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Move Op Refinement

I have now participated in two move operations in the post phoebe world, and I have to say that I think the refined model is far preferable to the first attempt. The last move op was a 6 hour chuckle-fuck which seemed to be a serious case of two steps forwards one step back. 6 hours is simply a ridiculous amount of time, and I was lucky it took place on a Saturday when my sleep didn’t matter so much. I don’t think it helped that the new mechanics encourage us to move our stuff in an “Apex Force” of Archons and Super Capitals, which could only be harassed and sniped by hostiles. That’s not to say that harassing and sniping didn’t work, the six hours it took to move attests to the success of that action. I’m not sure it was good content however. Indeed from what I heard in fleet the enemy took to ddos’ing individual pilots (via  pretty interesting method of finding IP addresses). When an individual pilot disconnected. Not only was the fleet stuck waiting for them to log back in, but should we miss their ships emergency warp, they would end up stuck in space just waiting to be probed down and killed. Not fun really.

This more recent move op has been much less of an occasion. With only 90 minutes to move a good long distance. This time the route was optimised to minimise jump cool down so that we arrive at the destination with only a days’ worth of cool down, whereas last time we attempted to arrive with none.

There is still one last hangover from the changes which I personally need to adjust to however: carrier space. Pre Phoebe we moved in Autobahns where strings of cynos lit along a single route meant that it was possible to move back and forth between old and new billets. This meant that the number of Carrier loads you took with you was limited only by your patience and fuel supply. Now with an hour and a half each way, and very few return fleets it’s almost impossible to bring more than a single carriers worth of goods with you. I managed to slim my armada down to a single load + one battleship, which I have so far begged off on friendly super capital pilots to move for me. However I don’t believe that this is sustainable, so with a quick bit of account shuffling I have moved my dreadnaught pilot out of my main account and onto an alt account, and then out of a dreadnaught and into a second carrier. By next weekend I should be once again self-sufficient for move ops.

Fly for six hours strait with your head in your hands,


Tuesdays Training: Jump Fuel Conservation & Infomorph Sync

Every Tuesday I take a skill which one of my characters is training and discuss why I am current training that skill. I will also look at other uses for the skill, and who else might benefit from it. As I have several Characters across the skill spectrum I expect to cover skills for Young, Middle Age and old players.

Note: I took a break last week while on a training course in Town, and was then waylaid this week due to the UK storms. Back on schedule now and hope to return to a Tuesday post next week!

This week’s skill training choices were a little more boring that last weeks. My choices were limited to:

  • Infomorph Synchronising V
  • Propulsion Jamming IV
  • Jump Fuel Conservation V
  • Mechanical Engineering V

In the end I decided to talk about two of these skills, both aimed at older player. First up is Jump Fuel Conservation V. Each level of JDC reduces the per light-year jump cost of Carriers, Dreads and the Roqual by 100 Units of Isotops. It also drops Jump Freighters by 290 units, and Black Ops Battleships by 30. If we take the current PLEX cost (~650m Isk), and break that down to a Isk Cost per hour of skill training (902,777.78) we can calculate how many light years we need to jump to save the money invested in our skill points in Jump Drive Calibration at current fuel costs (~600isk/unit).

Jump Fuel Cal

The question you have to ask yourself is: “How long will it take me to jump far enough to make it worth it?”. If your character is a dedicated Black Ops Pilot, the chances are the answer is never going to be past III-IV. For a Suitcase only Carrier (non-nomadic), level IV is likely fine. For a Nomadic Character fly Carriers, Dreads and Black Ops ships: I suspect those 1706 light-years will just fly by.

For me, PL moves home around 6-7 times per year, at an average of 2 carrier jump distance. That ends up with 3x Dread jumps, and 10x Carrier jumps to move all my ships, which is a total of 180 light years travelled per move, or 1260 light years per year just for relocations. Of course that doesn’t include random trips to high sec, or combat operation jumps. Certainly I feel that for me JDC V is justified on all 3 of my Carrier Characters.

