Monthly Update: Long time coming

Well it’s been a while since I last posted, a couple of months to be precise, and I am not sure I can tell you why. It’s not been an especially busy few months and in fact I’ve been playing eve more than I was last year. Success hasn’t been an issue in eve either of late, the PvP with Hark has been going well, the trade character has been breaking all kinds of personal records. Yet for some reason I have been drawing a blank on what to write on here. I just never seem to really have much to say. But don’t mistake this for a closing down post. You will have to pray harder for that to happen any time soon. Even during this post drought, the blog still serves its purpose for me well, it still brings thoughts and plans to my mind which make me ask questions about eve, and indeed about my gaming in general. So I will be making an concerted effort to put those thoughts to electronic paper, starting with a return to the monthly update and continuing onwards. I doubt that I will manage to break this year’s blogging goals, but damn it if I won’t keep the cobwebs off the server, and indeed my mind. With all that said, let’s do a bit of an update on how things have changed for me in eve since the last update posted.


Hark, has been through several move ops now, and these have varied from horrific (the first six hour debacle) all the way through to easy (moving two real-space jumps). I still stand by the fact that I both love and hate the new changes, I have only had 2 Capital fights so far since the JD nerf, and both of those were relatively minor, nothing like the wrecking ball fleets of old. Sub-Capital fleets have been far more prevalent than ever before (in my game time), and this is something I love. On the other hand when it comes to relocating assets (something PL does pretty regularly), it is a complete pain in the arse and I hate the changes. But I guess that’s the price we have to pay.


The upshot of all this is that my old Dreadnaught character has now been retrained into a Carrier to help Hark during relocations. PL requires a lot of ships and as we no longer tend to deploy via Aamamake, there  are less opportunities to drop off old lesser used ships to make space for newer ones. This means that moving a single carrier load of ships around quite simply doesn’t work (at least for me so far). Hence the change of carrier (excuse the pun). Multi boxing the move ops has been stressful, but at the same time ok, and I might even consider thinking about moving her up to combat status, should the need ever arise and her skills improve enough.


The only other front which I have really been pushing is my trading character and it’s been pretty successful so far this year. This first quarter the Trader has made 6.5bn, which took me four months to earn early last year (making me a clear month ahead).  I have also managed to earn over a billion per month so far this year in the longest positive earning streak of my ledgers. Should I manage to continue this trend (I don’t count on it) I currently project that I will end this year having earned 20bn (bringing me to a 51bn total). Remembering back to how hard I found it to break the 25bn mark, this sudden growth has shocked me somewhat. Part of this success is my recent push to invest more of my liquid assets in buy orders, reducing my movement capital by 5bn down to ~15, a figure I still don’t expect to ever use half of through purchases and might consider further reducing it at a later date should I find this current balance stable enough to push it further.


It’s not all good on the money front. At the moment I have (due to shear laziness) closed all of my alternate revenue streams. No PI, no manufacturing, no Faction Warfare, no exploration. I really want to continue these endeavours, but the effort to return on them just seems astronomically high compared to their returns. Perhaps I need to make an effort to at least try to restart one of these over the next few months.


I think that’s probably all the update that I have for you right now, but I will be attempting to get the momentum going once again.


Fly all out of excuses,




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