teach them eve isn’t hard, its only going to hurt more when they do find the real eve. That said, if they were going to quit anyway, I guess at least CCP might get one PLEX purchase out of the deal before they hit the wall.
Trebor has such a good history, and I really have to say that I am going to be giving him a pretty good consideration, simply because he has a proven track record. This is only supported by the fact that he gave a great interview, answering perfectly and in a clear and concise manner, he showed how good he is in the political arena. Definatly high on my list, only loses on top marks because he isn’t a Nullsec candidate, sorry Trebor.
Sort dragon
I’m going to have a lot to say on this one I am afraid. I have mentioned this before, but I am very worried about any large Nullsec entity candidates. Simply because I worry that once installed in the CSM, their manifesto will dissolve in favour with whatever their sponsors tell them to do. Lets face it a lot of these CSM Block candidates would never get into office if not for their corporate sponsors, so why would they fight for us rather than them.
Now Sort is not a Pandemic Legion official representative (they don’t have one), but he does, pretty much at every opportunity state, that he would defer to a PL opinion (perhaps only because he shares that opinion at everyturn).
Titan Proliferation: Not a problem
The Blue Doughnut: just they natural way of things
Capital Projection: Live with it
However despite the fact that Sort would change none of the “big issues” of New Eden, he still states that he wants to return to the good old days of frequent large fights. I can respect that, but I believe that you cant not change things and still go back to the good days.
Just to confound things he was terrible at political talk. When talking about why Titan Proliferation wasn’ta problem, he used the example of the Cold War: Acknowledging that the world had an arms race which prevented fighting. Remember, this is his defence of why Titan proliferation doesn’t matter. Personally I want things in my pvp game that encourage fighting. That, pretty much shows the level of the interview. Sort waffled on alternating between stating the obvious, telling us how rich and powerful he was, and talking himself in circles, it didn’t impress me in the slightest.
During the interview he triumphantly told us that he wouldn’t commit to anything, as that was a “honey trap”. Sorry but if you won’t commit to anything why should I elect you? This led to the Coup De grace on my opinion of this run, when Sort effectively told us that he didn’t need to have any opinion, because the CSM had no power to do anything any way. The Mitanni called, he says “Bullshit”.
For the past few terms (some of) the CSM members have worked their nuts off to give the CSM more and more influence within CCP. Sure the CSM isn’ta junior developer role, and should go into the party with details in mind. But they have influence at early stages of the games design these days, so saying you wont even commit to a general direction of your efforts is ridiculous. The biggest limitation on the CSM’s power is the guts, guile and graft of the CSM candidates themselves. By giving this statement Sort has told me that he will be of no benefit to us the players. Sorry if that was a bit of a rant, but it really gets my goat that a candidate can make that kind of inference after all the hard effort made to get as far as we have.
As a final thought on this one, When asked how he would find out about the area of the game he was worst at (which he stated was missions), he replied with confidence and not a hint of irony: “I would go and ask PL, then do it myself”. Lets face it, if PL doesn’t know how to do it, it probably isn’t worth doing. At the very least I got a laugh out of the interview.
Cipreh is another wormhole candidate, of which there seem to be many. I would say that prehaps this is an after effect of the popularity of Two Step’s last term, however the same hasn’t happened with Faction Warfare.
He has a good spread of pvp history. Cipreh (along with a lot of the WH candidates) puts a lot of emphasis on the POS system as part of this platform. However Cipreh does have a realistic view on the revamp of the wormhole system, asking for a step by step approach; starting with balancing and fixing the current system.
Later in the interview Cipreh was asked some tough questions on the collapse of Narwhales Ate My Duck, which he handled with moderate skill. A good candidate with some good ideas, but as I stated before, I am really looking for a nullsec candidate.
Chitsa Jason
During his interview Chitsa was a very good speaker, who handled the questions well. As another wormhole candidate I was a bit worried when he stated he had good experience in Nullsec, because they frequently roamed within it. I’m sorry, but that does not give you any experience of living the life. Only a short one this because there werent many other holes to pick or things I had strong positive thoughts on. A good candidate I hope he does well.
Ayeson is technically a wormhole candidate, but he also has a strong side-line in the CREST and API systems, which I do consider quite important in the future of eve. Ayeson also spoke very well during the interview, and I couldn’t help thinking he sounded like a bond villain (which is a good thing on the CSM).
Again we did have the issue of a candidate trying to represent everyone, I have spoken on this a lot so far so I wont expound it any further. A good candidate who spoke very well throughout.
A better assortment of candidates, however I really do worry about the shear number of WH candidates currently running for office. With the new STV system we could see a very disproportionate number of WH CSM members. With all due respect I believe (as a candidate said during an interview) “Its Nulls turn now”. Time will tell on this one thought. I still hope I might see some more candidates in the next few interviews (in a few weeks time).
Fly Disproportionally,

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