Eve game design & Remixing eve

Remixing eve
All about the arcade machine made downstairs
Interesting precedent for games within eve
R type game made entirely in the trinity engine
Does show how great the python language is, seems very versatile esp mixed with c++
This really does sound like good mews for games in captains quarters and mobile/mini games. Still a long ways off though.
Eve game design
No pandas comming to eve
There are a few rules to game design in eve
  • No game should be more complex the it absolutely need to be
    • i.e placing a bounty
      • Its not dumbing down eve if you make 1500 people a day die
  • A good feature can be based on positive or negative interaction, neither is inherently more valuable
  • Other players will always be more interesting for longer than designed experience. Give players to tools to maximise the variety and impact of their decisions.
    • Incursions
  • Every systen should affect and be affected by the wider world
    • Butterfly effect
    • The old fw didn’t comply with this. The new one does a bit more (faction kit prices etc)
  • The social experience is more important the practical system balance; the interaction between winners and losers is more interesting than mechanical equality
    • One person standing in a cupboard is creepy, two is kinda interesting
      • Belt Mining is against this as your often alone
      • Better to have 1 big belt than 20 tiny ones
      • Should be more about reaching out and touching people, less about spread sheets and numbers
  • Players are not entitled to success. The most aspirational goals are converted by many but reached by few.
    • We must let people dream
    • Some will make this
    • And thats ok
Sounds like bounties might be removable by the placer
Feels that ccp feel they are better now at scalability, i.e. Proliferation
They never would have belived this many people have titans when they were build
Talking about enforced limits on numbers of powerful items
Not happy with the number of super caps
Ccp do.es not believe that they should push all people to nullsec anymore. Do what makes you happy.
Wants a better tool before they replace local
Talk about an awesome scanner could this be a covert reference to the discovery scanner?
Exploration can be about finding players
T2 changes comming in odyssey announcement tomorrow.

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