Tuesday Training: Armor Layering V

Every Tuesday I take a skill which one of my characters is training and discuss why I am current training that skill. I will also look at other uses for the skill, and who else might benefit from it. As I have several Characters across the skill spectrum I expect to cover skills for Young, Middle Age and old players.



This week’s Choices (Only three as one was covered last week).

  • Amarr Defensive System V
  • Armor Layering V
  • Plasma Physics V


As it’s a relatively new skill to the game, and I even had to look up what it did (I picked it from the ISIS certification system), I have decided to take a look at the Armor Layering skill today. The skill itself looks something like this:


Armor Layering (x3) Int – Mem

Skill at installing upgraded armor plates efficiently and securely. Reducing the impact they have on agility and speed. Grants a 5% reduction to armor plate mass penalty per level.


Now to give a frame of reference a standard 1600mm T2 plate adds 3,750,000 mass to a ship. At level 5 this skill will reduce that penalty to 2,812,500. In terms of actual agility and speed, that means that a standard modern doctrine Dominix (2x 1600mm plates) has the following characteristics as you level the skill:


A standard aHac Zealot (1x 1600mm T2) on the other hand gets the following:


And down at the frigate department we get the Keres (1x 400mm Meta 4):


I have to admit, I was expecting more. In a best case scenario, with level 5 of Armor Layering you’re going to shave .6 seconds off your align time (remember that align time is always rounded up to the nearest second, so .4 of a second could make 1 seconds difference if it takes you over the border). You are also, at best, going to gain 9 m/s speed, all in exchange for ~14 days training time, which draws us to the conclusion most veterans already knew. This skill is a time sync for older players. It has just enough utility to make it useful to a vet player looking to perfect his flying skills, and shave off any margin which might make a difference, but not enough that a new player has to train it or become irrelevant.


This skill is not worth training unless you have every other navigation skill trained to V, and are mostly flying armour ships. So don’t bother until you have to.


Fly just as slow as before,



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