Returning to Change

Where do you pick up from after a month away from the computer, and longer without any serious time invested into eve? It’s a tough question but one which I am trying my best to answer at the moment.

Having returned from my honeymoon in China (it was great, thanks), I am now starting stoke the fires for reinvesting some time back into eve, and boy have things have changed a bit since I was last playing! Unfortunately part of that difference is that the Dirties seem to have lost some of the fire we had for eve. To be fair that’s been on the cards since before I left, with a couple of members unsubscribing and another falling less and less active as time went by. It wouldn’t surprise me to find that none of them have logged into do anything other than skill training online in the last month.

It’s not exactly unusual. Everyone who has played eve for any serious length of time has found themselves burnt out at one stage or another, so I really done blame the Dirties for dropping out of touch with eve. But at the same time I’ve not been this enthused about Nullsec since the ED war for Etherium Reach. The changes coming to Nullsec over the next year or so look like they are going to really shake things up. What’s more at least to begin with I can’t think of a better group to experience the shake up with then PL. Sure they have their issues, but when it comes to adapting to change, and finding fun PL seem to have things down pat. If nothing else, it’s better to be in PL then being shat on by PL.

But at the same time, eve is all about who you play it with and I would rather play it with the Dirties. So I’ve let the guys know that if there is an area of play which might get them re-subbed or active again, I’ll be there in a flash. Admittedly if I can, I might try and join them in anything that’s not Null sec with an Alt, to keep the main participating with PL. But if required I’d even quit to join something they actually wanted to do.

Right now though, my gut says that I’m going to be alone in eve for the foreseeable future. I’m already making plans for that (I’ll share them with any of the D’s who decided to join in of course), and hopefully when things begin to kick off I’ll be ready to partake in the ensuing fights, just like old times.

Of course activity levels isn’t the only big change announced while I’ve been away, but that’s a topic for another post. That’s about it for a reintroduction for now, except to add that I expect that the dedication of time into eve will translate into more posts on here as well. Certainly I have some more posts already brewing on the other changes to the game since I’ve been gone.

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