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A game of two halves

Nearly a month since the last post? You know how this post is going to go right?


So it’s been busy… But although its directly affected my attempt a regular posting (like that would ever happen), it’s not affected my game play all that much. PL’s campaign in finishing of the Rus block wound down in the first halve of  this month, going from fleet after fleet of action, to fleet after fleet of blueball’s. When even the smack talk in local died down we were recalled home to Ama for an overnight stop moving onwards to a new mini deployment. Hopefully the locals will put up a good fight. Unfortunately that’s resulted in only 56 kills this month on the main, which isn’t great, but there were at least 2 carriers in there somewhere.


Another character suffering from a quiet month has been the trader, with only 300m profit. I’m not sure what to put this down to as I’ve logged into her more than I usually would in a month, and only had one negative day where I begun a sell initiative (re pricing items where the market has dropped away underneath them). I think people are holding onto assets more with the upcoming industrial changes, it’s that or I’m just being unlucky. Either way, it’s not been a great month, hopefully I’ll make up for it next month.


So with the main and the trader not doing much, your likely wondering why I called it a good month at all? Put simply it’s because of the indy and Xa. The Indy char managed to sell all of her bulk produced items, and is now underway building the second massive batch, and inventing for a third. At the moment I predict she might break the billion mark for the next monthly update (but it’s certainly not guaranteed). I’m starting to lose sight of where to go next however. I think I need to begin production of a second item. However I’m simply running out of slots to do it with. I could move the copying process to the Trading character, to free up another 5 slots for invention but that adds another layer of complexity and logistics to the whole endeavour. Some of the time changes with the summer expansion will help I think, so I’ll likely coast until then before making any massive changes to my lines.


Xa on the other hand has been resting on her laurels lately, selling assets and generally bumming around. However a short while ago, I found a new direction to move in with her: Suicide ganking. I think it was Burn Jita which put the idea in my head, but one way or another I decided earlier this month that it was time I at least tried this dark area of eve’s profession list. Even if it was to only say I tried. Things have gone… interestingly but I think our exploration really merits a post of its own, so eyes open for that soon!


In terms of time, this month I played 9 hours and 30 minutes of eve, out of a full on 99 hours and 45 min for all my gaming. The all game number however is artificially boosted by a family visit, where I booted up Kerbal Space Program and left it running for a few days (popping on here and there to do a quick launch).


I’ll try and get back to the usual posting “schedule”, but no promises. I will defiantly write about the ganking adventure.


Fly infrequent


The Hero we need?

Wow, what a month it has been. Despite what has been a crazy few weeks, I have had a wonderful month in eve. With our new deployment only calling for Slowcats once so far, we have been out and about in all kinds of fun little ships, including the brilliant Talwar/Harpy/Crow mixed missile fleets with which we have fought the HERO coalition.


Let me just say now that until a few nights ago, I would have bad mouthed the Talwar fleets as a failed experiment. Based on the last time we used them (pre-Halloween War) they just got bombed to hell by Pizza/Bombers Bar, rarely ever firing a shot. A lot of PL were raving about them, however I just couldn’t see the appeal of being bomb-podded home every night. I get it now. The simple fact is that a Talwar fleet needs to operate within Lowsec (where bombs are not allowed). Fighting with these things in Sendaya over the past few nights has been amazingly good fun. Pretty too with the fleet fitting about like a flight of starlings fitting about the grid throwing missiles out. It’s been pretty much a free for all out there with 1000 pilots in local, including Razor, Test, BNI and even BL. (I’m sure he didn’t want that carrier anyway, and it was replaced immediately…). Despite dying once in each fight, it’s been such as blast, I love that HERO are up for fights in this way, and I hope we can fight again soon!


The result of all this has been a record-breaking month for me, with 284 kills recorded (Eve kill seems to be missing 20-odd), beating my previous best monthly kill count by 40 odd (that was back in 2010 during the Russian/NoCo war in Etherium Reach). I also managed to scrape in at the 4th highest killer in the corporation (at time of writing) this month, so no worrying about participation issues this month!


