eveblogs: The hero we need or the hero we deserve?

Yesterday (02/07/2013) eveblogs.net opened its doors to the community as the new hub for eve blogs.  Eveblogs is a blogging platform similar to what evepress used to be, allowing users to host blogs and blog feeds all under one roof.


I think it’s a great idea to create a centralised feed of blogs (ala evebloggers) I also think it’s a good idea to create community features for that nexus such as forums, groups and categories . All of these are brilliant ways to strengthen a community, and encourage cross group discussions. Brilliant, I hope it goes well.


However, one sure way to not help a community to come together, is to divide it from the start. Eveblogs, has decided to make a clear and precise divide between “internal” and “external” blogs. Internal blogs being ones created as a subdomain of eveblogs.net, and external being sites like this, which can feed their content through eveblogs.net such as www.eveblogs.net/tours/. I believe that Alexia has pure intentions building this service, but I feel the effort might end up hurting those it sets out to help (more on this in the next paragraph). You can’t work to bring a community together by slapping “insider” and “outsider” labels on people and treating them differently. It is true that Alexia (the sites owner) has posted on the internal forums that this subdivision will be removed and I truly hope it happens.


There is also the small matter of the disadvantage to the bloggers themselves. Writing and maintaining a blog is hard work. Thankfully CCP is one of the few companies who recognises this and, reward bloggers us with an excellent fansite program. My gut feeling is that sub sites to eveblogs will not be eligible to become fan sites, much in the same way that off the three writers here, only I receive the fansite bonus (don’t worry I reimburse my heroic writing friends). This is going to come across as a direct attack on eveblogs (which it is not intended as), but anyone who registers to blog with them, as opposed to another free service such as blogger, or wordpress is a fool, who will likely loss out on all the rewards of being an eve fansite. I will retract that statement as soon as I see evidence that CCP will treat each sub blog of eveblogs as its own fansite. I doubt this will ever be the case because www.eveblogs.net/tours is just as different from www.eveblogs.net/extrv as www.extra-vehicular.com/author/Harkconnan and www.extra-vehicular.com/author/arian-blade.



Despite these harsh words, I still support Alexia in the effort, I love the idea of a Reddit style “Hot Post” list (where popular posts rise to the top of the list). I love the idea of a blog community nexus where people can comment and contribute in a central location. I really hope that this effort takes this somewhat rough launch review on the nose, and rises from the ashes into a new pillar of our community. I do however feel that Alexia might be a little misguided: we don’t need someone to create a community, we already have one, a very strong one in fact. What we could use is someone who is willing to expend effort to enhance that community, and to give it tools to get even strong. Eveblogs could just be that tool.

2 thoughts on “eveblogs: The hero we need or the hero we deserve?

  1. Thanks for the feedback. I’m taking it all in, and I’m in the process of changing things about. My original intention was to encourage everyone to come together as a community, but I’m hearing the cries of independent bloggers who don’t want to be labelled as independent, even though they are, and who want to be known as members of the community, even though they’re struggling to remain separate. But I’ll look at changing the wording to make them feel better, and see what happens. 🙂

    • Harkconnan says:

      Great to see your taking this all constructively! Like I said I really look forwards to seeing where this goes. Give me a shout if E-V can do anything to help! see you on the forums.


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