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F1 Warrior

I read an article which really Gandered my goat a little while ago. It’s a subject which has irritated me for a long while now, like the errant grain of sand stuck in a sandal. The Article is on the subject of “Fleet Bears”  by Gevlon, and discusses how close to PvE, Fleet PvP is in eve. The main purpose of the article is another of Grevlon’s hair brained schemes to try and prove his significance in anything that isn’t simply grinding cash via the eve equivalent of rubbing your face on a cheese grater and selling the result as stem cells: the money is good, but its not worth the grind.


The premise of creating a “Fleet Bear Corp” is so comedic that it’s not that which greases my cake-tin. No what does that is the underlying perception that all you have to do in a fleet fight is press F1 (by the way, even if it were true, “Fleet bears” still wouldn’t work for social psychological reasons, but I digress). That concept, held by so many ignorant people, who are looking to degrade others who they know nothing about, urks me to a fair degree.


Now let’s not go too far on this one, I accept that there are a fair number of F1 warriors out there; who do turn up to fleets with the express purpose of mashing a pudgy finger down on F1 when the FC commands it. Unfortunately that is likely the same member who asked at the start “Can I bring a drake?”. These are not the majority, and they are certainly not the average. They are the low outliers in the chart, the anomalies at the bottom of the grid. For every F1 warrior in the fleet, who flies while resisting the urge to lick the nearest window, there is another extreme: The skilled players. They are working to ensure the fleets success, they are the specialists providing essential skills. We all know them, but lets look at a couple of examples:


Logistics. It’s the obvious one I know, especially as I am known to have a soft spot for these priests of space (commonly being one and all). Logi pilots need to be constantly on the ball, predicating primaries, prioritising reps, all the while ensuring they stay alive long enough to do their job.


Tackle. Without a good hold on the enemy, you’re not going to get many kills. Hictors, Dictors, intys and frigs. These pilots need to be shit hot, on the ball and fast, so fucking fast they arrive in among the enemy before or at the same time the damage starts coming down. Most of these pilots only get one or two shots per fleet to do their jobs as they will likely die in their success; by my gods do they make it count.


Oh Hark, you say, Tackle and logistics are only a small part of a fleet, and even including other examples of high player skill pilots like ECM and Firewall pilots, you still only account for a small number! What about the rest? That’s true. But like I said about the “Turn up and press F1” crowd, these are outliers, these are the few dots at the top of the graph showing us all what heroes they are (excuse me while I jump back in my Scimitar and pat myself on the back a little more). So let’s talk about the middle of the pack, the group of core pilots who make a fleet work.


The average line pilot doesn’t Just turn up and press F1. Firstly before they can even arrive in a fleet, they have to prove their metal by simply existing in 0.0. Living in null is a lot harder than many give credit for. You have to understand the subtle laws of Nullsec, and indeed Lowsec to keep yourself supplied with ships and equipment. If I had a million isk for every Carebear who has joined a null sec alliance and sailed into null sec with a hauler filled with “pvp gear”, Or the Nullsec industrialist who has tried to ship their goods out via realspace, I too could attempt to buy my way into the upper echelons of Test Alliance (actually I think the price of that has dropped a bit now). The average Nullsec pilot is self-sufficient, and although their alliance might help them out (via SRP and a transport backbone) they can and will in a pinch supply themselves with little to no fuss. A Highsec PvEer by comparison only knows the way to the nearest trade hub.


But let’s talk about the fleets themselves, what makes a average line member stand out from the fellow mouth breathing on his voice activated microphone? What are they doing other than pressing F1? A good fleet member is managing their overheating, watching for the optimal time to take the drugs (and getting ready to mitigate some of the side effects that might cause). They are checking to see if they are tackled, and watching for opportunities to clear tackle off the fleet. They are also ready for the unexpected, if a bubble suddenly goes up on the fleet, they are ready to MWD out. If the FC calls a route, they know how to escape without orders. Ok so the average member likely isn’t doing all of these things, but the majority will be doing at least a few. I dislike the idea that a fleet is like a hive mind, with drones just following what an FC says. The fleets I have participated in during my Null career have been more like a pack of hyenas. Individuals under a clear leader, working as individuals towards a common goal (and laughing like crazy men while doing it).


