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In his last “Gooder EvE” post Rixx Javix discussed the idea of supplementing the role of bombs in the game. He brings us the idea of the “Depth Charge”, “Bumper Bomb” and “Scrambler” (for details visit this post!).
Taking up his invite to bring more ideas and thoughts to the table I present the following:
The stealth bomber is the ultimate offensive covert ship, using its oversized weapon systems and dumb missile launcher to perform quick and graceful execution upon its foes, why not add into its arsenal the ability to bring the bait in small bomb-sized form?
The Decoy comes in two flavours both of which are contraband in high sec and are configured to a ship type of your choice while docked in any station with a repair facility:
Scanner Decoy –This bomb presents a cosmic signature exactly like the vessel of your choosing. Uses might include using the bomb to confuse and disrupt enemy probers, or present a juicy target to a foolish enemy who might rush head first into a nest of bombers. Once on grid, however, the overview scanner will easily determine the correct source of the signals spoiling your fun.
Overview Decoy ­– The Overview decoy is able to present a false target to localised scanners like the overview. This Electronic warfare weapon is a cluster of targeted sensors which split after launch and continue traveling on a straight course, broadcasting the signal of 7 enemies. The signal presents the correct icon and ship name as well as being programed with a random name and history sourced from a hack of CONCORDS database. Of course the signal will not fool a ships scanner or the MK1 eyeball, but it is one more item of confusion to add to a battle. Hiding your fleet inside fake targets or pretending to be a far superior force might just save your pilots bacon.