End of day one

We trailed off posting today after the second presentation as the rest of the day was round tables and the Dust keynote. It was really hard to take notes in the packed and hot round table reviews: but the notes I did make you can find below. The Dust keynote was awesome and makes me want to play (on the pc) but I am really not qualified to post on it in any great lengths; except to say that the corporation war in Dust was jaw droopingly amazing, go find a dust blog now now.
New warp effects in the keynote?
“Space will be more interesting to be in’
Capital tweaks – archon?
Capital rigs mentioned
Fozzi aims for the following during rebalance: linear damage for exponential cost
There are Long term plans for supers
Fozzi :Supers are not increasing they are down in numbers slightly
Two quotes of the day (both from players):
On wormhole nebular
P1: lets face it wormhole nebulars look like goatsy
P2: i cant un-think that now…
FemalePlayer: if we get a new ship it should be a space pussy; because we have so many cocks already.

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