Ship balancing past and future

  • Plan
    • Pirate and navy ships becoming slightly more specialised
    • Tech 2 improving
      •  were as good as navy, now between navy and pirate
    • End of ‘bombardment’ line of ships, they now fall into combat or attack
    • Balanced a quarter of the game
    • Adding another 15 present this expansion
  • Battleships
    • Armageddon drone change (was almost the apoc)
    • Lots of going over stuff already on the forums
    • Looks like a good line up, some big changes
  • Navy ships
    • Great changes, all pre announced in the forums
  • Future
    • For ships they release things which have a good plan to the forums instantly
    • Command ships
      • Highest priority t2 ship
      • Link bonus all around
      • Good damages all around
      • One ship per races weapon system
    • Electronic attack ship
      • Massive buffs to bring them past t1 frigs
    • Heavy assault cruisers
      mobility rests and damage bonus
    • Black ops
      • More combat roles, more relevant bonuses
Fozzie says no t3 bs for now, references other t3 just no bs
Pirate bc’s being consider
Thoughts that links might help dictor pilots not die
Maybe a second set of warp cloaked blobs next pass

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