The August Blues

Another month rolls by and yet again my in-game participation has reached a new low. With only 24 hours of gaming time registered this last month, and minimal amounts of that invested in eve. Believe me when I say that this is not a reflection of my attitude towards eve, I am chomping at the bit for some in game action. Considering that I was away for a week of this month on holiday, and just before that got engaged, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at the lack of game time.


So what have I gotten up to? Well at the start of the month I jumped into my carrier for two flash opps, both of which turned out to be Blue balls, pretty much a colossal waste of 40k of Isotopes, but hey, it’s on the companies money right? Since then we returned to our traditional low sec home, and then onwards to the fights happening down in Delve and Querious. Sadly the second move happened on the same day I was flying to the Czech republic. As the indication was that the deployment was only for a week (which was the same length as my holiday), I decided on my return to stay in lowsec and await the next deployment. Typically that was a week ago, and there is still no sign of the return. Pretty soon I will just bite the bullet and move our solo, no doubt just in time for the move opp back to be posted *sigh*.


The trader has been my busiest character this month as I would really like to increase my personal wealth to the point where buy I could purchase a Super Carrier (not that does not in any way incline that I want to, just that it’s a good frame of reference to work buy). I am allready Space Middleclass bordering upper-middle class if you include all my non-reselling commodities (i.e. ships I fly). However I would like to solidify my position in the Upper Middle with liquid assets only. This means raising More cash per day, and this spending more time on my trader and industrial characters. So far I estimate that my average day across all of my accounts I estimate that I earn around 60m per day meaning that at the moment, it will take me around 2 years to reach my goal. I am hoping that my rapidly maturing Industry character might go some way to shortening that projection.


This also been a good month for starting long term plans, with an alt starting the long train towards a jump freighter, and another running for a dread sitting alt. My mains skill plan however has been derailed twice and moved about once. The first change of plans was because of my poor fleet attendance. Previously while hanging out in lowsec (and indeed on deployment), there have been a short tonne of BLOPS fleets, so far to shear cost of the things (and the fact they are not covered by SRP) have put me off investing. However a few weeks ago, in a fit of desperation I decided to bite the bullet, in the hopes it might increase my chance of actually getting on an opp in my short periods of “online”. The second disruption was for Informorph Syncronizing, a dreaded Charisma skill, which will allow me to spend more time in a +5 clone while I am at work. The final rejigger was simply reprioritising skills which might help with future doctrines.


In Dirties news, Arian has started investigating Live Streaming, and we hope to be bringing you some streams of Dirties Drunken Roams in the near future. But were still ironing out some of the details for that one. Needless to say I might actually need to have some playtime for that, but then next month doesn’t look quite as bad as the last one. Here is hoping any way.


Fly whenever you can,





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