Another theory which sprouts from this same growth of thought (as mentioned by Grevlon)  is that “Your skills don’t matter in a fleet”. To which I laugh Heartily. I love sheer stupidity of this statement, it’s incredible. Because it relies on the fact that the fleets collective skills will dwarf your own and this make them insignificant. Which works fine when convincing yourself that you’re good enough for a fleet. But when you are applying that individual logic to every pilot in the fleet. “If my pilots skills don’t matter, then no ones do”… Tosh. A minimum skilled pilot in a Rokh does 410 DPS with blasters, whereas a well skilled pilot like my own does 579 DPS, a difference of 169. Yes a single player could hide in a fleet of well skilled pilots and it likely wouldn’t matter. But it only takes four minimum skilled pilots, before you are effectively a man down. A hundred man fleet of just-above-minimum-required skilled pilots will have the same DPS as only 82 well skilled pilots. If they were to bring equal numbers to the low skill fleet, they will have almost 10k extra DPS easily enough to make the difference between coping, and broken logistics.


Now you may try to tell me that I am taking the average of “elite” PvP

Where do you stand?

Where do you stand?

groups and applying it to all of Nullsec, but if you check my history I’ve served in elite, average and what many would consider the pubbiest of Publords (or whatever your colloquial term is), they have all to a lesser or greater degree had more than just F1 mashers filling their ranks.


So here is the meat of it. Yes there are people who turn up to fleet and just mash F1, but they are not the average. Yet Highsec Denizens, who are eager for reasons to not be in Nullsec, love a reason to down play their Nullsec cousins. Of course its popular to say “skills don’t matter” or “all you have to do is turn up and press F1” because it makes the people too scared to join Nullsec feel better about the fact they haven’t tried it. You can just picture it, out on a mining opp the corporation pvp pilot is guarding the miners from gankers. One of the miners asks “hey xxxkiller99xxx why have you never been to Null? Being so amazing at pvp and all?”. He laughs at the ignorance of his mining friend and sets his navy Raven to orbit the orca at 10km “don’t be silly friend, they just turn up and press F1”.


Any yes people like Gevlon, who do “just turn up” will always be trying to project their own shortcomings on the entire group, as they desperately attempt to justify their existence (although they generally have the decency to do it quietly). But all they are really doing is fooling themselves into projecting their own weakness onto others. You show me a Mission runner who exerts the same amount of effort in his average playtime, that a Nullsec fleet participant produces just to live in Null even before a fight starts, and I will show you a liar.


I leave you with a final proof of the idiocy in this belief of low skilled (real and sp) fleet members. If Fleet PvP is the same as Running a mission (or incursion as mentioned by Grevlon) why have we never seen any PvE alliance convert into a Sov holding alliance? Why is: Mission Running > incursion running > Nullsec Sov not the natural progression of an alliance? Why do evicted Nullsec alliances go to Faction Warfare or Lowsec to recuperate rather than practicing their fleet action running Incursions. Why do we infact see the opposite where high grade PvP alliances rest upon their laurels, and become soft and complacent running plex’s? Why? Because the supposition that fleet PvP is just like PvE is pure A grade Bullshit.


Fly hopping on one foot trying to clear the sand from your shoes,



Large fleets, impressive but stagnant?

While I was at Fanfest I had the fortune to actually be seated on the front row during the ship balancing round tables, watching the interaction between CCP fozzie, CCP Rise and CCP Ytterbium, was great, each of them are very different people with differing opinions, the three of them together I feel are going to give us the most well thought out ship balancing I think eve has seen.
The Grid

The Grid

I could go on for some time about the many topics that came up but one particular area interested me: Fleet Boosters. I should say from the outset that I am pro boosting ships being on grid, I feel that no role should be so dull or easy that it should be done effectively afk. I suspect this will get me flack from the many people who like to fight solo (even though they are fighting with at least two ships); I even enjoy flying solo myself, but Eve at its heart is a mmo, if you want to fly solo that’s great, but in general flying with friends is what makes this good game great.

That personal opinion aside one of the ideas that was floated was that boosting ships could be changed so that they effectively boost ships within a sphere around them (kind of like a hictor bubble), this would mean that the pilots of these ships would require actual flying skills to place themselves in the correct places and large fleets may even require multiple boosting ships, it would also mean that your average grunt would need to check their position relevant to the boosters as well as the logistics.
This to me sounds like if it was implemented that we may actually end up in much more dynamic mobile fleets where actual flying skill would be needed. It would mean that highly skilled pilots (or budding pilots) would be able to aspire to roles within fleets that could make or break an engagement, reliant on their flying skills.
This however started my evil mind turning and led me to have a conversation with the CCP devs after the meeting finished and here I will outline where my evil thoughts went…
Boosting Radiance Ships? Maybe not...

