Winter Break

Well it’s been a long Christmas break here without an update at EV, sorry about that. I was planning to do a January update to cover not only the monthly junk, but also take a look at the yearly report. Sadly, I had a bit of a fuck up and deleted the post before it was published, and if I am honest, I just couldn’t be arsed to re do it all from scratch. So here we are in February, with two months to review and a year to take a look at.


Let’s start off as usual with skill training. Hark has moved onto a new neural mapping of Intelligence – Memory, following my original 1 year+ plan. Over 6 months in now and well on schedule. The current phase comes on the tail of the “Un-nerfable” training, which has granted me the ability to pilot all sub super capital combat ships. I still have to train a few Subsystems to V to finish that, but I feel it’s fair enough to say that I am now un-nerfable. Next up is a concentration on finishing and patching up all the Int – Mem skills which have been neglected over the years. There is a real emphasis on perfecting all the tanking skills as well.


Xa is still being underutilised trying to sell a stubborn asset. I’m a pretty patient man, but I think soon I am going to have to give up and transport this item to Jita. Xa does have the Astero Mastery to IV now, which is the highest mastery of any of my characters, but she is yet to actually use one.


My Dreadnaught alt is now also ready to become a holding toon, with the last of the navigation skills training to V now. Next I need to decide if I want to continue training her upto become a proper in-combat Dread pilot, of leave that in the capable hands of Hark. I suspect I might…


Last but by no means least the Indy alt is now training hard to free me from the chains of supply, but more on that in a bit.


Activity wise it’s been pretty good the last couple of months (although my Corp might disagree on that one). Sadly, I wasn’t able to participate in the massive B-R fight, as any attempts to log into the battle was greeted by a black screen. Even 3 hours of waiting didn’t change this sadly. On the plus side I am assured that I did appear in local, so I get to claim I was there.. Even if I didn’t contribute in any meaningful way. Since then it’s been pretty quiet, and I really need to step it up a notch to get some fights.


In terms of activity I would say that the Industrialist has been played the most over the last few months, with my labours really starting to come to fruition. I am now earning around a 300% return on initial investments (around 40m isk per cycle) every 2-3 days. I estimate that the characters total Isk is around 400m now, all for around 10 mins per day every week day, and an hour or two at the weekend. It’s great for now, but I can see that this growth will plateau very quickly. I am starting to look at other products and investments which could run alongside the current  production runs to continue this growth. She still hasn’t paid off her dept to the Trading Character however, due to low levels of liquid isk.


Trade has had its ups and downs over the last few months, with January turning out to be a bit of a costly month. Since the last update in December I have only earned 640m isk, however this takes into account a 1bn transfer to Hark to cover the costs of Carrier insurance (don’t ask, it wasn’t fun) and some ship purchase and maintenance. I am hoping to pick this up during February to continue my growth.


The only thing I want to bring up from the “yearly” stuff is that Eve online was by far and away my most played game this year, with double the playtime of any other game recorded (Kerbal Space Program was second, Payday 2 was third).



Fly dry,






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