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2p: Skill Categories

Just a quick micro blog for the day:

In these days of “New Player Experience” why are skills still sorted in such an awful way? Ok there is a funky kind of logic to the categories (Shields require electronics, Ship construction and Rigging would be done by mechanics), but really its not very user friendly. I put forwards the notion of separating skills by their primary result? novel huh?

Even if you want to keep the meaty sounding names we could still keep them:

Why not add the category “Electronic Warfare Theory”, thus allowing us to designate Engineering to Shield Skills only?

Adding “Production” and “Rigging” would make Rigs, Ship construction and Armor skills fit into neat categories.

Navigation is a prime example of what a skill category should look like.

Maybe it’s just a touch of OCD causing me to dislike having Skills share categories*, but I honestly think that this is pretty overwhelming to new players. It should even be a low hanging fruit for CCP as well…

Just my two pennies worth,


*OK so it’s a lot to do with this. I have no production skills, but I do armor tank. I hate the fact that despite having L4 in all armor skills, the category still looks half empty!