Xa has also been busy continuing to liquidate unused assets. It looks like the group is taking a bit of a temporary break from FW at the moment, so the corporation has left in order to help us towards each of our goals (without the issue of war targets to contend with). Xa has personally contributed 2.2bn towards this month’s trade total (not included items given to the dedicated trader to sell). Which certainly helps. I calculate that I have about another 1bn left in assets to sell spread across 9 more systems, hopefully I can mop them up next month to allow me to decided what to do with Xa next.


Speaking of trade, it’s been another slowish month. When life is busy at work, I get less chance to pop online over lunch to update orders and/or PI. This is reflected by the fact that this month I have only logged into that account 6 times this month, but I have managed to make a good 1.1bn through trade alone (added to the 2.2bn made from asset liquidation on Xa). Slow, and not as much as I would like to make, but at the same time enough to keep me going at my current rate of ship loss.


Lastly the industrialist has been working hard to sell my first mass manufactured item. I made a bulk batch of my usual trade item, and am now having issues selling it on for a reasonable price, due to intense market PvP in my sell area. I think that the number of items I have up for sale make it less likely for others to ignore my orders and instead .01isk me. As a result I am reluctant to build any more of the item until this batch has shifted. From this I take the message that I need to expand to multiple items to allow me to continue building even while I am waiting for my mainstay to finish selling. Still from 0 to 650m isn’t bad so far, and there is certainly room for improvement!


This month I also managed to mail in a reputable 24 hours of eve online out of a total of 54 hours gaming. Not too bad considering I lost two weekends too overtime.


Fly shagged out,



Don’t call it a comeback…

One month I will come on here and tell you all about how wonderful everything is, and how well all my endeavours have gone. This is not that month.


Activity wise however, this month has actually been pretty amazing, with PL finally recouping and deploying after the wrecking shot which has B-R (#NOMAD). The new deployment, while a little unclear on purpose, has both promised and delivered great content. The deployment has, so far has already used more Turret based ships that I have used since the beginning of the Halloween war in total. I’ve never been a huge fan of capital combat, but as a realist I have to accept that Slowcat doctrines do get the job done. They just don’t get it done in a fun way. So returning to the turret based ships of yesteryear has been a truly pleasant experience.


I’ve also had the chance on this deployment to use a new Turret based ship, I’d never used before: the Dreadnaught. My Moros moved with me to our new staging system, and I got the opportunity to deploy it on what was a fairly (for eve) safe fleet. This gave me the chance to get used to its operation, and  foibles so that I now feel confident enough to deploy it in earnest. The staggering damage output has blown me away, and I look forwards to doing more with it


Xa has also begun to shake of the sluggishness of a winter hibernation. Other than the casual selling of assets in the name liquidation, she’s really done nothing since late last year. With the liquidation now coming to a close, I am starting to think about what to do with her next. Exploration was fun, and I intend to go back to that at some point, however first I think I need to finish the Epic Arc quest I started well over a year ago… the Isk/Hour ratio on that one is way down.


Unfortunately to finish that, I’m going to need to move Xa from her current corporation (which is in Faction Warfare), to allow her free movement across New Eden. As Xa is currently the CEO of the corp, I will need to train another alt to take her place during her absence. Still it’s worth it to make more money and play more eve.


The Manufacturer has also remained busy this month, with production increasing exponentially again this month, something I doubt will continue much further. With any luck I will bring her total assets up to about 600m next month, allowing me to pay back her loans, and begin processing blueprints I bought in a fit of unfounded ambition before checking build costs. It’s all part of the learning curve they say. Still I’m not counting my chickens before they are hatched here, this is after all New Eden, and all kinds of things can go wrong between now and then.


She has also dusted off the PI factories and actually started to process the glut of raw product I have been building up over the last 5 months. When Highsec POCO’s hit TQ, I was stupid and forgot to empty my materials out of the now vulnerable Interbus POCO, losing about 50m’s worth of Raw mats to an entrepreneurial capsular. For some reason, since then, although my extraction planets have been going from strength to strength, I was never bothered enough to shift it to the production planet for processing. The net result is a massive build-up for Mats, I am now starting to work my way through; though again not counting that profit until it’s in the bank.


