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The Place where Harkconnan lives

Just a quick fun post today, I am about to go abroad again tomorrow visiting the Czech republic this time. Once again I will leave you with a great picture courtesy of another blog.

This time I will also leave you with a view into how I play eve below is a picture of my Play-space in our study.

 I share the Desk with my girlfriend (who also uses my old cast-off screen because she feels my rig makes her simple laptop look a bit lonely), and we share the study with my two pet gerbils Jake and Elwood. Under the desk is my main computer (specs at the bottom of this post if anyone is interested) . The study is a bity cramped but that doesn’t matter when I’m absorbed with logistics work.

Next up below is my standard set-up in eve for combat, yes its has some blank spots, you’ll just have to live with it. Having the eyefinity set-up helps me keep the main screen clear of all but the most important information out of the way of eves stunning visuals. The 4th screen you saw in the study shot is connected to the same PC and usual displays any extra information I need, such as Voice coms, Pidigin, Dot lan maps etc; or if I’m cruising some TV. (full-size image)

 Well with that done, I’ll be back soon (sooner than last time) so catch you then.

 Fly away from England


 [Computer stats]
 i7 2700k@3.50Ghz
 16Gb Corsair Dominator DDR3
 ATi Radeon HD 6980
 C: 2x OCZ Vertex 3 in Raid 0 (OS)
 G: 1x OCZ Vertex 3 (games)

 Cyborg Keyboard v7
 Cyborg R.A.T M.M.O
 Logitech G930