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Another month slides by and out of game events are starting to take a bigger toll on my playtime. The issue is that the annual Lazy summer has rolled around within New Eden again, and at the same time I am coming closer and closer to my Wedding. Together this means that I don’t get much time to play eve, and when I do get time, there never seems to be much happening. The new deployment has at least been a bit better than the last (like 3 fleets is far better than the 0 I got on last time), even if I haven’t really been able to take full advantage of what’s been going on. So what have I been up to combat wise? Well I’ve don’t a couple of Black Ops Drops (Panther is still sexy as hell), and a few sub capital fleets, including a nice little interaction we had  the other night which saw a goon carrier hit structure before a harpy reinforcement fleet pushed us far enough away that we lost point.


It seems to me that in the summer months the actual gameplay of eve takes a back seat to the metagame of politics. TheMittani.com has started splurging out article after article of politics related content and I expect the other news sites to follow onwards. I find TMC to be an interesting site in terms of the constant back and forth over “Goon Bias” and Anti Puby agenda pushers. I don’t see any particular Bias in place on TMC (as their writers come from all around the Galaxy), but I do see individual publications which clearly have an agenda (see anything Mittens himself has posted), but as far as I feel that is fair game. It’s usually pretty easy to spot the Agenda, and Bias articles are still interesting, you just have to adjust your internal salt levels to the particularities of the article your reading, most of the time the propaganda is pretty “try hard”. Anyway I digress.


The ganking we have been doing has also ground to somewhat of a halt, as we simply haven’t been engaged enough to get on and do this. Some of the other dirties have been considering taking up an opportunity to do some Nullsec bearing to earn a bit of cash for whatever the winter throws at us. For me, I’m just not too sure if can be bothered to put the effort in. Moving Xa out into null will require an upfront investment of both effort and Isk, one of which I am terminally short on. Even if I could be bothered to get myself out there, historically we have never been very good at PvE ventures, generally we last around a month or two at most in PvE before the fact that eve has the worst PvE content in the MMO genre settles in. Add to this mix the fact that I have enough Isk at the moment to (hopefully) see me through another winter war, and you can see why I am not so keep to rush into this. Still for some of the other Dirties I can totally see why it’s an attractive offer. I would rather spend the little gaming time I will have over the next few months playing part of eve which are fun (or other games) over eve’s PvE content.


Industry wise.. Well things haven’t changed much, with my industry lines catching dust. I have been waiting for the expansion to land before doing another batch of product. Now that the patch has landed, I am starting to analyse the industry costs and look at if my lines will continue to be productive. It’s a time consuming effort, which means that it’s going to take a while before I feel ready to fire the old chains up. PI wise, I can only blame pure laziness for my lack of activity, so I will.


So the big question is if I have remained financially stable during this dry period. Certainly in terms of logins it’s been as slow as the other characters, with only 4 logins this month. However I have managed to pull in about 1bn in trade so far. There is also currently an outstanding debt of 300m from our ganking experiment, which was the purchase cost of the Fences Orca, which I may sell in the coming month to turn a profit on that investment. Furthermore I intend to push myself to get the trader back up and running, at least selling the stock of product which she is currently sitting on. I hope that this might make the next month far more profitable.



With all of the above you won’t be surprised to see that my play time this month has been exceptionally low, with only 26 hours played for which 6 was spent in eve. The rest of my time has been spend mostly in world of Tanks, and Space Engineers. Both games where entertainment can be turned on and off at will.


I’d normally end a post like this with a line saying how I hope that next month will be better, but in all honesty it’s not going to happen. The next few months in eve (and in gaming in general) are going to be very dry indeed. Still that’s the price you pay for having a life outside of gaming, and one I will gladly pay. Things will get back to normal eventually, October is hopefully going to be a great month for gaming!


Fly in Stasis,



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