Regular readers will have a good idea of my current skill status from the now (slightly ir)regular Tuesday training post I do. But to give a month forecast:

Hark is finishing sub systems this month and moving into perfecting tanking

Xa is filling gaps in her racial skill set

The dread Alt is finishing Fuel conservation and considering her next move

And the Indy is perfecting her production before moving into PI


Isk wise is where the slight bump in the road for this month lies. They say never to fly drunk, however I would further add to this, that trading when ill is also a poor life choice. While home ill last week I attempted to do my regular trading log in, and managed to sell 3 Rokhs for 100m under their RRP, netting the trader a loss of 300m ish. This is now third top on my most costly mistakes list, after Jumping to a beacon blind, and accidentally trashing a Hulk and then confirming it (drunk).


Despite this I am still cruising in for 500m profit this month, even including the 500m I have spent on Dreadnaught insurance. This is pretty impressive as between a cold, and bone-idelness I have only logged in the trader ~6 times in the 30 days. I’m expecting next month to come in far better, both in logins and in profit.


Fly with turrets,







Winter Break

February 18th, 2014
Monthly Updates

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Well it’s been a long Christmas break here without an update at EV, sorry about that. I was planning to do a January update to cover not only the monthly junk, but also take a look at the yearly report. Sadly, I had a bit of a fuck up and deleted the post before it was published, and if I am honest, I just couldn’t be arsed to re do it all from scratch. So here we are in February, with two months to review and a year to take a look at.


Let’s start off as usual with skill training. Hark has moved onto a new neural mapping of Intelligence – Memory, following my original 1 year+ plan. Over 6 months in now and well on schedule. The current phase comes on the tail of the “Un-nerfable” training, which has granted me the ability to pilot all sub super capital combat ships. I still have to train a few Subsystems to V to finish that, but I feel it’s fair enough to say that I am now un-nerfable. Next up is a concentration on finishing and patching up all the Int – Mem skills which have been neglected over the years. There is a real emphasis on perfecting all the tanking skills as well.


Xa is still being underutilised trying to sell a stubborn asset. I’m a pretty patient man, but I think soon I am going to have to give up and transport this item to Jita. Xa does have the Astero Mastery to IV now, which is the highest mastery of any of my characters, but she is yet to actually use one.


My Dreadnaught alt is now also ready to become a holding toon, with the last of the navigation skills training to V now. Next I need to decide if I want to continue training her upto become a proper in-combat Dread pilot, of leave that in the capable hands of Hark. I suspect I might…


Last but by no means least the Indy alt is now training hard to free me from the chains of supply, but more on that in a bit.


Activity wise it’s been pretty good the last couple of months (although my Corp might disagree on that one). Sadly, I wasn’t able to participate in the massive B-R fight, as any attempts to log into the battle was greeted by a black screen. Even 3 hours of waiting didn’t change this sadly. On the plus side I am assured that I did appear in local, so I get to claim I was there.. Even if I didn’t contribute in any meaningful way. Since then it’s been pretty quiet, and I really need to step it up a notch to get some fights.


In terms of activity I would say that the Industrialist has been played the most over the last few months, with my labours really starting to come to fruition. I am now earning around a 300% return on initial investments (around 40m isk per cycle) every 2-3 days. I estimate that the characters total Isk is around 400m now, all for around 10 mins per day every week day, and an hour or two at the weekend. It’s great for now, but I can see that this growth will plateau very quickly. I am starting to look at other products and investments which could run alongside the current  production runs to continue this growth. She still hasn’t paid off her dept to the Trading Character however, due to low levels of liquid isk.


Trade has had its ups and downs over the last few months, with January turning out to be a bit of a costly month. Since the last update in December I have only earned 640m isk, however this takes into account a 1bn transfer to Hark to cover the costs of Carrier insurance (don’t ask, it wasn’t fun) and some ship purchase and maintenance. I am hoping to pick this up during February to continue my growth.


The only thing I want to bring up from the “yearly” stuff is that Eve online was by far and away my most played game this year, with double the playtime of any other game recorded (Kerbal Space Program was second, Payday 2 was third).



Fly dry,






Bah Humbug!

And just as eve starts to liven up a bit, Christmas happens, and things start to die down! Typical. On the plus side the war shows no signs of dying down, so hopefully things will pick up again post-Christmas to bring next month up. That said, this past month has been something of a good one with 109 Hours of gaming, of which almost exactly half (56 hours) was spent in eve. What a good time. That playtime gave me a good tally of 131 kills most of which came from some very close to the line Capital Operations. It’s been fun!


