Monthly Update: Whoops

It’s been while since I last posted anything (6 months!). Honestly I don’t know why I’ve not posted anything in this time. Things have been pretty busy, but no more than usual. I have been active in fleets (although my trader alt has been pretty dormant). I even love the recent changes to eve which have breathed life into the game anew. The best reason that I can give is that my work has been developing into a new space, and part of that space has been the responsibility of writing Development Blogs for our company. I’ve always said that I write this blog purely as a method to improve my written English skills, and perhaps with something else filling that space my eve writings have been dwindling?

Whatever the reason, I am here writing now (when the next post will be I cannot promise). I am starting to feel that perhaps it’s time for me to move on from written blogs, certainly looking through my last few sets of cliff notes, I have a lot of interest in looking at both Audio and video work. I have experimented with some Streaming of World of Warships and even done some minor work at throwing together a podcast style version of the blog. I still have a massive passion for this game, and I love to talk, write, mime, modern dance or method act how I feel about the game and my passion for it. However; audio feels a bit boring and the eve I play doesn’t translate well to the video medium. My search will continue, and I hope to still remain active (or at least more active than I have been) while I work out where I take this next. I’m not shuttering the blog by any means, and where ever I end up going will be hosted in the same space, and with the same time. But it’s just notice that I am looking at new methods of showing my passion for eve on here.

So what has changed in game? Everything. There is so much stuff that has changed since the last blog post that it feels like a daunting task to even think of them all. The game has changed immensely in the last six months, in ways which affects me a lot. Furthermore the universe is now toppling into an all-out war in which I find myself a frontline member. I also failed to put out my end of year post in which I look at the game and my goals to plan where I head in the next 12 months (of which 3 have already slipped past). Indeed, the only area which doesn’t really need updating is that of my finances, which have remained inactive as this blog (although my buffer is sufficient for this to not matter too much).

So where next? Well I think that the next post will be regarding a recent change in my Skill plans (as my two year remap plan has come to an end). After that I will try and post something regarding my goals for 2015, and perhaps set some slightly late goals for 2016. After than I hopefully will have come to some sort of conclusion on where I want to take Extra-Vehicular next, so who knows what the future will hold after that.

Fly as much as you can,


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