Boosting Radiance Ships? Maybe not…

As some people who have read my posts before may have noticed I do not understand why most random events in eve are positives, some of the most interesting stories are about when an unforeseen event has occurred and how people have managed (or not) to cope with them. All this talk of ships creating bubbles of “ship boosts” had me wondering, would it not be fair to have ships that do the opposite?

My thought was if CCP want more people flying command ships and for it to be a much more active and responsive role then surely the obvious way to make this happen was for there to be something for them to have to actively counter? At the moment there is a class of ships post tiercide that only has a single ship in it: The Battleship disruption line, and in it the scorpion. This currently has a bonus to ECM burst modules, what if this ship was changed to create a Hic like bubble of effect around it with an ECM effect and balanced against  sensor strength boosting command ships? Suddenly you would have pilots of these two ships attempting to counter each others effects, the command ship defensively while the disruptor would be attempting to fly his ship so he didn’t impact his own fleet but not so far forward he was out of range of his own support, suddenly fleet and even individual positioning within a fleet become more complex, dynamic, responsive and even rewarding of flying skill, not just skill points.
At this point you can expand on the idea, if you stick with current racial ewars then a how about an area effect tracking disrupting Amarr ship? A area effect sensor damping Galente ship? ( think of the effect on logi) How about an area effect target painting Minmatar? (that could mess with AHacs).
I think that if you gave people the opportunity to fly these ships that could negatively impact enemy fleets you would actually reward pilots with the experience and ability to fly well with a whole new class of ships that would really bring something new to fleet combat and that would then have the knock on effect of making command ships much more interesting, responsive and fleet combat much more dynamic. Each Disrupting ship would require a different command ship to counter.
And this idea carries on again, currently bombers have only two forms of ewar covered “lockbreaker” and “void” seems to me that some are missing here but I think you can all follow that idea on to a logical conclusion, I suppose here is the point to say what the devs had to say about the suggestion.

Press F1 for help

The idea was met I feel with guarded interest and support, it appears that the main issue that is holding up what they want to do with command ships (and by effect potential disruption ships) is a system issue. Currently bubbles are a problem, interdiction bubbles work because when a ship attempts to enter warp a single check is made by that ship “am I in a bubble?” if the answer is yes warp fails. currently ecm burst, lockbreaker and void bombs send out a single pulse and ships in the area are effected once. The problem with what they want to do with “boost bubbles” is that the server would need to know which ships at any given time were being effected by positive (or even negative) effects from one moment to the next and as fleets get larger the number of checks on this gets larger as well and can rapidly become a large resource hog, it is something they are looking at a solution for apparently but they could not say anymore at this time.

Personally I am very pleased that they are even looking in this direction and I am hopeful that they will find an elegant solution so that soon we will see much more interesting fleets flying in elegant shoals of death responding to each other in much more dynamic ways than the current “everyone anchor on x at 10km, follow targets and hit f1 in time. I can but hope. [Editors note: even worse. “Every one stop your ships and assign drones to XXXXX”]

BattleCruisers, what does it all mean Basil?

BattleCruisers, what does it all mean Basil?
Wow in a rush announcement CCP have stated balancing the last of the T1 Ships ready for the winter expansion. One of the big changes is that all BattleCruisers will soon have 17 slots. But what does this actually mean for each? Well here is a breakdown:

Low       Mid High Total         Movement
Amarr 0
Harbinger 6 4 8 18 -1
Oracle 6 3 8 17 0
Prophecy 6 3 7 16 1

Caldari 0
Drake 4 6 8 18 -1
Ferox 4 5 7 16 1
Naga 3 6 8 17 0

Gallente 1
Brutix 5 4 7 16 1
Myrmidon 6 5 6 17 0
Talos 5 4 8 17 0

Minmatar -1
Cyclone 4 5 8 17 0
Hurricane 6 4 8 18 -1
Tornado 4 5 8 17 0

It’s hard to judge who will get hit hardest by this one (it seems like a bit of a nerf all around (with the exception of Gallente). But I expect to see some real tears around this very very soon.
In regards to my last post, on battleships and the changes, CCP may have gotten around the issues by not actually making any changes to the BS roles. I read the changes as follows:

Armageddon, Apocalypse, Raven, Tempest, Abbadon, Rokh, Maelstorm: No change.

Typhoon: Major adjustments to change it to a single weapon system.