The industrial Character has also seen a fair amount of playtime this month, with preparation for the next batch of T2 items well underway. Unfortunately her capital is a little bit low, as I have been lazy in my sell orders. Nothing a quick trip to the local trade hub won’t fix though. I Still hold hopes that this character might become profitable (She needs to make 120m to break even without including the time spend or the Account cost >.<) in the first few months of next year.


Xa has been pretty inactive recently, with next to no exploration or FW done, despite my talk about getting an Astero. Perhaps that will be a new year’s present to myself, in an attempt to get her active again. This said her lack of FW and exploration is somewhat explained by the fact that I downloaded jEveAssets for the first time and discovered just how much ISK I have tied up in unused assets all over new Eden. Thus I have been collecting all this trash and selling it over the period of this month. Unfortunately this has required a lot of hauling, and sitting around waiting for items to see at reasonable prices. It’s been worth it thought, So far I have raised 1.5bn, with an estimated 1.5Bn left to go (including a random X-type I have lying in a mission hub for no good reason…).


Trade has also been brisk this month, with a noticeable trend of large high cost items being bought and sold with a higher frequency than normal. Lots of people buying themselves (or others perhaps) presents has helped my wallet to the order of around 2bn (not including the assets sold by Xa). A pretty good month all in all.


That’s all for now, although I will be posting a good few posts in the next few weeks, including a yearly wrap-up, and a series of posts on what will be a massive landmark for my Main Character.


Untill then,


Fly with a festive launcher,





Monthly Update

November 19th, 2013
Monthly Updates

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It’s been a bumpy month! About midway through I was worried about being booted from corp again for inactivity (but thankfully my logistics ship efforts saved me). I was having trouble finding fleet operations which were in my Timezone so things were not looking great. However In the last few days the Gears of War have shifted up a level with the some serious fights starting down south. Things pretty much went crazy overnight; I went from having nothing to do, to being in 5 hour fleets for the past two nights. Since then we have also deployed to a new staging system and I expect the tempo to only increase its speed. I sadly had to sell my pimp Redeemer to help fund my new Dreadnaught (the ugly, but useful Moros), which is now sitting ready for deployment. I am expecting a good month!


I managed to snag a full 86 Hours gaming this month, with 30 of that being spent in Eve, not bad for me and something I intend to improve on next month.


Skills wise I have had to reshuffle my shorter term plans to push the Moros up to the top of the queue. Thankfully this hasn’t interfered with my attribute optimisation plans so far and the 2013/2014 plan is continuing as intended, despite CCP’s best efforts to tempt me away with new skills.


On the other characters I have been making some great progress. The industrial char has started doing invention (making more costly mistakes along the way, seriously how do new player cope!?), and I think she might just turn a profit in the next few months, but then I’ve thought that consistently since I started, so let’s not count the eggs.


Xa, the FW pilot has also been doing pretty well for herself, doing a tonne of Exploration (which has been a fun and profitable endeavour), and even managed to turf out some T2 Rig BPC’s from a site which should make some lovely money. In the later part of the month Xa also started on a new money making plan with the Dirties group (revolving around Faction Warfare), but that’s a topic for another post.


Spending this month has been very high with a total of 3.5bn spent. Most of this was on the Moros, however a further 400m was also spend on skill books. Thankfully Trading has been brisk this month seeing me finally push to the point of having more total money than ever before, despite ejaculating Isk up the wall. I am constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop, and for something to go wrong, but so far so good. Trade itself has brought in just over 3bn this month with some unusually lucky buys netting a massive profit. Another long term investment maturing and being cashed in for another 2.3bn has helped make this a record breaking month. To mitigate the high spending, the main also reallocated funds from underutilized ships (the Redeemer) into the Moros fund reducing the cost by 2bn. This gives this month a total profit of ~4bn liquid Isk, I don’t expect to see these kinds of numbers again anytime soon.


On the blog you may have noticed that we released the first of our planned “Dirty Guide” Series. This has been in the oven for an inordinate amount of time and I feel the first one has come out pretty good. At the moment I am working on the Dirty Guide to Faction War (with Arian promising to collaborate on that one…), so expect to see that churning out some time in the not too distant future. It feels like eve is starting to warm up again after a cold summer for me, so hopefully we can expect to see some more posts coming out soon!


