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Ctrl-Alt: Split Personality

Hello every one. My name is Harkonan, and I’ve been an altoholic for three years.
It all started back in August 2009 when I decided to experiment with my first alt. It all seemed so harmless at first; me and a few friends wanted to see if we could get some kills with fresh of the press characters, you know, just a few days training and already killing. We were just messing around, and it worked to. 3 days of training and we got our first kill T2 as well! It kinda went on from there really, oh we never went out roaming again, we had proved our point you see. But after that first taste it was so hard to stop. When the first few months subscription ended, and we still hadn’t gone out roaming again, I should have given it up, and un-subbed the account. But I couldn’t, month after month, I made excuses to keep the account subbed: I need a scout for gate camps, I need a salvager for my ratting, its good to be able to scan down systems without fitting a probe on my main. Its so easy you see. And once you get a capital, well its just a slippery slope from there. That’s the ultimate reason for an alt, because without it, your capital ship cant move anywhere. Oh you could rely on others to light a cyno for you, but who wants to hassle your friends every time you want to go shopping in high-sec? Eventually she became my dirty little secret hidden away in high-sec, where my friends eyes couldn’t see my filthy habit festering and growing. It was so useful by now. I had trained her to cloaky Haulers and Freighters, and that was just so seductive: I could buy things in High-sec with her ship them to a low sec entry point and then slip in and light the cyno for my main. Then it was just a matter of transferring the goods and jumping the carrier away again. My friends thought I was so amazing, so efficient, so organised; they didn’t know the reason was that I was really an altaholic using my addiction to make me look so much better than I was. 
It was about then I started thinking about the harder stuff. I took a few months out of training the alt to create another on the same account. It was just to make a trader, you know, softcore stuff, but it always starts like that doesn’t it? That little trickle of weakness lead to the damn bursting. Before I knew it I had like, 9 more Characters across 3 accounts, every time I justified it to myself with stupid reasons;
“I need a cyno chain now I’m in deep null sec”
“I wonder if I can make billions mulit-boxing miners?”*
“I want to try RvB”
“My first alt is too busy to do freighter runs, I need another hauler alt”
But I was kidding no one by myself. That was the lowest point of my altaholism, I’ve cut it back a bit these days. Just 2 accounts and 3 alts, you know, borderline. Its not my fault though, its the way the system works. They want you hooked, and the dealers, they make it so attractive. The problem is that every step of the way on your main, every decision made in this world means you cant do something else. Null-sec pilots need hauler alts, pirates need traders, every one needs a money maker. Everything is geared to make you work with other people, buts so much easier to give into the cravings and just roll an alt. They say that in eve, every action has a consequence but lots of them can be ignored if you have an alt or two. 
The thing is, although I am here confessing my dark addiction, I don’t intend to ever give it up, its part of who I am now, disgusting as it maybe, I cant be me without my alts any more. That’s just the way it is now.
Fly 4 accounts at once,
*The answer is “No” by the way