Monthly Update: Summer Slump

Another month drifts by without much happening in game. Really this month has been all about updates and changes outside of the game.


Firstly Virtual Warriors, the Corporation\Alliance in which I first cut my 0.0 teeth has suddenly  sprung back to life after an absence of around 2-3 years. It looks like the Corp\Alliance Leader DRDNOUGHT has come back to the game with the idea of checking out the new Sov mechanics. Drd was a great leader, and never lacked for ambition, so I have no doubt that we will see something interesting coming along from his new group. Depending on how well it is received within PL I may even try and throw an Alt in there to say hello with. Along with Drd, Mini, a dirty member of old is also back in the game and has jumped into VW looking for some fun and games alongside Drd. It’s great to have a Dirty back in eve, for quite a long time I’ve been the only one of us still actively playing. At the moment Lore and Ex are still rather enthused in ARK, but they did peek their ears at the idea of VW coming back.


That’s not to say that I have any plans to jump out of PL to join the crowd. I’ve got a lot of loyalty to Drd, and will do everything I can to help him so long as it doesn’t cause a conflict of interest with my position within PL (i.e. the lowest of the low). I might put an alt in the corp for the odd fleet (or ask for blue status with my alt corp), but right now I am still enjoying the progression of rolling with PL. We’ll just have to see how it develops.


This month also seen some changes in ship line-ups. Sadly one of these new compositions relies literally on the only combat vessel class I cannot fly. So I’m relegated to logistics whenever that one is called. The other fleet comp change also required me to swap out a battleship, which has really stressed the way things work now Fozzie sov has arrived, really it’s made it a bit more difficult/expensive to get rid of unwanted ships, but I guess that’s life in 0.0 now.


Finance wise things are still chugging along OK although last month I didn’t update my orders anywhere near as much as I should, with only 3 logins during the month it frankly amazes me that I managed to rake in an excellent 2.1bn profit, despite the purchase of a fully pimped Battleship for Hark. I really cannot complain at that, although a large part of it was the luck of some poor soul selling me a Charon for 150m.


All in all its been an interesting month with some movements which I hope bode well for the future. I might even manage to get a non-update post in this month. Don’t hold your breath though.


Fly hopeful,




p.s. if you like World of Warships, you should give this video a bit of a watch to find out what I sound like.

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