Fly on the edge,



Monthly Update

Well it’s time again that I bemoan the lack of playing I’ve had in eve, and to be honestly I’m not inclined to disappoint on that front. Things are on the Up though, and the end of this particularly busy period is well within site (next update could be a very different kettle of fish, all things working out, which they won’t).


This month I managed a moderately healthy 57 hours of gaming of which sadly only around 7 were spent in eve. Most of these hours have been snippets of time grabbed here and there in between jobs and other responsibilities. When I have been able to grab some quality eve time, it’s never aligned with fleets. Thankfully I think this is already starting to change.


Firstly as I mentioned above the new few weeks is the final run in what has been an unusually busy year, the next few weeks see me having 1 day weekends (a positive improvement) followed by one last fully booked out weekend, and then the calendar is free (for the moment). There is no kidding that more things will get put in there (visiting wedding venues is the current favourite time filler), but I am hoping to return to my old standard of one week booked, one week free. Secondly  Goons appear to have moved in next door, and hopefully that many warm bodies next door should induce a far higher volume of fights than what I have been seeing so far.


I have also been suffering from somewhat of a lack of direction for my two alt accounts. One, a 70m SP PvE/FW account was lacking a new direction. However I have decided to give exploration another shot (now the rush has subsided), and so suddenly there is a fair few easily identifiable holes in the alts training. That should both stop the random training I have been doing previously as well as (hopefully) massively increase my play time (and Isk, if I’m lucky).


The Indy alt, which is a paltry 2m SP, has been suffering from my lack of time investment. I enjoyed the short bit of industry I did on it, but this month the little time I had has been invested in actually playing, rather than calculating if mineral prices are worth it (I refuse to mine). Thanks to a couple of stupid mistakes, and the fact she is now leveraged for PI as well currently that account is running on an ISK deficit of around 40m (so much for a money making account). I believe I could have reversed this however if I had the playtime, again this is something I intend to fix asap. She is also rapidly heading towards invention skill so that I can open another avenue for revenue on that account (if I get the time).


The main is still ticking along nicely on my “un-nerfable” skill plan, and combat ship wise, the only ones I cannot fly are Command ships Titans, two Dreads, one carrier and the legion. I cant use T2 Tracking disruptors or SEBOs other than that it’s all green ticks. Oh and I still haven’t trained Infomorph Synconising, but it’s still very much part of the plan.


Isk wise my redoubled efforts to make money seem to be paying off with my liquid and trading assets totalling to only 100m off my previous all-time record. That effort has given me an 8% increase in wealth this month (although 1bn of that was a Charon I found down the back of eves equivalent of the sofa, ignoring that luck it would have been about a 3% increase).Now I just have to fight the urge to relax and stop making money, especially as I have the arduous task for releasing several hundred assets purchased as a long term investment, which are scattered across the region. Still seeing as that is looking like a good solid 3-400% increase in value, I think I can manage the effort.


All in all I am still complaining, but things are looking on the up!


Fly when you can,





The August Blues

Another month rolls by and yet again my in-game participation has reached a new low. With only 24 hours of gaming time registered this last month, and minimal amounts of that invested in eve. Believe me when I say that this is not a reflection of my attitude towards eve, I am chomping at the bit for some in game action. Considering that I was away for a week of this month on holiday, and just before that got engaged, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at the lack of game time.


So what have I gotten up to? Well at the start of the month I jumped into my carrier for two flash opps, both of which turned out to be Blue balls, pretty much a colossal waste of 40k of Isotopes, but hey, it’s on the companies money right? Since then we returned to our traditional low sec home, and then onwards to the fights happening down in Delve and Querious. Sadly the second move happened on the same day I was flying to the Czech republic. As the indication was that the deployment was only for a week (which was the same length as my holiday), I decided on my return to stay in lowsec and await the next deployment. Typically that was a week ago, and there is still no sign of the return. Pretty soon I will just bite the bullet and move our solo, no doubt just in time for the move opp back to be posted *sigh*.


