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Chat Log: Local Spike


Arian > hate the mittani atm for the april fools local being removed >_<

Hark > lmao

Arian > they are mean

Arian > stupid thing is all the arguments were valid >_<

Hark > I’m still not sure how I feel on the Local issue

Hark > I agree intel should be split from chat, just not sure that hidden completely is a great idea

Hark > I agree that at the moment it’s too easy for the “defender”, but removing local makes it too easy for the attacker

Hark > Its from one extreme to another

Arian > i don’t disagree

Hark > I would really like to see it decoupled from chat though

Hark > I also like the idea of linking intel into sov

Hark > perhaps some kind of threat warning based in [my skill] + [number of active alliance members in home space] + [Sov level of system] vs [his skill] + [number of attackers]

Hark > 1 guy in an atron flying into barely used alliance space with one guy ratting = dead ratter

Hark > a fleet of hostiles flying into heavily populated space = instant invasion alerts

Arian > I would argue a totally different but extreme change

Hark > do go on?

Arian > all lvl 4, low sec and null sec npc’s become capsuleer npcs and fit and act more like us, ie tackle etc, reduce number of ships per spawn to compensate but this will mean people will have to use “pvp” fits to rat.

Hark > agree totally so far

Arian > people will then not need to run for new ships to fight, will learn proper piloting skills both real and in their skill queue

Hark > yup

Arian > I would also stop npc’s showing as red crosses

Hark > hmm marginal, I think it would be too easy to hide in a group of NPCs but go on

Arian > that’s my point

Arian > think about it

Arian > make npc’s and players scannable

Arian > increase bounty on these better npc’s

Hark > As a PvP player I want to kill Players, to be tricked into PvE

Hark > NPC’s imo should play no major part in PvP

Hark > to do so muddies the waters

Arian > yeah but that is because the ai is so crap and there fits are so bad

Hark > no, i disagree, it’s because there is no raging nerd at the other end of the keyboard

Hark > I don’t want to kill computer controlled chars no matter how good the AI

Hark > I want to pitch my skill against another human

Arian > yup

Arian > i want there to be ways to spot players, but you have to work for it

Arian > works both for the attacker and defender

Hark > I don’t agree on that I am afraid

Hark > I just want to fight people not play hide and seek

Arian > it would work for your lone atron pilot ūüėČ

Arian > sneaking around belts

Arian > oooooh!

Arian > how about a skill that could briefly disguise you as a npc

Arian > ?

Hark > urg

Hark > I’m sorry but I really strongly disagree on that

Arian > if you hadn’t noticed I am now in full brainstorm argue any point of view mode atm

Arian > not necessarily pov’s i feel

Hark > that’s fine

Hark > But Player Vs Player should not be Player & NPC vs Player & NPC with added confusion

Hark > I think were straying for the core point of how intel should be though

Hark > NPC disguises for people is a side point

##Break while Arian Loses a Hookbill##

Arian > my problem is how do you decouple a local chat and intel?

Hark > My view is that chat should become a delayed chat as per wormholes

Arian > other than how it’s done in wh’s?

Hark > and maybe even expand to constellation chat

Hark > then you add in some sensing skills

Hark > i.e. passive sonar

Hark > along with sonar modules for POS’s

Arian > yeah but constellation chat still says “looky shit has changed” for no effort

Hark > you also add skills for hiding from scans

Hark > (not directional)

Arian > do we need more than the player created chat channels? seriously?

Hark > yeah we do

Hark > because it’s an MMO

Hark > you don’t get to pick who you talk to

Hark > it’s called interaction outside of your friends list

Hark > but any way

Arian > yeah but we have the ability to create them at will

Arian > i mean keep militia, corp alliance etc

Hark > without local you can pick who you talk to

Hark > if someone isn’t in your militia, and not in your corp

Hark > if you don’t have local you don’t have to talk to them

Hark > and you should

Hark > because it’s an MMO

Hark > how would you exchange GF’s?

Arian > yeah but with alli and corp and the newb chats you can’t choose it

Hark > yup

Hark > and local is the same

Hark > again you’re getting past the point

Arian > yeah but local is now impacting interactions beyond chatting, ie the game ūüėČ

Hark > this is an MMO and should encourage social interaction, anything that removes that is a bad

Arian > hmmmm

Hark > I’m fine with removing local showing who is in system

Hark > widen it to constellation and remove the who is about bit

Hark > fine

Arian > ditto

Hark > that’s not a problem

Hark > but it should exist

Arian > ah i see

Arian > yeah that makes sense, just a name list, its for you to scroll through and check there bio etc

Hark > but then the advantage is too much with the attacker

Hark > so you need some way for the defender to have a chance of spotting someone before using a direction scanner

Arian > why?

Arian > if they were in pvp ships instead of crappy pve would they?

Hark > I feel so

Arian > okay, just throwing questions out, feeling around the problem ūüėČ

Hark > I feel that if an alliance owns space they should have a slight advantage in detecting enemies

Hark > I think invisible local is a thing for wormholes

Hark > it makes them unique

Hark > and shouldn’t be copied everywhere

Arian > yeah, i agree, but i like the idea of removing colour tagging

Hark > so we have a Constellation chat and only people who talk are shown in it, ala wormholes…

Hark > agreed?

Arian > so far

Hark > now we add a UI point with three traffic lights

Hark > 1 is alliance space 2 is constellation 3 is system

Hark > the traffic lights go from green to red depending on what is detected in those areas

Hark > if someone attacks an alliance mate 15 jumps out “Alliance Area” goes red

Hark > if someone spots a gate activation in the constellation that goes Amber

Hark > if a scout sees an enemy in system that goes Amber

Arian > hmmm, not sure about that way easy to automate for the bot fleets

Hark > I get that but it’s still better than now

Arian > oh i am not being critical, tis better than what’s been bought up so far, just still trying to define the shape of the “missing piece”

Hark > so we could make it skill and chance based

Hark > that what it isn’t 100% infallible

Hark > and it isn’t 100% fool proof (or bot proof)

Hark > bots are repetitive

Hark > if you found one you just jump in and out of system a few times till you get lucky and don’t get detected

Hark > yup makes sense

Hark > I’m thinking something like a base of

Hark > on grid 80% change of an alert | direction scanner 50% chance of an alert | passive in system 5% chance of an alert

Hark > maybe with a POS mod which does a passive scan every 1 min with a 60% chance of an alert

Hark > add onto that player skills and alliance skills which can vary that by +-10% with a maximum of 90% chance of detection

Arian > hmmm okay, and effected by number of peeps

Arian > hostiles

Hark > yeah thou as the % calculation happens per person that happens more or less automatically

Hark > double the people double the chance for detection

Hark > encourages fleets to spread out and act like a hunting party too

Hark > I think he percentages are debatable and could be a LOT lower to give say upto 5 man fleets a lesser chance of being detected

Arian > also reduce it for… shock horror ship type…frigs low, covert ops low, hunking great bs high etc

Hark > agreed

Hark > but that’s detail


Friggin’ update

Its been quite a while now since we has any major changes to the Attack frigate changes, CCP¬†Ytterbium has been on holiday¬†until¬†recently, and CCP Fozzie has been holding the¬†reigns¬†until¬†he returned. It would seem that for the most part the changes have been recived well enough that CCP has not had to make any major changes. The condor is the only frigate on the watchlist for changes, but with the Attack Frigates going live on the 8th of aug, its unlikely we will see any changes between now and then. I have primed some RvB friends with instructions to provide a detailed “Before and After” analysis and will post that shortly after the changes go live.