Megathron: gets a speed boost and defence nerf.

Dominix, Hyperion: We’d love to make them better, but we can’t yet.

In all honesty it’s a bit of a let-down really. Oh well, roll on tech II! oh all so, I guess I missed that Retribution was due out on December the 4th!

Logistics: Repper’s Delight

Logistics in eve has always been a great passion for me in eve. When organised right, a good Logistics Core can make or break an alliance. It’s also most likely the most intensive and challenging aspect to flying in a fleet. Some people are content to jump in an Abaddon/Rokh/FOTM and just blindly follow the FC’s orders face-rolling the keyboard when told and lemming’ing through gates with wild abandon. Others prefer a challenge, a sense of independence and responsibility in their fleet; these people are, or should be, Logistics Pilots.
Logistics Pilots Operate on a different plane to fleets, we often have our own Logi FC within the fleet and we require our compatriots to be able to do more than smash their foreheads into the F1 key every few seconds. We are also; unfortunately comparatively rare, probably due to the lack of rewards the game gives you for fulfilling this role.
Lore wise armor Logistics ships use Remote Armor Repairs to project Nano-assemblers onto the armor plating of friendly ships, which then repair any damage done. Shield Transfers, despite how the name sounds, does not direct transfer shields from your ship to another. Instead these modules generate Shielding energy and project it directly into the targets shields, effectively bolstering the shields energy. In layman’s terms these modules provide the effect of a Local Repair module. Remote Reps only come in the form of Small, Medium, large and Capital, although The T2 Cruisers effectively use oversized reps (large).
Fleets tend to use Remote Reps over local rep because of its versatility. A local rep takes up a valuable mid or low slot and can only repair the ship it’s placed on (admittedly to a higher value than a single remote rep). By comparison, dedicated Logistics Ships can repair any ship in the fleet (at the cost of one less DPS ship) and when all the reps a concentrated on a single ship it will far out perform even the tankyest of tanky ships.

Types of Remote Repairs

I’m pretty sure that every one of my readers has played eve for long enough to guess that Remote Repairs is pretty much the remote version of a Local tank, and as such mirrors the Shield Boosters and Armour Repairers we see in PvE. Here are the (comparative) facts for both Armour and Shield Remote Repairs
Shield Reps
 – Called Shield Transporters, although Meta versions may have different names
 – Meta 4 is [Size] S95a Partial Shield Transporter
 – High Slot
 – Cost more CPU to fit (a lot more)
 – Cost less PG to fit (a lot less)
 – Rep the exact same amount as Armour Reps
 – Cost more to activate
 – Apply the repair immediately upon activation
 Armour Reps
 – Called Remote Armor Repair Systems
 – Meta 4 is [Size] ‘Solace’ remote Bulwark  Reconstruction
 – High Slot
 – Cost Less CPU to fit (a lot less)
 – Cost More PG to fit (a lot more)
 – Rep the exact same amount as Armour Reps
 – Cost less to activate
 – Apply the repair upon completion of the cycle (4s)
As you can see the balance between the two is pretty good and no particular method comes out on top. Some will argue the point on this one, but 90% of the time it’s really just one person’s personal preference dressed up in fake facts and provides situational advantages. I’m yet to see an argument that makes one better than the other, and until I do I will continue to state “It’s situational” on the subject. However whatever your Fleet decides to roll with, the logistics will be able to help.

Types of Logistics

This guide is going to concentrate on the T2 Logistics ships specifically as, currently; they are the most prevalent type of Fleet Logistics used in the game. As such you need to understand that there are two different types of Logistics Ships. There is no official name for the types (all are classed as “Logistics” ships in the market, and all require the exact same skills to fly), however for the purpose of this guide I will refer to them (as many do) as Chain and Solo Logistics.
Solo logistics, despite their name still operate in fleets, however each Logi is its own independent island working towards a goal with the other Logistics, things that happen to other logistics, do not directly affect the performance of you own. The Minmatar and Gellente Field these ships with in the form of the Scimitar (shield) and Oneiros (armour) respectively. These Solo Logi operate on the thin edge of cap stability usually will a full rack of Reps running & a Prop mod these ships will deplete their cap slowly rate, they often stem the tide by deactivating one or two of the Reps for a short amount of time. The Solo Logi is more susceptive to Jamming, but thanks to their Individualistic nature, assuming all your Logi are not jammed, the net effect on the fleet is minimal. Interestingly the Solo Logi also receives a bonus to tracking Links; however this is rarely used outside of PvE. Solo Logistics are also significantly faster than their Chain Counterparts (the Oneiros less so due to Armour tanking penalties), and so are generally (by no means exclusively) used by fast moving small hulled gangs (BC/cruisers), where their speed allows them to keep up with all but the fast tackle.
Chain logistics are fielded by the Caldari (shield) Basilisk and Amarr (armour) Guardian as the more complex of the logistics Brethren. This is because unlike the Solo Logi these ships rely on groupings to remain cap stable via the “Cap out of thin air” method (more on this in the next section) requiring them to fit (normally) 4 Remote Reppers and 2 Energy Transfer Arrays. These ships have more natural ECCM, to protect from jamming, however because of their dependence on cap Chains, if a Jamming cycle does land on them, the effects can be devistating. These ships are slightly slower than Solo Logi, although they can make up for this with a slightly better tank.

