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Micro Jump Drives

Once again the old rumour mill has spring to life regarding the new modules CCP has eluded to coming in the near future. I’m not sure if this is a change they are thinking of adding to the crucible 1.5 patch or the Inferno expansion, either way it’s an interesting possible addition to the game.
If you haven’t read it already the information states the following (summarised):
Micro Jump Drive I (Mid Slot)

Capacitor Needs: 946gj
Activation time: 8.3 seconds
Reactivation delay: 33 seconds
CPU: 77
PG: 1375
Long ramp up time, at end ship is jumped 100km directly forwards. Ship maintains direction and velocity*. Ship is affected by warp scramblers and warp disruption fields.
We also have anchored bubbles which will stop you from Micro Jumping in to them.
Here are some of my thoughts on how this could affect the game:
Well drag bubble camps, for a start, might want to consider either ensuring their drag bubble is either at 150km or 50km from the gate, to stop battleships simply Micro Jumping to the gate and freedom (of course they will have to clear the bubble first).
Capitals may now have a quick and easy way to get inside POS shields. This could be used when deploying fighters (park capital facing POS @ 100km, if hostiles jump wait eight seconds, and your inside the POS), or just to move faster than they can in any other way (100km every 38 Seconds 2600m/s.. [Apologies if this is wrong my maths is poor!]).
I have heard people talking about this being good for Gallente ships, bringing them in range quicker, however unless the enemy is at exactly 100km from your megathron blob, its unlikely to make much of a difference. However it is a new thing to bear in mind for FC’s, that group of ships 100km away from you, are actually only 8 seconds away from you…
Along the same ilk, this could affect sniper fleets as well. As above brawlers can now try to jump into the middle of a sniper fleet, however to counter this, sniper fleet could now use the MJD to instantly hop 100km further away. This could make kiting a lot more viable for slower ships.
Looking at how they might be used in fleet combat, we need to consider the advantages and disadvantages they have over mechanics we already use, if indeed they exist.
Considering this, I don’t think MJD’s will be used to escape or enter combat as the current mechanics of probes and align-outs are far superior. Probes can bring you to 0 on a fleet from any range (ok, so you see probes, but compare that to seeing an entire fleet of Reds aligned towards you at 100km), and an align out will get you out of combat faster than an 8 second spool time. However there is currently no mechanic to quickly and easily hop across the grid, away from your enemy, while remaining in range. As such I think that the main use of the MJD’s could we’ll be in battleship sniper fleets. Kiting the enemy with an MJD is a very viable tactic, provided that you can keep your fleet clear of tackle.
As a final thought, if these are miniature jump drives (as we see on capital class ships), will we get the same jump effect when we use them? An entire fleet disappearing in a blue flash, only to reappear in a crackle of red explosions would be awesome.
Anyway, sorry for a rough post, just some quick thoughts I had on seeing the info, of course it could just be a troll, but sounds interesting.
·         New module MJD
·         Good for Sniper BS’s
·         Amazingly good for capitals
·         Not going to save your arse better than an align out
·         Not going to get you into a fleet better than a prober
·         One more thing for an FC to watch out for
·         Could look amazing!
#EDIT# an addendum to this post can be found here

*Speedy thing goes in, Speedy thing comes out… Now you are thinking with portals.