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Extra Vehicular: 2012 in review

This has really been the first full year blogging for me. My previous attempts to engage myself in this asspect of the community saw me soon burn or or run out of content with which to post. However in January 2012 I cam up with the idea of the Black Box posts. First introduced in the post “Black Box or how I learned to stop worrying and love the loss” I decided to keep a log of what happened to my ships during my some times brief ownership. The black boxes trailed off a little mid-year when I when through a stage of not really participating in fights. However now that I am installed in a new alliance getting plenty of fights, I hope to bring them back again, maybe with a few tweaks.

With a solid backbone to keep my blog ticking, more and more creative juices begun flowing in my head and my posting enthusiasm began to pick up. At this stage Arian had also set up a small blog which he was having trouble administering and finding enough posts for; A short chat latter and our blogs merged with his post Super capitals again…(again and again……) back when Super Capitals were actual considers inbalaned (yeah what ever happened to that?).

With these high-level observation posts in mind, I begun looking at the concept of economy in nullsec, with my blog post “Money For the Troops” which laterd turned into a series called “Blood Money” aimed at looking at the state of ISK in PVP and PVP in ISK. The second post of which even looked into the concept of Bottom Up economy vs Top down way before it was cool. Interestingly this is now becoming a more popular theme of conversation, where people claim that eve is currently a top down economy, and should be a bottom up one. I agree that a lot of money comes in to the top of our Nullsec economy, but only a tiny percentage seems to filter down.

Taking a break from high-level armchair economics I then posted a light hearted appeal for Bitter Veterans (which turned out to be quite ironic) and posted the first of my guides, this one aimed at exposing the most common mistakes for new players, specifically looking at mixing guns and tank types and why they are bad.

With the Black Box posts beginning to die off in July I tried a new regular feature; Firday Dev Watch, in which I attempted to distil the weeks dev posts down to a fine spirit of interesting things. This was great fun but ultimately turned out to be far to time consuming and faltered out later in the year. Its something I really want to bring back, but I need to find a way to make it less intensive work.

At this point I also got excited about the frigate changes resulting from tiericide and begun to look at and review the changes to frigates culminating in three posts by Arian, lore and myself comparing the pre and post patch frigates. Originally I planned to do more of these before and after posts, however CCP quashed that when they turned teiricide onto hyperspeed.

I also released that this point my most popular article “The true eve personality test” a parody of eve’s official personality test on their website. My version has gone through several revisions since then.

I also began dabbling for the first time in posting some ideas for the future of eve (somthing I claim to dislike, but still seem to do a lot) Looking at an idea for Pocket Carriers and my take on Ring Mining. I later added to my line up of ideas with posts on PvE Content (penned by arian) and improving Black Ops Battleships.

I also had my first attempt at speculating on the market for the mining barge changes with great success. September and October saw me burning out a little with the mix of real life and in game woes, taking a two month break from blogging, returning with my posts on how hard it was going to be balancing Battleships, something which proved incorrect when CCP side stepped the issue by not actually doing much.

Returning to my blogging post break full of vim and vigour, I posted a series of new items looking at the Epic Arcs something I will be continuing into the next year. 

During the year I participated in three Blog Banters: BB36BB40 and BB42; a look at iteration vs jesus features, eSports and a review of eve respectively.

I also wrote two guides this year on “Moving Shit into Null“, and “Logistics“.

In Summary:
Its been a rocky first year for the blog, and I am just starting to find my feet. I find it a lot easier to do regular posts these days and I want to revert to posting some of my regular features (Black Box & Dev Watch) while continuing to write on the spur of the moment. In the next year I want to expand this blog further, bringing my other two writers into the game a bit more.

Just keep flying,