Retribution round up

Good chance for ccp to show they understand what was good about retribution
  • Ui is a good example of an old system which ccp feels needs replacing
  • Ccp don’t feel that art is a bottle neck anymore, nice question from Ripard
  • Ccp want to make the game so intuitive that you don’t need a manual this seems like a bad goal as to be like this it’d have to be simplified and dumbed down?
  • Ccp were planning for another iteration on the effects bar, but it was cut
  • No major size features were axed from retri
    • Some were trimmed i.e. Fw visuals revamp
  • Might provide a Highers texture pack option
  • Ideas floated
    • Ccp are aware that bs’s are decreasing in popularity
      • New hull maybe in comming
      • Asking what the role of the bs is?
      • Distinguishing them from meta 3 cruisers
    • New teir 3 line being discussed
      • Not sure what size yet
    • No plans to improve wormholes at the moment

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