Monthly Update: Security Status

It’s actually been quite an active  month this month! Who could have guessed it? Xa joined in with Imperial Legion, but sadly it would appear that the night which my Clan plays World of Tanks Strongholds matches on is the only night IMPL hold PvP fleets. Give it a few months, a few more players, and I expect I’ll be able to participate in a few good roams. But the action this month mostly came from Hark who are participated in several EU TZ fleets. On the plus side I did discover Xa was sitting on a stash of ship implants and modules hoarded from my time in Faction Warfare (about 1bn of assets).


Where to start? Well to begin with the suggestion given to all PL members of the need to raise their sec status to above -1.8 (which means you can safely travel through all of Highsec). This meant a trip to the nearest concord station in the interceptor to buy back my security status (300m). Then PL announced a rapid deployment to Providence to join in the fun with Goons vs CVA. This resulted in several extremely good fun fights, in crows, tornados and, my personal favourite the Cerberus. It ended far too quickly and I ended up leaving all my ships behind as a cache just encase we decided to go back at any point. I did leave a Jump Clone there just in case I want to sell them or return any time soon. With that over we also had a few good fights in our current deployment zone with an excellent event involving the destruction of several Dreads. All in all an unusually active month for Hark, I hope it remains the norm.


Trade wise this has not been a particularly active month as I have only logged in 4 times in total. That said activity doesn’t really seem to indicate profit as despite this low activity level I did manage to pull in 3.2bn. Admittedly this was thanks mostly to 2.8bn returned to the trader from other characters. I’m hoping that next month I can raise this up to cover the rather expensive cost of keeping a high sec status when all your fights seem to be in Low sec.


Fly like a criminal,



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