SISI Odyssey Data Dump

I managed to get a hold of a wild odyssey data dump yesterday and spent the train journey to work today perusing it for information. A few things jumped out at me instantly:
Neut-o the NOS
I want to suck your blood… and slow down
your repair rate.
If I am reading the dump correctly Energy Draining modules are going to get a bonus which gives them a
chance to delay repair modules. This is a very interesting move which could have a good effect on small gang and solo combat. Looking at the numbers it looks like the NOS will get the greater chance over the Neut. The Neut is already the module of choice for most PvP’ers for utility high slots (unless they are RR or RE). So we could see them being used a hell of a lot more than they already are. Would this be enough to make the NOS an actually competitor to the Neut? I don’t think so, but we will see.
[EDIT: turns out that this was a stat which was used to reduce the rep time on NPCs (simulating lack of Cap) which has now been removed. Thanks to Martijn Vellinger in the comments who helped clear this up withe Fozzie]
Sec-ond thoughts
Tags are going down the pan…
Sec Status fixing. Looks like the nerf to Sec Status farming is going to hit hard. Not only are ratters going to
be stuck with only one tick per 5 mins they are also going to find that rats are going to give a LOT less standings per kill. It would appear that CCP are scrapping the “Size Matters” mantra and simply making it so that every NPC kill will give a flat 0.028 standings change. Let me say that again. It won’t matter if you kill a battleship or a frigate, the standings increase will be 0.028. To give you an idea of the scale of this one, some numbers:
Prior to Odyssey the largest increase you could get to standings was at around 0.24, and the lowest was 0.032. So the new flat standard of 0.028 is less than the lowest previously. In terms of generalisation it’s a 39% drop in sec status gain per kill. Owch.
You know just the other day I was in Low sec (Floseswin) where I engaged in rather a lot of PvP. At the time I watched my sec status drop and thought, “ah well, I don’t really need it any way”. Right now I’m starting to think I might need to raise it back up again before the patch hits; rather than forking out a large sum of cash or farming for even longer than is currently necessary. One thing this does mean, is that Tag farming is going to be a very viable profession.
Fly of the Dump

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