Impressionable: Response – Unforgiven Storm

Following the first post in the Impressionable series Unforgiving Storm Responded to my first impression post. I have published below the email sent to me.
Loved the post, I would like to clarify some points that touch me a little bit:

“Sadly Unforgivien has put himself too firmly behind the POS (which I do feel is important, but not important enough for its own candidate). “

I support pos fixes, yes, but not only.

I have to say that knowing that the poses will not be revamped or fixed anytime soon was what made jump from my chair and push me to run for the CSM, but there so many other things broken in industry that im pushing to a fix like moon mining or inventions. I could be here for a while describing areas with problems related with industry that are broken or not work properly and I will put my force behind, other than just poses.

“and that he has a tendency to give solutions rather than show interest in facilitating finding one as a group;”

You notice that, is correct I agree, I have that tendence, it comes with my job, im a software developer, I do software design for a living for 12 years now. nice catch.

“we are not looking for Nicky Knowitall, but instead searching for Emma Enabler.”

I would like to add that with my job I learned that I dont know the truth, my word is not gospel, I dont have all the solutions and when you work in a group of 6 people like I do in a daily basis for 12 years, a flat group with no hierarchy, communication, compromise, working together  to achive a final result is more important than anything, what it matters in the end is that the problem that is front of us is fixed, not that its fixed my way.

Thanks for the attention and thanks for the review.

I will be expecting your next blog about the other candidates with interest.

Thanks Storm, its does you credit that you are looking to reach out and clarify your position over the CSM election. Its that kind of effort we should look for and expect from our CSM. I should just take this moment to add, to all representatives who might stumble across these posts, that I hope they will not take any of my comments personally. I very much doubt I could make a political stand better than they do. Every candidate who is willing to stand for election is doing their part to make this game better, no matter if their run is good, bad, successful or a failure. Your efforts are laudable, as you are working to try and help out community I greatly respect that.
That said I have not, and will not pull punches in this series. I intend this as an airing of my thought process around the CSM interviews, and as such I will write what I am thinking. A strong candidate, such as Storm, will take any criticism constructively, I hope any who read this do so.
Finally I wish all the candidates the best of luck in this years run.
Fly Responsively,

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