The trader has been my busiest character this month as I would really like to increase my personal wealth to the point where buy I could purchase a Super Carrier (not that does not in any way incline that I want to, just that it’s a good frame of reference to work buy). I am allready Space Middleclass bordering upper-middle class if you include all my non-reselling commodities (i.e. ships I fly). However I would like to solidify my position in the Upper Middle with liquid assets only. This means raising More cash per day, and this spending more time on my trader and industrial characters. So far I estimate that my average day across all of my accounts I estimate that I earn around 60m per day meaning that at the moment, it will take me around 2 years to reach my goal. I am hoping that my rapidly maturing Industry character might go some way to shortening that projection.


This also been a good month for starting long term plans, with an alt starting the long train towards a jump freighter, and another running for a dread sitting alt. My mains skill plan however has been derailed twice and moved about once. The first change of plans was because of my poor fleet attendance. Previously while hanging out in lowsec (and indeed on deployment), there have been a short tonne of BLOPS fleets, so far to shear cost of the things (and the fact they are not covered by SRP) have put me off investing. However a few weeks ago, in a fit of desperation I decided to bite the bullet, in the hopes it might increase my chance of actually getting on an opp in my short periods of “online”. The second disruption was for Informorph Syncronizing, a dreaded Charisma skill, which will allow me to spend more time in a +5 clone while I am at work. The final rejigger was simply reprioritising skills which might help with future doctrines.


In Dirties news, Arian has started investigating Live Streaming, and we hope to be bringing you some streams of Dirties Drunken Roams in the near future. But were still ironing out some of the details for that one. Needless to say I might actually need to have some playtime for that, but then next month doesn’t look quite as bad as the last one. Here is hoping any way.


Fly whenever you can,





May you live in Intresting Times

I’ve been on a little bit of a break of late from blogging. Funnily enough, it’s not the writing which has burnt me out (or the playing of eve), but instead the issues I am having with site speed and spam. The site is pretty close to where I want it to be at the moment look and feel wise, and the code is neat and tidy, scoring well on site speed tests. However despite this it seems to occasionally take an inordinate amount of time to load and that drive me crazy. All of my non eve playing free time went something like this:

  • Contact the host to ask why the site is slow
  • Host says its not slow
  • I explain it isn’t slow right now, but 5 minuet ago (when I was in the queue for support) it was.
  • Host points me at an optimisation guide
  • I politely thank them and disconnect
  • I follow the optimisation guide
  • The site is still slow
  • I contact support
  • Repeat ad nauseum


Couple that with the 5-10 spam comments we get per day which have to be manually marked and discarded (that better than it was at 10-30 per day) and you get blog burn out. After a few weeks solid of this just looking at the blog frankly depressed me. So I stopped. Sorry about that. To the few of you who have stuck around despite the sites slowness and my lack of posting: thanks, and I will improve, I promise. Life is still pretty busy for me, so I can’t promise an immediate turn around, but I will turn it around eventually.


Anyway nobody comes to an eve blog site to read about issues with blogs, so let’s talk a little about eve. Its been an oddly mixed month this month, with the Legion mostly on hold for the Tournament (that last match had me and my  fiancée the edge of our seats!). We did however launch on two campaigns one to defend our space and one to attack the former IRC alliance. Both of these attacks turned out to be the most boring deployments in my Nullsec career. First deploying to defend against the Solar Menace (who fucked off as soon as we turned up), then deploying to Cobalt Edge to fight with Rogue alliance who fucked off before we turned up. What the fun of kicking down sandcastles when all the kids have gone home? As Poetic Stanziel correctly points out, this hasn’t exactly been the most challenging deployment ever. As a result there have been literally no fleets for days, and a lot of the Legion who are not involved in uncontested structure grinds, or the tournament have been shacking up with Waffles to pass the time. Sadly this idea was only put to me a few days ago, just as we are (hopefully) kicking into gear again (just as I am about to go on holiday sigh). Still I managed to get a clone down to Waffle Space yesterday so no matter what I will be getting in on some fights in the coming month. I’ve also purchased a ridiculously expensive BLOPs with which to join in on fishing fleets, needless to say although I could replace it should I lose it, I don’t think I will be.