Cap Chains (for Chain Logi)

Thanks to the bonuses Chain Logi Remote Energy Transfers use considerably less Cap to activate than the amount they actually transfer to the target, this means that if you take two logistics and set them Remote Energy transferring to each other, each Logi will have more capacitor recharge than with no Transfers running at all (the “Cap out of thin Air” method). This excess Recharge rate is used to fuel their reppers indefinitely, running caps stable with all reppers running and prop mods. It should be noted at this stage to in order to run cap stable in a Logi chain you will need to have at least level 4 in both logistics Ships and Energy Emission Systems alongside some good core capacitor skills, at level 5 the Logi can even run stable with only a single transfer active on them. Chain Logistics in fleets however don’t run in pairs (because of the dependency this creates), and instead generally run a “Cap Chain” method (hence the name), either in 2 down or 1 down formation (more on this in a second) The standard structure of a Cap Chain is based on the alphabetical position of the character flying the ship, usually using a logistics chat channel for reference.  Using this ordering method you can then apply the 2 down or 1 down method to work out where your Energy transfers should be applied. In 2 down mode, you will be applying 1 transfer to the next pilot in the Chain, and your second Transfer to the character 2 down in the cap chain to you. In return you will be receiving an energy transfer each from the two people above you in the cap chain. In one down mode (generally used out of fleet combat to allow Logi to supply Cap to High energy consuming ships such as abandons on a POS bash), you simple apply a Transfer to the next person on the cap chain, while receiving from the person one link before you. If your fleet uses Chain Logi Exclusively (or even just more than Solo) your Logi Commander or FC should tell you how they are ordering the Logi (its usually the Alphabetical method with Z looping back up to A), If your fleet has only a handful of Chain Logi (and a majority of Solo) you will need to organise your own Cap Chain (please remember that 3 is the absolute bare minimum number of Chain Logi you should run with, not 2).


