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And there goes another month. Between some Real life issues in early April and Fanfest consuming Late April, it’s gone by in a breeze. Although Fanfest was great fun, its not all been great though. I get my monthly playtime logged by Raptr and in the past have hit weekly averages of around 35-45 hours. This month not so much.
Last month I averaged 18.5 hours of games per week with 2 hours per week in eve itself. The issue is that my areas of eve are either dedications of large chunks of time, or being on call for short notice operations. Being out of the country or having work done on your house doesn’t exactly play well with that. I’m making excuses really, but the long and short of it is that its no wonder that my corporation has told me the ship up or ship out.
This week I have chosen the former. After chatting with my other half I got permission to be “on call” whenever I am at home, dedicating myself to being able to respond to fleets all the time. Which has resulted in a quite few fleets this week, including my involvement in the Flight of 1000 Rifters. I hope that I have already secured my continued service with my corp, but never taking things for granted I intend to keep up with the high availability thing for the rest of the month (i.e. how long I was given to shape up). Already I have scored a good 17 hours in eve during this first week of May.
In other news the CCP marketing campaign has worked, and after hunting around a bit I managed to secure a cheap PS3 with which to play some Dust, so expect some Dust posts on here in the next few weeks as I get used to the game and form some opinions. First impressions have been excellent, although there is clearly some room for improvements. But that’s a detail for another post.
Not all that much to write about this month, at least not that hasn’t already been posted in the Fanfest and CSM sections of the Blog.
Fly (and walk) as much as you can

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