100M SP: Can you have my stuff?

Last in the series of landmark posts as I have now achieved 100m SP. These have taken a while to produce as Christmas is as always a busy period. Normal service will now resume!

I’ve always been interested in making money in MMO’s but never at the expense of gameplay. I Can remember when my flatmate and friend first got me into World of Warcraft I asked him for a loan of a few gold to get me started which he happily provided me with. About a month later I was richer than he was (him having played since beta), and I gave him the money back with interest. But even back then when I was playing the market (buying a selling cloth & ore mostly), it was always something to do in-between the meat of actual game play.


The same has always been true in eve. Ever since I was first taught the ins and outs of Station trading (the mainstay of my money making) by a friend, making money in eve has always been interesting to me, but never as important as PvP. As such, I am not one of Eve’s Space Rich 1% elite, I am instead decidedly space middleclass/Space Upper-Middleclass. Since finding a stable footing in station trading, I have always been keen to look into new avenues of income, hoping to stabilize my holdings by planting fingers in as many pies as I can keep up with. None have ever been as stable as station trading, but most has provided a little income here and there for me. The closest to a secondary income stream has been PI which I have been doing profitably for a good long time now.


At time of writing I currently have 13,745,600 isk in liquid (this changes on a day to day basis  as I buy and sell items. However I rarely drop below 10bn at any given time. Asset wise I have collected an awful lot of junk over these past few years, with an additional 17bn in non-war assets (read items which are not to be used in Null sec) and a further 15bn in ships I intend to use for combat (I usual exclude these from calculations of wealth, but note them here as an item of interest). I also have a further 7bn in sell orders, alongside 2.5bn in Escrow.


All this together brings my total current wealth to 39.6bn isk no including war assets or 54.3bn isk all in. It sounds great, but in reality nearly all of that wealth is either tied up in assets strewn across the universe, or is required as capital to allow me to continue trading and earning more. I estimate that I have around 3bn liquid cash which I could use without ant long term effect on my money making (co incidentally this is the total price of my most expensive ship, don’t fly.. Etc), In an emergency, I could spend as much as 5-6bn and still climb out of the hole with relative ease.


Growth wise things are looking pretty good: Considering that this year has been the first yeah where I have recorded my spending and station trading efforts, and the result has been a 6bn growth in my trading isk if you exclude the start of that year (where is spent a lot of capital to set myself up) the last 10 months saw a growth of 7bn. From my records, and percentage increases, I predict that I can almost doubt this next year hopefully pulling in 11bn with some extra effort.


Money wise the big experiments this year have been Exploration, Faction Warfare and Industry. But there will be more on that in the next post. Right now I believe that I am pretty comfortable in my wealth. I think that a loss of all or either my assets or liquid isk would force me to abandon Nullsec for a period of dedicated earning, but anything up to a 50% loss of either would only call of minor changes in my attitude. Hopefully of course neither will come to pass.


Fly what you can afford to lose,




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