Fishing for fun and profit

Fozzie sov had better shake things up when it arrives (Yeah I meant to post this earlier). Because I am not sure when I have ever seen my little corner of eve quieter. Really I don’t have much in the way of an update certainly not for my combat character.


Trading continues to run above my expectations with this month closing the second quarter of 2015. The month itself has been pretty profitable with an estimated profit of 1.4bn, and average of 46m per day of trading. It’s a good result, and one which I hope to continue, but not as good as I would like (of course). The Quarter on the other hand I could not have asked for better from. With a total of 5.6bn earned, a new personal record beating out my previous of 4.4bn in Q2 2014 (what is it about Q2 I wonder). This gave me an average profit/day of 61m happily keeping me on target for profit this year. I do feel that this massive push in profitability is thanks to me casting a wider net in terms of % of my isk invested in buy orders. Now that my total assets is increasing again, I feel like it might be time to once again push that even further. After all a bigger net catches more fish right?


Fly like a fish,



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