Skills needed for logistics

Flying a Logistics is a high Skill and Skill point job, and in most fleets has the most “Elitist” view of minimum skill levels (very dependent on the group you fly with however). The core areas for Logistics Pilots to concentrate their skill training are as follows (in rough order of importance).
1. Logistics Ship Skill
This will greatly increase your effectiveness in combat. Most Logi groups will specify Logi 4 as a minimum requirement, and Logi 5 should be trained asap. The higher this skill is, the further out you can repair, and the longer you will remain cap stable.
2a. Remote Reps (for all)
again directly effects performance duration, good skills will help you save your cap for when the shit really hits the fan, level 4 is the minimum needed to fit Tech 2 Reppers (not always used) and should be considered the minimum.
2b. Energy Emission Systems (for Chain logi)
Same as 2a.
3. Capacitor Skills
Aiming to have the Core Capacitor Certificate to Standard is a minimum (Energy Grid Upgrades IV, Energy management IV, Energy Systems Operations V), again because Cap is Life for Logi
4. Fitting Skills
I’d be torn between setting the minimal level of the Core fitting Certificate between Standard and Improved (Electronics V, Electronics Upgrades IV, Energy Management IV, Engineering V, Weapons Upgrades IV and Advanced Weapon Upgrades IV, Electronics Upgrades V, Energy grid Upgrades V + all of the before Certificate Skills) for the minimum level before staring, however this really is dependent of your Alliances Logi Fitting. Chances are, the fitting will be VERY tight on resources, and you may even require more than the above to be able to fly it. This means this is more down to alliance requirements than a general rule of thumb. That said; aim for as high as you can to prevent further fitting headaches down the road.
5. Navigation Skills
This kind of comes in two sections. Firstly you’ll need the navigation skills for your prop mod to reduce cap needs to at least level IV to help you remain cap stable. Secondly you want to be as fast and as agile as you can, both to help you keep up with faster ships, but also to help you sig tank. Again a minimum of IV for Navigation and Evasive Manoeuvring, you should also consider getting Space Ship Command to IV as well
6. Targeting Skills
Also Logistics can target up to 10 ships and should be able to target at absolute minimum 6. Base Pilots with no skill can target 2 ships, meaning you need at least Targeting IV to increase this to 6, but you really should be aiming to train Targeting V and Multi-Tasking III to maximise your locking (note as far as I know Logistics is the only ship able to target 10 ships with no ship able to target more, therefore, unless you intend on using Auto Targeters there is never any point in training Multi-Tasking Beyond III.
7. Tanking skills
Only this low on the priority order because I would assume that even a Frigate Pilot should have tanking skills to level four but just encase you’ve been Station Trading all your Toon’s life until now (when you suddenly got the burning desire to be a Logi Pilot, Looking at you Grevlon) you will need ALL relevant Tanking skills to Level IV before getting in a Logi, The only possible exception to this is the Shield [Damage Type] Compensation skills, but only IF your fleets fitting requires no passive shield Modules. Even then you should have it any way.
In addition to the above you will also need the following to actually fly the ship:
Racial Cruiser V
Logistics I
            Space Ship Command III
            Signature Analysis V
                        Electronics I
            Long Range Targeting V
                        Electronics II
Here is a link to the Skill plan for a Blank Char to get into a Guardian (you can change the racial cruiser to your choice and adjust the remote rep type). You should note that it takes 127 days without Implants (93d with +4’s) to train from literally no Skills to the minimum perquisite for Flying Logi. I would expect this number to be far lower for any current 0.0 Pilot. To get to what I would call Optimal (but not perfect) would take a further 49 days (41 with +4’s).

Fitting Logistics ships

As with any fittings there is always a lot of debate about how to correctly fit a Logistics ships. General agreement can be found on the following Points:
Always fit a DCU of some kind (most contentious of the generally agreed points)
Always fit a Prop Mod
Solo Logi Use 4 high slots to fit Remote Reps
Chain Logi Use high slots for 4 Reps and 2 Energy Transfers
Try and be as cap stable as you can, without nerfing your tank/speed
If you are not doing any of the above (with perhaps the exception of the DCU), chances are you’re doing it wrong. Further than this point is generally quite situational and subject to FOTM and you should follow your Alliances fitting Codes. Although you should always check to ensure you have a good balance of Resists to buffer.

Joining a fleet as logistics

Joining a fleet as a logistics pilot for the first time is always quite daunting as there is no “shallow end” to the eve pool. Don’t expect to get into a fleet and just cruise along, using your drones/gun to get on kill mails and slowly learning the ropes before getting actually involved with the repping. If you’re in a Logi ship you will be expected to pull you weight immediately and will be under a lot of pressure to perform. You will (or should) find that you also put a lot of stress on yourself because you will feel like the survival of the fleet relies on your skills and abilities (note, this feeling never goes away, you just get more confident that you can do it). This all said however, most alliances recognise the stress of being a new Logi and so often cut a little slack to new Logi Pilots and help guide them along the way. Because of this you should always let your Logi FC / fellow Logi Pilots know if you’re a green hand at Logistics.
With all this in mind, here if a check list for joining Fleet as a Logi:
 – Check your ship adheres to the Alliance fittings, and matches the fleet tank type
 – Find out the logistics channel and join it, this is also an opportune time to find out if you have a Logi fc and if so who it is
 – check to see who your anchor is (if you have one)
 – Link your fitting in the logi Channel
 – If you’re a Chain Logi, check that there are at the very least 3 other Chain Logi in the fleet, if not either swap out to a Solo Logi, or if you cannot let your FC/Logi FC/ Logi Pilots know (some may switch out to support you.
 – Find out what kind of Cap chain your fleet is running and work out your cap buddies add them to the top of your watch list
 – Add your FC and any Target callers to your watch list
 – Add as many fellow Logistics ships to your watch list as you can
 – Fill the rest of your watch list space with Fragile ships which might need quick help
 – Set up your Fleet Broads casts to see Remote Rep requests
And a list of things to be constantly checking while flying
 – Am I Cap Chaining correctly?
 – Am I in the correct position?
 – Are we on top of any broadcasts?

