Monthly Update

It’s been a bumpy month! About midway through I was worried about being booted from corp again for inactivity (but thankfully my logistics ship efforts saved me). I was having trouble finding fleet operations which were in my Timezone so things were not looking great. However In the last few days the Gears of War have shifted up a level with the some serious fights starting down south. Things pretty much went crazy overnight; I went from having nothing to do, to being in 5 hour fleets for the past two nights. Since then we have also deployed to a new staging system and I expect the tempo to only increase its speed. I sadly had to sell my pimp Redeemer to help fund my new Dreadnaught (the ugly, but useful Moros), which is now sitting ready for deployment. I am expecting a good month!


I managed to snag a full 86 Hours gaming this month, with 30 of that being spent in Eve, not bad for me and something I intend to improve on next month.


Skills wise I have had to reshuffle my shorter term plans to push the Moros up to the top of the queue. Thankfully this hasn’t interfered with my attribute optimisation plans so far and the 2013/2014 plan is continuing as intended, despite CCP’s best efforts to tempt me away with new skills.


On the other characters I have been making some great progress. The industrial char has started doing invention (making more costly mistakes along the way, seriously how do new player cope!?), and I think she might just turn a profit in the next few months, but then I’ve thought that consistently since I started, so let’s not count the eggs.


Xa, the FW pilot has also been doing pretty well for herself, doing a tonne of Exploration (which has been a fun and profitable endeavour), and even managed to turf out some T2 Rig BPC’s from a site which should make some lovely money. In the later part of the month Xa also started on a new money making plan with the Dirties group (revolving around Faction Warfare), but that’s a topic for another post.


Spending this month has been very high with a total of 3.5bn spent. Most of this was on the Moros, however a further 400m was also spend on skill books. Thankfully Trading has been brisk this month seeing me finally push to the point of having more total money than ever before, despite ejaculating Isk up the wall. I am constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop, and for something to go wrong, but so far so good. Trade itself has brought in just over 3bn this month with some unusually lucky buys netting a massive profit. Another long term investment maturing and being cashed in for another 2.3bn has helped make this a record breaking month. To mitigate the high spending, the main also reallocated funds from underutilized ships (the Redeemer) into the Moros fund reducing the cost by 2bn. This gives this month a total profit of ~4bn liquid Isk, I don’t expect to see these kinds of numbers again anytime soon.


On the blog you may have noticed that we released the first of our planned “Dirty Guide” Series. This has been in the oven for an inordinate amount of time and I feel the first one has come out pretty good. At the moment I am working on the Dirty Guide to Faction War (with Arian promising to collaborate on that one…), so expect to see that churning out some time in the not too distant future. It feels like eve is starting to warm up again after a cold summer for me, so hopefully we can expect to see some more posts coming out soon!


Fly on the edge,



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