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Tuesday Training: Command Center Upgrades

Every Tuesday I take a skill which one of my characters is training and discuss why I am current training that skill. I will also look at other uses for the skill, and who else might benefit from it. As I have several Characters across the skill spectrum I expect to cover skills for Young, Middle Age and old players.



This week’s Choices:

  • Minmatar Defensive Systems V
  • Amarr Battleship IV  (out, as I covered  the Amarr Cruiser  one last week)
  • Gunnery V
  • Command Centre Upgrades IV


It was a tough call on which one to talk about this week. I would really like to cover the T3 Sub systems skills in another broad stroke at some point, but in the end I have chosen Command Centre Upgrades as the Skill for this week’s discussion. I’ll likely cover another T3 Sub system next week as an excuse to talk about T3 skills in general.


As usual I’ll start off by giving the actual skill notes from the game:


Command Centre Upgrades (x4) Charisma, Intelligence

Each level in this skill improves the quality of command facility available to you, in turn allowing for a greater number of connected facilities on that planet. Cannot be trained on Trial Accounts.


This is another skill where the true value of its training, cannot be found in the skills description itself, instead we have to look into the properties of the Upgrades available on the Command Centres themselves. First however its worth doing a quick overview of Planetary Interaction (PI from here) and what this skill means for it.


PI, simply defined is a capsular’s ability to build installations on planets, which extract, process, store, import and export materials. These materials, referred to as Planetary commodities are used in a number of products including, but not limited to; nanite repair paste, structures and P.O.S Fuels. The centre of any PI installation network is the Command Centre, which is the first module placed on a planet allowing further development.  Command Centres also define the CPU and Power grid available to a planet’s colony, which all other installations consume.


So with this ground work in mind, how does the skill work? Quite simply, a Command Centre has 6 levels. The base command centre starts at level 1 (when placed on a planet), and can be upgraded 5 times to reach level 6. Each upgrade has a cost (in a bell curve increment), but in return increases the maximum CPU and PG available to your colony. Fully upgrading a colony to level 6 will cost you 6.4m Isk.


My aim in this post is to give you an idea of the value of PG/CPU to a colony, as well as showing the Time taken per unit of PG/CPU each level in the skill will give you. Armed with this I will present my conclusion of each levels increase in potential value, and you can make your own choices on how important each level is to you. As an aside to this post, there is an assertion I should like to make: Any player, who has a character who stays relatively still somewhere in the universe (for more than a few weeks at a time), should have a PI colony set up. Even a simple Colony with, one or two login’s per week will net the player a few million isk each log in, although mileage will vary. My colonies with a login per day, across 1.1 characters earns me around 20m/day, 140m/Week or 560m/Month, that’s the cost of an account in exchange for 30 minutes a day, your stupid if you are not doing it.


But anyway, back to the main point. Let’s start giving a value to PG/CPU. PI is all about maximising efficiency CPU/PG, directly control what Structures you can place on the planet, which effect this efficiency. Let’s looks at some case points to give you an idea of the value of a unit of each type:


  • 500 Mw (PG) and 110 Tf (CPU), will allow you to place a new extraction head on an Extraction Control unit, increasing your raw material extraction.
  • 800 Mw and 200 tf will allow you to build a Basic Industry Facility which will allow you to process more raw product into T1 and T2 materials (worth more) and T2 into T3 materials.
  • 9200 Mw and 1720 tf  will allow you to build a new Extraction Control Unit and fill it with all 12 extractor heads, dramatically increasing your raw material extraction.


I’ve made a series of wild estimations (some high and some low), based on what you could add with more CPU and PG, and how much extra that will earn you. I’ve then taken these estimates and averaged them to find a good middle ground for these guesses. From this I estimate that, based on my earnings, a Unit of CPU and a Unit of PG are worth  1434.34 isk/unit and 716.21 Isk/unit respectively. Please note that this is a terrible way of estimating, and I am a terrible estimator, so this really is a massively ballpark figure, designed simply to give a rough idea.


So now let’s look at how much you get per level of upgrade in the Command Centre. Based off the Eve wiki chart:


PI Command Isk


Again, note the terribleness of my estimation abilities, but at the same time except that the according to this estimation (based on my personal experience of PI production in Highsec) a fully upgraded Command Centre should earn around 21m every 24 hours, damned close to what I see being produced by my colony every day (p.s. I am amazed that worked). Please note that this assumes all the other skills for PI are at Lvl 5, and doesn’t take into account any taxes or other costs involved in PI so again, mileage may vary.



So all that done, is Command Centre upgrades worth it? To what level, and to whom? Well this doesn’t really depend so much on your character age, as it does your personal engagement with PI, and exactly what you need. If your fully committed to making money through PI, and are ready to commit to a schedule of updating your miners, then the chances are that yes, its worth training it as high as you can. Its also worth checking that you are going to have a use for the extra fitting space on your planners, after all there is no point in spending 20 days training level five, only to find that there is nothing useful to do with the extra PG/CPU. For someone entering into the market however, I would recommend aiming for level three to begin with, and seeing what you can do with that. At only 17 hours training, your not going to feel lost if PI doesn’t work for you, and its enough to get started with a good colony. Once you have that up and running, you’ll also spend some time learning and understanding the system, so you’ll know what to do with the extra PG/CPU once you train it. If you do its 3 days for level 4 then another 20  to Finnish it at level 5.


Have fun, and fly into the ground,



Further reading on PI can be found at the Eve Wiki, and Eve University