I also wanted to quickly write a little about Infomorph Synchronising. IS is a relatively new skill added a few patches back (I can’t remember exactly which one), and reduces the delay between Jump Clone activation by 1 hour per level. For me this skill as been a “No brainer”, but one I haven’t gotten around to training since it was introduced. My eventual plan is to create a high sec +5 implant clone, which I jump after each night in Nullsec. As most of my playtime is around 5 hours on a weekday, this means that at level 5, I can Jump Clone to my +5 alt, and the timer will reset in time for the next night’s game time. Of course I will then have to spend 20 hours in Nullsec before I can return to the +5’s, but 20 hours out of 40 on 3 extra attribute points, is better than a kick in the teeth. By my calculations in fact I will spend 72 hours out of 168 (43%) in +5’s using this plan, giving me an average attribute bonus as near as damned it +4, with only the cost of replacing +3’s when I die (a saving of 40m per death). I’ll admit that’s it’s a lot of cost to gain only +1 to attributes, but again, playing the long game, I think it’s worth it.

While were talking about Jump Clones, I would also like to ask the question “In times when Slowcat fleets can maraud across the galaxy in minutes (or seconds if they are going to a TiDi battle), does the argument that a massive reduction in Jump Clone time (down to say every 12 or even as low as 5 hours) would cause an issue with force projection?” Furthermore, would the ability to move sub capital pilots, as fast a capital pilots, not give a good counter point to the current slowcat proliferation?

Fly wondering if you’re the original,


Other Side of the Coin

2 years 1 month and 11 days ago I was not having a good time. In fact I was experiencing was what probably the lowest few seconds of my eve carrier. You see I had been a complete idiot, and made an absolutely stupid mistake. At the time I was flying with Razor Alliance in NC, living in Tenal, deep into 0.0 space. I’d just shipped my ratting ship into our home system, and was busy returning my carrier to its Low sec home. I was really new the both the carrier and the alliance, and I really didn’t want to look like an idiot at the time, so I did something that would make me look like a complete moron forever. Instead of asking the best method of moving my carrier in and out of null, instead of checking the Intel channels for the safety of my rout, instead of using a modicum of common sense and getting a scout ahead of me, I blind jumped my carrier through a rout of about 5 cyno POS’s.

I was fit in a stupid way, and doing a stupid thing, and so of course the inevitable happened. I jumped to a cyno, and a lone red Broadsword was waiting for me. Before I knew what had happened a gang of Machariels descended on me and made short work of my carrier.
So why have I brought up my own stupidity? Well because just six days ago (at time of writing) this happened and I suddenly found myself on the other side of coin. 9 lolko made a mistake as monumentally stupid as my own; immediately after downtime in what looks like a desperate escape attempt from a station just taken by Pandemic Legion he un-docked. Of course the undock was bubbled, and PL eyes soon spotted the beached whale slowly crawling out of the bubbles to safety. Everybody and their dog scrambled to LXQ to get on the kill and 9 lolko died pretty quickly.
The likeness doesn’t really match exactly, 9 lolko has lost expensive things before racking up 9bn in the last 3 months not including the linked carrier and I cant account for the intelligence behind the pilot. I know that I am a generally intelligent who seems to have had a complete brain fart, I cant promise the same of 9 lolko, but my past experience makes me inclined to be empathetic.
As such, while the dust was settling around the freshly ejected corpse, I found myself remembering my own loss and thinking about what it taught me. Out here in meatspace, I am very clam and collected kind of person. I very rarely have a rage fit, and this was no exception. I remember being on coms while I was jumping, and shortly after the Broadswords bubble went up my CEO must have heard what was happening over the command channel. “Hark, your in trouble” were the only words he said “I know” was my strained reply. When it was just the broadsword on grid, I knew my only chance was to slowboat inside the POS shield, once the macha gang had landed, I knew I had no chance, and concentrated on trying (and failing) to take something down with me. I’ve never really been afraid of losing ships in eve (well since flying in nullsec any way), but something that big is always going to hurt, and it did. I had thankfully followed eve’s golden rule and not flown what I couldn’t afford to lose, and indeed I had bought a new Chimera & fittings before I had finished getting my pod back to high sec. Here were the main lessons learned:
1. Asking a stupid question makes you look like an idiot to those around you. Not asking a stupid question makes you look like a monumental idiot to everyone looking at your history.
2. Always sanity check everything you do, especially was expensive ships. I was new to the alliance and capitals, but I wasn’t new to Null sec. If I had stopped to ask wtf I was doing just once, I would have realised that blind jumps was an idiotic idea.
3. When things do go wrong, and they always will, or if you do something this stupid stupid; Take it on the chin. I made a massive mistake that day, and every one knew it. However I earned a lot of respect, by admitting my mistake fully, showing how I had learned from it, and not having a raging hissy-fit trying to coverup my own incompetence.
Everyone makes mistakes, in eve as it is in real life, its what you do after a mistake that makes the difference.
Fly like a prat
P.s. I have learned how to fit a carrier since… 4 invulns lolololololol.