How to save a life

When the shit actually hits the fan and you are required to begin saving people, there really isn’t any firm guide to exactly what to do. I can give you a few rough guide lines which might help, but a lot of what you do will come from gut feeling, intuition and situational awareness, all of which will come with experience. That said here are a few things to remember when you’re trying to stem the flow of damage.
 – Combat repping mostly looks like this;
            – Enemy Fleet Primaries Target
            – Target Broadcasts for reps
            – You lock target and apply a rep
            – Target is still going down so you apply another rep
            – Enemy Fleet gets bored and primaries another target
            – Target broadcasts for reps
            – You lock the target and this time apply two reps
            – Enemy fleet has split DPS and another target is getting damage at the same time
            – Second Target broad casts for Reps and you lock him and apply a rep
            – Rince wash and repeat (if your lucky)
 – You can use both your watch list and the Broadcast window to lock targets. In the broadcast window, if someone asks for reps, just ctrl-click them to initiate lock.
 – Use your gut/Experience to assess how many reps to use in a given circumstance
Assigning every repper you have to save a single ship might seem like the right thing to do right now, but the second you face-roll F1 to F4 the enemy will change primary, and another ship can easily die in 3 seconds (7 if your Armour repping), If you only had 2 reppers activated on the first ship, you could have supported the second instantly.
 – If you do decide to go all in, make sure you stagger your reps
There are situations where you need to activate all your reppers on a high priority target but unless it’s a millimetre away from 0hp, you should always stager your reps 1 second apart. This is for two main reasons. Firstly it means that just encase another even higher priority target comes under fire (or this one dies anyway) you will only have a maximum of one second before you can move a rep away from this target and onto another. Secondly, this will mean that your target will have a constant stream of smaller reps rather than a single hit, making it harder for the enemy to time (or fluke) their attacks and alpha your target to death while he is waiting for the next big rep.
 – If you do have a damage mod (you shouldn’t, but we all do it) only EVER use it, if you have already done everything you can to help your fleet
Logi’s are not in the fleet to get kill mails, if you cannot accept this fact, don’t fly one. If you absolutely have to get on a kill mail the best way to do this is to launch a single drone, and assign it to assist a DPS ship. This way you can concentrate on doing your job. Don’t launch a full flight of drones, as you won’t be likely to get time pull it before you leave grid. Don’t bother with guns, because using them will not only take up a targeting slot, but also detract your concentration.
 – Don’t unlock to fast
 If you successfully save a ship from primary, and another ship comes under fire, rep the new primary, but keep the old one locked for just a little while encase the enemy switch damage back again
 – There is nothing wrong with pre-emptily locking valuable targets, but only if you have enough spare locks.
Logi Terms and Common Phrases
Anchor: The ship you set orbit to during combat operations in order to prevent you from straying away from either the fleet or your fellow logistics
Buffer: The amount of actual Hit points on your ship before resists are taken into account
Cap Buddy: Any one you are giving or receiving Cap to or from.
Cap Chain: The order of pilots which determines who gives Capacitor Transfers to whom.
Chain Logi: Guardian, Basilisk
“Check Cap Chain” or “Adjust Cap Chain”: the phrase used to signify that a section of the cap chain has left. It implies that you should check that your cap buddies are still on the field and if not adjusting your transfers to the new order.
ETA: Energy Transfer Array
FOTM: Flavour of the month, Items that are currently popular (until the next nerf/buff)
“I’m Dry” or “Out of Cap”: Used by a Chain logi to indicate that they are out of Cap, it is implicating that their Cap buddies are not set up correctly and should “Check Cap Chain”
Logi (short): Logistics Ships
Remote Reps: See Reppers
Reppers: Either Armour or Shield Remote Repairing Modules
Resists: The % of each damage type which your ship will “Ignore” when taking damage.
RR: Remote Repairs
Sig Tank: using your signature radius to avoid damage by making it harder for enemy ships to hit you, sig tank is a combo of the following: reducing your Signature Radius and increasing your speed.
Speed Tank: See Sig tank
Solo Log: Scimitar, Oneiros

