This is going to be a few of paragraphs worth update this month. We are T-3 weeks to my Wedding right now (which is ‘fun’ in and of itself), and a few weeks back we had a small house fire which means things are a little ‘hectic’ at the moment to say the least. As you can imagine eve, and gaming in general has taken a little bit of a back seat. I will try to summarise my moth anyway.

Been pretty quiet on the eve front this month, although I have attempted to restart both my trading and industrial alts in-order to continue money making. The PvP main has been parked in Ama now pending my return from honeymoon in October.

So that’s about it really, I will see if I have time to write a longer update prior to the wedding, but in-reality I expect to be posting a three month catch up post wedding. Hopefully at that point I will have more time on my hands to being posting more than just the monthly updates I have been doing so far.


Fly without structural damage,


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