May you live in Intresting Times

I’ve been on a little bit of a break of late from blogging. Funnily enough, it’s not the writing which has burnt me out (or the playing of eve), but instead the issues I am having with site speed and spam. The site is pretty close to where I want it to be at the moment look and feel wise, and the code is neat and tidy, scoring well on site speed tests. However despite this it seems to occasionally take an inordinate amount of time to load and that drive me crazy. All of my non eve playing free time went something like this:

  • Contact the host to ask why the site is slow
  • Host says its not slow
  • I explain it isn’t slow right now, but 5 minuet ago (when I was in the queue for support) it was.
  • Host points me at an optimisation guide
  • I politely thank them and disconnect
  • I follow the optimisation guide
  • The site is still slow
  • I contact support
  • Repeat ad nauseum


Couple that with the 5-10 spam comments we get per day which have to be manually marked and discarded (that better than it was at 10-30 per day) and you get blog burn out. After a few weeks solid of this just looking at the blog frankly depressed me. So I stopped. Sorry about that. To the few of you who have stuck around despite the sites slowness and my lack of posting: thanks, and I will improve, I promise. Life is still pretty busy for me, so I can’t promise an immediate turn around, but I will turn it around eventually.


Anyway nobody comes to an eve blog site to read about issues with blogs, so let’s talk a little about eve. Its been an oddly mixed month this month, with the Legion mostly on hold for the Tournament (that last match had me and my  fiancée the edge of our seats!). We did however launch on two campaigns one to defend our space and one to attack the former IRC alliance. Both of these attacks turned out to be the most boring deployments in my Nullsec career. First deploying to defend against the Solar Menace (who fucked off as soon as we turned up), then deploying to Cobalt Edge to fight with Rogue alliance who fucked off before we turned up. What the fun of kicking down sandcastles when all the kids have gone home? As Poetic Stanziel correctly points out, this hasn’t exactly been the most challenging deployment ever. As a result there have been literally no fleets for days, and a lot of the Legion who are not involved in uncontested structure grinds, or the tournament have been shacking up with Waffles to pass the time. Sadly this idea was only put to me a few days ago, just as we are (hopefully) kicking into gear again (just as I am about to go on holiday sigh). Still I managed to get a clone down to Waffle Space yesterday so no matter what I will be getting in on some fights in the coming month. I’ve also purchased a ridiculously expensive BLOPs with which to join in on fishing fleets, needless to say although I could replace it should I lose it, I don’t think I will be.


Outside of the Legion I have been a busy sole within eve, further expanding my PI empire to churn out 300m per month from the safety of empire. I have also been nurturing a new Industry toon so that I can experiment with making money through manufacturing, invention and research. So far it hasn’t exactly been a very profitable experience, but it has been a very interesting one. Certainly exploring manufacturing (which I have never done before) is rather like going back to being a newbi in eve. The mistakes I am making are certainly n00b errors (fyi cancelling a manufacturing job before it starts because you selected the wrong slot loses you all the minerals you shovelled in…). I am really enjoying the experience, but I am struggling to see where the profits are in building things. Certainly they must exist, because New Eden has no NPC manufacturers, yet wherever I look my best possible prices are too high. Is it just that miners don’t consider mineral costs and sell produce to low? Is it that a few people are making billions through PBO’s researched to perfection over years? Or am I just missing something in my calculations? Who knows, but I am having fun finding out. Certainly, you can expect to hear more about my manufacturing experiments in the near future.


Certainly I am very excited about Odyssey 1.1, and for the upcoming announcement on the Winter Expansion at Gamescon on the 24th. Once again my fingers are crossed for an iteration cycle on Sov.


Expect to see more posts from me soon, and one way or another I will get this site operating to my standards.

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