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Hark’s bohemian adventure in Chernogorsk

I’m back! More blogs in the works, but today I wanted to upload a fun little non-eve related post. As my last post stated, I went across to the Czech Republic the weekend past, and had a wonderful time exploring the sticks. I was ready for the bitter cold, and indeed for the difference in life between the suburban luxuries of Surrey compared to deep Bohemia  what I wasn’t ready for, however, was the immediate immersion into the landscape of a great video game!

The resemblance to DayZ is simply uncanny. I have since done some research to confirm that the games landscape is based on an area a little way north of Prague (miles away from where I was) but never the less I was immediately surveying the countryside for cover, and deciding which deer stand to head for next. As a result of this, to the bemusement of my non-gaming companions I set out to make the following comic strip of pictures, featuring yours truly.


I was out walking in the woods today when we spotted a deer stand! hoping for some loot and maybe a pistol I approached in the usual fashion

Looked pretty deserted, not even one z spawn so I went ahead and climbed up

typical though, only Beans. some one might have already looted this one so I moved on quick!

Spotted a high yield from the top, lets hope that has a better drop!

Fly apocalyptically,