Impressionable: Summary and Results Post 7

The full list of my thoughts can be found labelled: Impressionableand consists of 6 parts:
Part 1: Xenuria, Unforgiven Storm, Roc Wieler, Rippard Teg, Night Beagle, Nathan Jameson
Part 2: Mynnna, Mike Azariah, Marc Scaurus, James 315, James Arget, Hunter Blake
Part 3: Daehan Minhyok, Trebor, Sort Dragon, Cipreh, Chitsa Jason, Ayeson
Part 4: Kesper north, Malcanis, Psychotic Monk, Steve Ronuken, Ali Aras, Fon Revedhort
Part 5: CoreBloodBrothers, Sala Cameron, Riverini, Artctura, Sgurd Battersea, Travis Musgrat
Part 6: Mangala  Solaris, Kaleb Rysode, Banlish, Awol Aurix,  Apricot Baby
Part 7: This Post

Well that was that then. There is still plenty of material out there with which to further refine my CSM list of preference, and I have no doubt that I will be altering my voting list before the end of the period. That said I did promise to produce a ranked list based upon my personal opinions from Crossing Zebras Candidate interviews, sot his post will contain that very list. I want again to thank Xander for the amazing amount of effort he has clearly put into this project. I was exhausted just listening to the interviews, so no doubt he is near dead.
Before I do go onto the results, I want to talk over some general points and patterns I noticed this election period. First is the already well expounded fact that so many candidates campaigned on the concept of being the CSM’s “communication expert” or “Synergy manager”. Please don’t be fooled by this my dear readers; the CSM is a platform for player representation, not a platform of sectaries. A few people who did run on this basis are in my final list, but for the most part I considered people running on this to be trying to pander the voters.
I also talked quite a lot about Bloc Bias, and I want to make it clear here how I feel on this before I go on. I do believe that bloc candidates can be honest (one is in my top three). But in general I think that there is a huge risk that these candidates will put alliance politics before player preference. For example I believe that the player base as a whole want Super Capital ships to be readdressed. But the works of CSM 7’s PL candidates (and others) has ensured that this has been delayed without a due date. That’s not to say that Elsie and Seleene haven’t done a great job in general on the CSM, but we have to consider that they (like any bloc candidate would) might favour their alliance rather than the players in general. It could be argued that Elsie and Seleene represented Older players who most likely own super capitals, and thus were representing their constituency, but that’s half a dozen of one and 6 of another.
For reference I consider bloc bias to stand as follows (not this is purely opinion):
  • PL: Pro Supers, Slightly Pro Tech
  • CFC(Goons in particular): Anti Supers, Pro tech
  • Test: Anti Supers, Anti tech
There are of course sub biases within these alliances/groups, and some sub groups may even have completely opposite bias to the above; but in general the above is the brush with which I have tarred members of these groups.
Of course on the subject of bias, it’s worth noting that trust is the final item which I failed to mention in my post about how I was judging CSM candidates, and plays a big part in my decisions. There are some bloc candidates I actually trust a lot more than others.
So here we are, my top 14 (full list down the page) candidates ranked in order of preference on the CSM. What follows is personal opinion, and I have tried to be as apolitical a I can be. My original list gave a 1-10 rating for each candidate so I will add a short blurb as to why I have ordered the candidates as I have:
Top 3
1 – Ripard Teg
2 – Banlish
3 – Trebor
All these guys ranked a 9 on my scale. Ripard lost a point because we don’t agree on a few things, Trebor because he is technically a highsec candidate (more on that in a mo) and Banlish because he is still a bloc member.
I’ll fess’ up to a little bit of politics here. In terms of people I want to see on the CSM most, Banlish is actually higher than Ripard: but given that he is the #1 Test candidate, he really doesn’t need my vote. Ripard on the other hand might. When the votes get counted, I would rather give my vote to Ripard, first, encase my vote is added to the Banlish pile before the rest of Test Alliance, meaning their second choices are counted instead of mine; them’s the beans.
Terbor is a pretty surprising choice as well I expect given the amount of “nullsec candidates only” hurf blurfing I’ve done during this. The simple matter of fact is that Trebor is a very good politician and, as much as I hate sectary platforms, a very hard worker. I also think that it is very important to have some continuity between CSM’s so that some of the personal relationships carryover, A green CSM with no former CSM members is going to have to work very hard to catch-up to where CSM 7 was. Trebor I suspect fills this role very well.
The Runners Up
4 – Kesper North
5 – Ali Aras
6 – Roc Wieler
Pretty simple here Kesper is a good unaffiliated Nullsec Candidate, Ali was a great newbi friendly nullsec candidate (which I think we need), and Roc brings a good general PvP vibe to the party.
The Good, but not quite good enough
7 – Malcanis
8 – Artctura
9 – Mynnna
10 – Corebloodbrothers
11 – Mangala Solaris
Mynnna gets a low trust score, but a very high competence score (even if I still think he is a little too laid back). I’d love to rate Mangala higher, but I have already added Roc in as a general PvP’er and lowsec beat highsec I am afraid. The others are all good Nullsec Candidates mostly unaffiliated to bias.
The best of the Rest
12 – Daehan Minhyok
13 – Sala Cameron
14 – Chitsa Jason
Daehan came up as a pretty weak Nullsec candidate and just scraped into my listing. Sala is the better of the two Pandemic Legion candidates, and I guess I feel we should give at least a small voice to the Super Capital owners. Chitsa made the late position over Awol Aurix and Riverini, her was an excellent candidate for wormholes, better than the others were for their respective areas.
The full rankings can be found below (note only the first 14 are orderd within their sub groups, the rest are just listed in random order).

Rank Candidate                         Score
1        Ripard Teg                         9
2       Banlish                                9
3       Trebor Daehoow            9
4        Kesper North                   8
5        Ali Aras                               8
6        Roc Wieler                         8
7        Malcanis                             7
8        Artctura                              7
9        Mynnna                             7
10      Corebloodbrothers       7
11      Mangala Solaris               7
12      Daehan Minhyok            6
14     Sala Cameron                   6
13      Awol Aurix                        6
16      Chitsa Jason                      6
15     Riverini                               6
17      Ayeson                               5
18      Cipreh                                 5
19      Jame Arget                       5
20      Kaleb Rysode                   5
21      Mike Azariah                    5
22      Nathan Jameson            5
23      Travis musgrat                 5
24      Apricot Baby                     4
25      Unforgiven Storm          4
26      Psychotic Monk              3
27      Sort Dragon                      3
28      Steve Ronuken               3
29      Fon Revedhort                1
30      Sgurd battersea              1

[EDIT I hate blogger some times…..

As a final note, I listened to the Dolan interview and found it very interesting as well. Its worth noting that he mirrored my thoughts on an in game voting system, and that we can expect to see a huge drive to publicise the CSM and gain a larger voter turnout.

Fly exhausted,

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