Tuesdays Training: Armor Compensation

Every Tuesday I take a skill which one of my characters is training and discuss why I am current training that skill. I will also look at other uses for the skill, and who else might benefit from it. As I have several Characters across the skill spectrum I expect to cover skills for Young, Middle Age and old players.

This week, for the inaugural edition of Tuesdays Training I had four choices to pick from to discuss;

  • Bomb Deployment (V)
  • EM Armor Compensation (IV)
  • Jump Drive Calibration (V)
  • Gallenete Encryption Methods (V)

Eventually I decided to pick my Alt Characters skill: Em Armor Compensation, as a good skill to discuss for both Mid and Early game players (as Older characters like my main should have this trained already). It also covers more than just 1 skill, as most of what applies to it, applies to the other damage types as well (i.e. Thermic Armor Compensation).

So let’s look at the skill itself:

EM Armor Compensation (int-mem) [x2]

5% bonus to EM resistance per level for Amor Coatings and Energized plates.

Prerequisite for Skills: Nothing

Required for Modules/Ships: Nothing

The Armor compensation skills (as well as the Shield ones I think), are dead end skills. These skills do not unlock, or enable anything, and are only trained for bonus they give per level. But, as is mostly the case with dead end skills, the bonus is fairly significant. In this case a 5% boost to Armor resistance modules effectiveness, which  is a potent bonus, considering that Energized Adaptive Nano Membranes/Adaptive Nano Plating and Armor Hardeners are the cornerstones of any Armour tank. This is further compounded by the fact that resistances have a cumulative effect on a tanking the more raw HP you have. In other words, resistances are important.

Let’s look at how this skill affects our tank on a few examples. For all of these examples I am using a 0 Skilled Character granted minimum skill required to fly the ship, and no other mods on the ship in question.




As we can see from this, the difference between 0 compensation and 5 is around 300 – 1,000 ehp on a frigate (5-8% increase of ehp). Or a 3,324 – 6,296 increase of ehp on a Battleship (4-7% increase of ehp). Now any seasoned vet is going to tell you that the tiniest margin can make the difference between a fight won and a fight lost, and this remains true. For newer players, flying frigates even with just level 4 skills the EANM and Membrane fitting is going to be 6% better than the same fittings with no skills, which would take a meagre (~)4 days to train. In other words, these skills are basics which every character should have trained.

But how far you should train them is another matter. As a x2 skill to level 5 one of these compensations takes just under 10 days, for a brand new player, that 50 days of training is going to be too long. So here are my recommendations for player age vs skill level (note this only applies if you intend to fly and armour tank):

  • Characters of any age: I
  • Characters over a few weeks old: III
  • Characters using T2 moduless: IV
  • Older Characters flying capitals, etc: V

Now it’s worth noting that not all of the Compensations are born equal, EM, the one which spurred this very post is less useful than say, explosive armour compensation, because armour is inherently weaker to Explosive damage than EM damage. Some might take this as a cue to train EM to a lower level than Explosive, but personally I like them equal, so I will leave that choice down to you dear reader.

I have to admit that my main, who falls into that final category only has the compensation skills to IV which is mistake I intend to rectify once I respec her attributes to Int Mem in the coming months, but I still stand by my recommendation even if I am ignoring it myself, you can feel free to do likewise ;).

Fly Like your compensation for something,


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