Battle of U930-A 17:15+

Calm before the storm.
Local is hovering at around 360, the vast majority of that is Solar and their allies, the Solar maelstrom fleet and -A- Tengu fleet are drawn up at range of the 4YO in gate waiting for the battle to begin, anticipation is high with relatively low key smack in local between Solar and there Allies and the XDeath coalition members already in local .(well to be honest most of the smack seen during the whole engagement would be be between -A- and PL but no one expects anything else.)
First Blood.
Advance warning had been given of hostile White Noise and XDeath Bomber ops in system with them filtering into system early in the main and although a few stragglers failed to make it in safely it was generally known a large number had successfully entered the system so it should not have come as a surprise when the -A- Tengu fleet once more came under a massed bomb run from white noise and XDeath at 17:47. While not as wildly successful as a previous run by white noise that wiped out a -A- Tengu fleet this run did succeed in killing 3 Tengu, 2 Cerberus and as will not surprise anyone a drake. (there is always a drake 🙂 )
This bomb run forced most of the -A- fleet off the gate briefly, but they rapidly returned in good order, first serious blood to XDeath and friends but this may have also have shown a repeated deficit in XDeath and friends coordination as this did not coincide with the conventional fleets jumping in as was expected. This failure to capitalise on the disruption caused and the lack of coordinate between different groups would impact the outcome of the battle and seems from observation of many of the battles of this war to be a regular flaw in XDeath and allies operations.
Instead of XDeath and friends jumping in now over the next few minutes a light smattering of pilots who were obviously incapable of not jumping through gates until told to would jump gate into U930-A from 4YO and be introduced to Darwinian theory at its harshest.
Battle is joined.
A full 23 minutes after the first bomb run at 18:10 the XDeath lead coalition finally jumps on mass through the 4YO gate into U930-A, Tidi takes effect (though this was a smooth transition that rapidly righted itself, well done CCP) as local swells from 360 to over 700. The game was on! After XDeath and white noise had taken the early initiative with there first bomb run they were conspicuously absent at this important moment.
This is a fault that can not be levelled at Solar and allies, as the gate in became flooded with XDeath and allies they were duly bubbled in place and multiple wings of Solar bombers de-cloaked and dropped their payloads into this target rich environment. As this engagement continued further rolling bomb runs would be conducted by Solar, Gypsy Band, Imperial Legion and allies, although few more ships appeared to actually be killed entirely by subsequent bomb runs the area damage of these runs must have caused considerable issues for Xdeath’s coalition logistics. Bubbles were kept on the gate for a long time and the fight continued at a frantic rate, A combined Pandemic Legion and Northern Coalition. Fleet of sniper Tier 3 Battle-cruisers (Tidi cats) joined the fray and the XDeath coalition appeared to be fighting back against the superior Solar coalition positions off gate, much death on both sides as the high alpha of both sides fleets made a mockery of logistics. The PL/ NC. Fleet began to make its presence felt, skirting the edges of the fight and using their superior range and agility to pick there fights. Unfortunately this status quo was not to last.
At 18:17 Gypsy Band bombers uncloaked of the PL/NC. Fleet and dropped their payload, although PL and NC. attempted to escape they lost 9 Oracles, 2 Naga’s and a smattering of support (including a prober which may have impacted their later ability to get good warp ins though it would be expected and hoped that there would have been multiple prober’s in there fleet for just such a happening.)
By this point the battle was starting to become fragmented, with XDeath Coalition fleets attempting to get themselves out of the shooting gallery that was the 4YO gate, unfortunately due to effective bubbling this led to fleets becoming fragmented and getting killed piecemeal by The Solar coalition. The effective Solar Coalition bombing was still ongoing throughout in-spite of bubbles. At 18:27, 10 minutes after there first successful bomb run Gypsy band got another successful bomb run on the PL and NC. Fleet, this time 21 Oracles, 3 Naga’s, a Tornado, a Talos, a further bubbler and a large number of pods died in the conflagration.
By this point the battle was already effectively over and settled into small little fights as stragglers were picked off or escaped from system, The first SBU was destroyed by the Solar coalition at 18:55 less than 50 minutes after the XDeath coalition jumped into system.
In Summary.
In Summation the battle of U930-A was won convincingly by Solar and there allies, the system saved and a great deal more damage done to the XDeath lead coalition. Bombers again showed themselves to be a massive tactical asset when used effectively and in a coordinated fashion with other conventional forces, a trick Solar and Allies appear to be able to achieve more regularly than the XDeath lead coalition.
Here is a link to the Gypsy Band kill-board that shows a nicely effective time line of the battle.
The ongoing war.
Anyone who believes this war will be over soon in favour of XDeath may need to re-analyse their sources as at the moment Moral in the Solar camp appears to be high and the XDeath coalition forces also fought hard from a poor position, whichever way this campaign goes it looks it will be giving those involved “good fights” for a while yet.