Capital Punishment (and reward)

Proposals: I don’t do these very often (yeah I know the last post was one, but I blame Arian…) Today however I wanted to highlight a potential easy solution to the issue I believe is caused by the current dominance of Capitals and Super Capitals in 0.0. Let me first expand on what I perceive as the parameters of the issue:

– Currently Capital assets are frequently deployed without sub cap support fleets

– Not enough super capitals are being killed (look at Jesters Super cap summaries with KOTW).

            – If we nerf super caps they don’t turn up to fights (like at the moment)

            – If we boost super caps they just dominate the field (like before)

To solve both these issues in one swoop we need to do two things:

            – Increase the dependence of capital ships on sub capital support

            – Make supers invaluable on the field, to encourage their deployment, while, giving sub capitals a clear method to destroy them

My suggestion may come a little bit out of the blue; boost the Black Ops Battleships. I discussed this with a friend a good while back during the advent of the first Super Carrier boost (and since then others have posted similar, but not identical suggestions).

Let me introduce the Super Heavy Bomb. Super Heavy Bombs are heavily modified Citadel Class Torpedoes, designed to cause maximum damage to large stationary targets. Fitted only to the highly advanced Black Ops battleships, these “bunker buster” style weapons are deployed to the field in a similar fashion to their smaller cousin; the bomb. Although under half the speed of a bomb these strait fire weapons travel 60km before detonating a full 40 seconds later. When they do detonate these projectiles are designed to cause maximum damage to any object with a signature radius greater than 3000m (a un fitted carrier) and a speed lower than 100m/s, to the point where even the slowest biggest battleships will receive only a tiny fraction of the total damage (around 30 points un-resisted). On the other hand Capital Ships will feel the full brunt of the damage, with synchronised bombers able to destroy a well tanked Carrier. The major issue with these munitions is that due to their large size, and sophisticated containment and trigger systems, they are lockable on all modern space tracking systems, similar to a drone. Despite slimming down the signature radius (to about half the size of an interceptor) and adding a minimalistic tank, the SH-Bomb is easily targeted and destroyed by a sub cruiser locking speed ship.

Coupled with the Black Ops Battleships already advanced cloaking system, these weapons are devastating against pure capital groups who are unlikely to be able to lock and destroy the Black-ops ships before they launch and re-cloak. However with an alert and ready sub capital defence force, the munitions are easily intercepted and destroyed, with a good chance of catching the bombers themselves.

I believe that taking the mechanic which makes Stealth Bombers so useful and fun, i.e. the annihilation of larger class fleets (if they are not alert enough and don’t bring frigate/destroyer class locking times) and up scaling it to the largest sub capital class ship would work wonders in giving sub capital defence fleets a method of destroying un-supported capitals. If this were released, I would actually advocate bringing in a simultaneous and significant Capital Buff, giving capital pilots good reason to want to deploy their assets on the field, where they may fall prey to the SH-Bomb. It would also breathe life into the currently tragically underused BOBS.

Feel free to pick holes, claim it wasn’t my idea, or just tell me super capitals/capitals need to destroy entire fleets, because of the cost and skill point requirements.

Fly theoretically,