Outside of the Legion I have been a busy sole within eve, further expanding my PI empire to churn out 300m per month from the safety of empire. I have also been nurturing a new Industry toon so that I can experiment with making money through manufacturing, invention and research. So far it hasn’t exactly been a very profitable experience, but it has been a very interesting one. Certainly exploring manufacturing (which I have never done before) is rather like going back to being a newbi in eve. The mistakes I am making are certainly n00b errors (fyi cancelling a manufacturing job before it starts because you selected the wrong slot loses you all the minerals you shovelled in…). I am really enjoying the experience, but I am struggling to see where the profits are in building things. Certainly they must exist, because New Eden has no NPC manufacturers, yet wherever I look my best possible prices are too high. Is it just that miners don’t consider mineral costs and sell produce to low? Is it that a few people are making billions through PBO’s researched to perfection over years? Or am I just missing something in my calculations? Who knows, but I am having fun finding out. Certainly, you can expect to hear more about my manufacturing experiments in the near future.


Certainly I am very excited about Odyssey 1.1, and for the upcoming announcement on the Winter Expansion at Gamescon on the 24th. Once again my fingers are crossed for an iteration cycle on Sov.


Expect to see more posts from me soon, and one way or another I will get this site operating to my standards.

A month on the Tiles

I have to admit that this is going to be an interesting monthly update to write. This is because quite simply, I am having trouble remembering the first half of this month. Unfortunately this is not because of some alcohol induced coma, but instead because I have been so busy out of game, I just can’t remember that much of what I’ve been up to. P.s. a tip for anyone thinking of tiling a kitchen floor themselves: don’t.


That said I clearly have been playing games, with my raptor account scoring 140 hours played this month (an average of 5 hours per day). If I am honest through, that’s a dramatically inflated number, as I have been using my Tablet to run games in the background while I am at work; steam badge collection, for the use of. I think it’s fair enough to say that a good 20-40 hours of that time is this background running. Of that inflated 140 hours of games, I have managed to rack up 40 hours of eve, and 73 kills across all my accounts (working out at just under two kills an hour average).


I also had the great pleasure of a weeklong visit from fellow dirties members Arian Blade and a weekend visit from Lore Solo. We took the opportunity to run some awesome group roams thought faction warfare experimenting with some crazy fun frigate fits. We are going to try and expand these roams, and make them a regular feature. Who knows, maybe you’ll see some reports on here of what we get up to at some point.


In-between laying tiles, I have been enjoying a lot of Dust, especially working on the triple XP event over the last weekend. I’ve had a great time overall, but I am still severally disappointed by the low level of investment I’ve been able to make. I have also developed a distinct hatred of Death Taxies, to the point where by I just won’t talk about them in this update for fear of a fevered rant. Needless to say I find them… aggravating.


Back on the eve front, the Dirties group has also been experimenting with some new ways of working together to make money. So far things are looking positive, with us making a few Hundred Million for just a few hours’ work. To me its highlighted once again just how much eve makes us invest in our accounts and characters. Although this new plan is in its infant stages, eventually it is going to require some skill training before we can take it to the next level. I have always been one of life’s “planners”, and eve tickles that itch like nothing else. Spending time planning something which is going to take a few months, then walking it through the stages, to perfection… It’s a feel good factor for me. Mind you, you may have already gathered that from my Attribute optimisation post. Anyway, well see if we can talk about those plans at a later date, for now it’s all opsec and jazz.


Site wise I have also been doing some *fun* changes. If you visited over the last few days, you might have noticed that the site has been changing its clothes more than a Eurovision song Contest host. I wish it were for good reasons, but recently I have been un able to ignore the extremely slow load times (please tell me it’s not in my mind, and that readers are getting this as well). So far I think I have narrowed it down to just a few possibilities, and the site is currently running in “Cut down” mode, so that I can test my theories. Sadly being the main contributor to this site, and also being its sole administrator does mean that I sometimes have to pick between writing new content for you guys to read, and updating/optimising and generally administrating this site. Sadly that has resulted in a slowdown of posts in the last few weeks. We’ll just have to hope this is still just the initial overhead to get this site running on its own.


Anyway, I’m back to trying to get more fleets again, as I have been lacking in my destruction duties for the last couple of weeks. I doubt that ill manage that to any serious capacity until I have finished my work in the kitchen.


Fly with sore knees,